The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Kiseme – “Live Ya Life”.

Kiseme returns with his self-produced track titled “Live Ya Life”. The track uses solemn piano riffs with dusty basslines and thick grooves. Again, Kiseme delivers his thoughts with his characteristic boisterous vocals drenched in reverb making it sound like the audience is live on stage with him.



G-SALIH – “Searching for Forever”.

G-SALIH‘s “Searching for Forever” is another insightful piece from the indie artist’s EP GIHAD 2. Over the haunting and sombre backdrop, he takes us through the never-ending cycle of struggles and hurdles that a young black man has to overcome to reach success.


ERICC  delivers “DNDee”, a bravado-driven and reflective tune that sees him removing the detractors and naysayers from his circle.




AFEEGO ‘s newest single “LOUD” taken from his mixtape LOUD ACTION, explores finding one’s true purpose amid the white noise. Over the pounding 808 drums and moody textures, AFEEGO delivers with much passion and determination as he weaves in smooth melodic runs and candid rapping.



Danny Miles – “That’s All, That’s It” (feat. Shad)


Danny Miles teams up with veteran rapper Shad for “That’s All, That’s It” which is part of a collaborative project that pairs instrumentals from Miles with different rappers. The production by Miles is moody and has jazzy chops with punchy drums and is underpinned by Shad’s introspective raps and commanding flow.




Dan-e-o – “Supreme” (feat. Nish)

Veteran Toronto lyricist Dan-e-o and fellow Monolith member Nish team up for “Supreme”, a hard-hitting tune that showcases pure unadulterated lyricism from these two rap pugilists. Over Charisma a.k.a. Skizzz‘s thumping soundscape made up of lush horns, gritty sample chops and punchy drum grooves, the emcees proceed to break the rules with verbal body blows and haymakers.



Gifo – “Gutter” (feat. Psychedelic Sidekick)

Gifo shares their new single “Gutter” featuring Psychedelic Sidekick and the result is a moody and expressive piece that sees them reflecting on the various experiences that shaped them.



Nikki Hayes – “Same One, Different Face”.

Nikki Hayes helped us with some soothing vibes with her new release “Same One, Different Face”. The track explores the dynamics of love and the swirling emotions it brings. Over the sublime and mellow soundscape, she delivers a sublime and heartwarming performance that draws audiences in.




TjTUCKER gets into the 4/20 celebration with his new release “SIMON SAYS”. The hazy tune is made up of a smooth chord and snapping drum grooves which fits his laidback and unassuming flow and vivid lyricism that detail his smoke-inspired activities.

This is the single from his upcoming mix tape DATPIFF DAYS.


RZN – “One Night”

Emerging singer/songwriter RZN‘s “One Night” is a heartfelt tune that details the aftermath of a difficult breakup. The production is solemn and haunting and the lyrics talk about the emotional strain that comes with trying to move on from a past love and the lingering feelings that keep holding one back.




Finn Kinnara x Louie Tha Profit – “Story So Far”

UK and USA link up as artists Finn Kinnara and Louie Tha Profit team up for “Story So Far”. The soulful track sees both rappers reflecting on their respective journeys through time and their experiences. Backed by a nostalgia-inducing backdrop, audiences are introduced to two different tales with relatable arcs.


Jules Cavani – “Chop (Studio Version)”

UK emcee Jules Cavani gets to vent his frustrations in his new single “Chop (Studio Version)”. The production has a punchy and haunting feel and fits Jules’ fiery rap and pulsating cadence ripe with insight and tons of bravado.


SHOWTIME RAMON x Freetown – “Fallen Angels”

SHOWTIME RAMON and longtime collaborator Freetown return to the forefront with “Fallen Angels”. A hard-hitting collaboration that set the stage for the duo’s forthcoming collaborative album Diamond Cutter Brothers. Over the haunting soundscape, provided by Xynfe, SHOWTIME RAMON and Freetown deliver no-holds-barred performances ripe with off-kilter references and dark wit.


A-Fix – “Be Like”.

Canadian rapper/songwriter A-Fix steps to the forefront with “Be Like”. The track has a dreamy and sublime texture underpinned by thick bass-driven drums and stylish flow with a memorable and catchy hook to match.



Saynave x Rome Fortune – “Lucky Break” (w Rome Fortune)

Saynave and Rome Fortune team up for “Lucky Break”, a solemn piece that explores the concept of the manifestation of one’s dreams to the world. Over the soulful piano-laden backdrop, the emcees share their life from humble beginnings to building their legacy.


D Monnzy – “REAL”

South Jersey-based artist D Monnzy blends summer vibes with a bit of reflection in his latest tune “REAL”. Experimenting with autotune-driven melodies and well-crafted lyrics, D Monnzy drops us right in the middle of summer while keeping his integrity intact.


ERICC – “Flashback”.

Singer/songwriter ERICC makes his entry on our playlist with “Flashback”. Armed with his distinct melodic flow and stylish songwriting, he details a past steamy session with that special someone.


Eyez97 – “Hard 2 Kill”


Emerging rapper Eyez97 drops “Hard 2 Kill”, a haunting and experimental track that displays his expressive and bravado-laden raps. As the title suggests, it focuses on self-reliance and resilience through never-ending struggles.


Rhyme Assassin – “Run Em Up (Told Ya)” feat. M.O.P. & Ruste Juxx

Zimbabwe-born, London-based emcee Rhyme Assassin connects with bully-rap royalty on his new single, “Run Em Up (Told Ya),”. The anthemic street banger sees him teaming with Brownsville legends M.O.P. and Brooklyn’s Ruste Juxx and the result is a thunderous jam ripe with fiery raps that send warnings to the opposition and naysayers to stand back. “Run Em Up” is the second single from Rhyme Assassin’s upcoming debut album, Dedicated to Self, which also features the likes of Ras Kass, Masta Ace, Stic Man (dead prez), Saigon, and Keith Murray. On the boards, you’ll hear beats from Buckwild, Tru Master, and DJ King Flow, among others. And for those just getting familiar with Rhyme Assassin, be sure to check out his previously released mixtapes and compilations, like 2021’s Side Barz.



KALAN – “Different”

Toronto Canada-based Rapper/Writer/Hip Hop Dancer KALAN delivers this anthemic tune, “Different”. Bolstered by the cinematic and punchy soundscape, KALAN explores his growth and journey in this game called Life. From encountering obstacles to finding inner clarity, he gives audiences a glimpse of his true talent.


Beano – “Ellenfield Park Flow”


Irish rapper Beano is preparing for his debut album but in the meantime, he shares his single “Ellenfield Park Flow”. The reflective track sees him teaming up with producer 404NOTFOUND who laces him with the perfect scenic backdrop over which he shares a vivid story about his life’s journey and the many experiences that shaped him.


Melo Griffith – “Avenue”


Emerging alternative rapper Melo Griffith leads us into the “Avenue” with his new single. Over the sparse and moody soundscape, he delivers a story of being resilient in the face of naysayers and detractors. His flow has a tinge of unique melodies and his songwriting is engaging as well.


Omniscence – “Rap vs Crack”

North Carolina rhyme-vet Omniscence drops another unreleased record titled “Rap vs Crack”. Taken from his shelved project, The Raw Factor, the track captures the raw unfiltered 90s boombap tracks and the production by Fanatic is rugged and punchy and complete with a classic Nas vocal sample to solidify the theme. Pre-Order on vinyl, CD and digital stores here.




0sb0rne – “VACAY”


Michigan-born, Berlin-based singer-songwriter 0sb0rne caught our ears with his new single “VACAY”. The mellow soulful tune is a heartfelt tale of two lovers whose distinct lifestyles don’t match and he is stuck between following his goals or the girl of his dreams.



Reedus 3m – “Feeling Back”

Reedus 3m wants the “Feeling Back” in his new release. A sombre and soulful track that sees him reflecting on the never-ending pressures of life and the need to find happiness in this modern rat race.


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