The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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QUE K – “I hussle harder”

QUE K set the tone for this week’s playlist with an anthemic tune titled “I hussle harder”. Over a scenic and urgent-sounding synth-prevalent backdrop, the emcee goes for gold with a winner’s mindset. He knows nothing comes easy but with resilience and fortitude, he only has to push through the walls and weave diligently amid the detractors and naysayers.




MaxzetoDaPoet – “222”

UK emcee MaxzetoDaPoet caught our ears with “222”, an experimental lofi-soul track that explores love, relationships and the dynamics of the changing emotions between two individuals. Over the moody and sombre vocal samples, snapping drum grooves and plucky bassline, the rapper gives his two cents on the need for both genders to work hand in hand to achieve greatness.



LaiddBackZach – “This Ain’t It”.


North Bay Area -based Compton, CA-born artist LaiddBackZach takes an introspective deep dive into himself in his latest release titled “This Ain’t It”. Backed by a soulful and relaxing soundscape, he makes up his mind to be a better person and leave the complacent habits behind. The thoughtful song is heartfelt and shows how taking accountability can propel one to greater heights or at least give one a better perspective on things.





sam dapper – “8 BALL”

sam dapper is back on his business with his latest release titled “8 BALL”. The track has a sombre piano riff and punchy drums that serve as the perfect backdrop for sam’s intentional flow and bravado-driven bars.



Mickey O’Brien – “One Day Longer” by Mickey O’Brien”


Canadian artist Mickey O’Brien‘s “One Day Longer” is an insightful piece that talks about labour issues and underhanded policies that corporations create to maximize their profit while overlooking the welfare of their workers. The hard-hitting rock-infused track produced by Fairchild comprises rich guitar riffs, punchy drums and cinematic pads underpinned by Mickey’s dynamic flows and detailed lyricism. The track is inspired by the year-long strike and legendary labour dispute between his union, United Steelworkers Local 6500, and the Brazilian mining giant Vale over hourly contract negations.




ZIG – “Answers That I Finally Found”.

Rising rapper ZIG digs deep into his thoughts in his latest release, ” Answers I Finally Found”. The sombre track has a warm and reflective vibe while his lyrics dive into his journey towards clarity and finding his true purpose in this unforgiving world.


Terracons – “Mastermind”.

New Zealand-based genre-bending producer Terracons teams up with Dr. Hayden, 2essentialz and Bruce Hollows for his new release titled “Mastermind”. The track has a dark and scenic vibe and is underpinned by edgy lyricism from the rappers.



Jae Anthonie – “IllRegular”

Jae Anthonie returns with the new single “IllRegular”, a reflective piece that explores his journey from nothing to something and the different experiences that led to his growth.



Senvah – “Soulmate – Demo”

French singer/songwriter Senvah makes her entry on our playlist with “Soulmate – Demo”, a soothing and sublime piece that talks about distrust. Over the rich guitar riffs, pulsating bass lines and punchy drums, Senvah details a relationship that requires further reassurance lest things go awry.



Joznez x 2WEI – “Take the Crown” (feat. Tiffany Aris)

Joznez and 2WEI team up for this anthemic track titled “Take the Crown” featuring vocalist Tiffany Aris. The track is a cinematic and hard-hitting track ripe with dark brass stabs, scenic strings and lush guitar riffs underpinned by thick drums and emotionally powerful lyricism and songwriting. The track explores the concepts of resilience in the face of adversity and self-discovery that comes from overcoming one’s inner fear. Tiffany’s soul-stirring vocals are prevalent on the chorus while Joznez’s impassioned raps draw listeners in with its powerful and relatable themes.



Melo Griffith – “Luck”

Alternative-rap artist Melo Griffith makes an entry on our playlist with “Luck”, a playful and summer-tinged track filled with bravado and reflective raps. His use of melodies and a paced flow sure brings dynamism to the track.




Paul Sitter – Paul Sitter X Craig G – “Global Chemistry (Mined Music Remix) (Remix by Mined Music)”.

Paul Sitter teams up with the legendary Queens emcee Craig G for “Global Chemistry (Remix by Mined Music)”. The production is dark and cinematic and perfect for Craig G’s distinct flow and graphic lyricism that pays homage to the hip-hop culture.



miajairian – “Crown”

Las Vegas, NV-based rapper miajairian brings together his faith and his creativity in his music and his latest release “Crown” exemplifies this. Over the booming trap soundscape, the rapper details his changed life as a devout believer whose trust in Jesus never waivers.




Singer/songwriter BRIE gifts us with some smooth summer vibes in her latest release titled “GOLD”. The production is crisp and groovy and its underpinned by rich melodic runs and uplifting lyrics that remind us not to give in to the daily struggles and lean towards the bright side.


QUE K – “Run the city”.

QUE K gets into the zone with his new effort titled “Run the city”. The dark trap soundscape he uses fits his laidback flow and vivid lyrics.





The Black Buddhist – “No Sympathy”

Seattle-based rapper/songwriter The Black Buddhist steps up to the podium in this release titled “No Sympathy”. The production is melancholic and somewhat sparse while his lyrics are intentional as he explores his life and journey as an artist and a young man trying to find his footing.




Rah Cashiano – “OPPS Remix” (feat. BandBoy & Capo DZ)

Rah Cashiano drops us right in the middle of the action in “OPPS Remix” featuring BandBoy and Capo DZ. Over the dark and haunting soundscape, the emcees detail the murky side of the streets.




Geno Five – “CALL ME OUT” (feat. Samad Savage)

Geno Five and Samad Savage team up for “CALL ME OUT”, a hard-hitting jam that showcases pure lyricism and a take-no-prisoners mindset.


Omniscence – “Stage Presence” (feat. Toz Torcha)

Veteran North Carolina-based rapper Omniscence teams with fellow NC emcee Toz Torcha for “Stage Presence”. The track produced by Fanatic was produced and recorded in 1996 for Omniscence’s shelved debut album on a major label. Now with the aid of Below System Records, audiences get to hear the track in all its glory. The production is vintage and nostalgic as it exudes the classic bass-heavy boom-bap tracks of that era and the extensive use of turntablism on the chorus also adds to its authenticity. On the microphone, Omniscence and Toz hold down the fort with compelling rap verses that echo that era and the nostalgia it still gives today.

Now audiences can hear the entire project, The Raw Factor via the website.





Ace G $M.i.E$ x Fuego Base – “Taking Pre Orders” (feat. Fuego Base)

Ace G $M.i.E$ and Fuego Base are now “Taking Pre Orders” as they cook up their potent product for the consumers. Bolstered by the haunting soundscape, the emcees detail how they move within the concrete jungle as they supply the demand to those who need it.


LoCeRa – “OPPS”.

LoCeRa sends out a verbal warning to the “OPPS” in his new release. The dark and moody production is engaging and LoCeRa’s baritone vocals cut through the mix with ease resulting in a compelling tune ripe with no-holds-barred raps.


2wiin Kingz – “& Earn Respect”

2wiin Kingz continues their hard-hitting releases with “& Earn Respect”, a hard-hitting anthem that is made for the go-getter who despite the odds is making a way out of nothing. As usual, the duo holds nothing back and delivers impassioned performances ripe with motivational themes.



Tyler J Music – “Counted Me Out”.

Tyler J Music pays tribute to God in his newest release “Counted Me Out”, a bouncy and energetic piece that talks about having faith amid detractors and naysayers. He reminds us that God has his back and he has nothing to fear as he traverses this dog-eat-dog world.




Kayla Janae – “No Games”

Rising singer/songwriter Kayla Janae‘s debut release “No Games” helps us close the playlist. The bass-heavy and dreamy backdrop is laden with Kayla’s rich melodic runs and expressive harmonies underpinned by unapologetic storytelling about indecisions within love.

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