The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Cosmo The Truth – “Rap Cosmo”.


Emerging rapper Cosmo The Truth gets into his bag in “Rap Cosmo”, the single is a thumping bass-heavy jam that showcases his expressive flow and no-holds-barred raps.



Sccit x Siavash The Grouch x Rory Redmon – “Bumpy Johnson”


The trio of Sccit , Siavash The Grouch and Rory Redmon team up for “Bumpy Johnson”, a mid-tempo track that sees them basking in the Hawaiin sun as they recount their successes. The chorus is repetitive and somewhat engaging while the raps are filled with bravado themes.

nwkidd333 – “a tape for the road*”

Rising rapper nwkidd333 gives us a glimpse into his artistic journey in his new release titled “a tape for the road*”. The jazz-gospel-infused production sets the tone for his reflective lyrics and genuine outpour of emotions as he gives audiences a glimpse into the never-ending struggles of an indie artist.



Jay Krimzz – “LUVmeH8me”


Cameroon-born, London,UK-based artist Jay Krimzz caught our attention with his new single “LUVmeH8me” which details the aftermath of a breakup. Over the lush guitar licks and cinematic pads, Jay recounts how his ex betrayed his heart and the emotional pains he had to endure during their time together.




Nando The Native – “Run It Back”.

Nicaraguan-born, Berlin-based R&B singer Nando The Native delivers this smooth guitar-driven ballad “Run It Back” to our earshot.  The track focuses on emotional manipulation by someone who is in a relationship for their gains leaving the other party drowning in unrequited love. Nando delivers a stunning performance that showcases his vocal range and relatable songwriting as well.



M.G – “GOD’S Son”.



South Carolina-based rapper M.G is standing tall with his affirmative track titled “GOD’S Son”. Over a haunting piano-laden soundscape, the rapper professes his faith in God and reminds detractors that he is always protected with lines like “Holy Spirit be with me/ Dirty devil, don’t tempt me, life good,I’m drug free/ God son who I be



QUE K – IM MIXING – “Im mixing”.

QUE K‘s “Im mixing” is one of his new releases that showcases his off-kilter and choppy flow.


Renato Pontta – “Constelación”

Renato Pontta takes us into the summer skies with “Constelación”, a soulful lofi piece that explores life, and love during the summer. Armed with his smooth melodic runs, he pours his heart over the bright guitar arrangement and rich textures.




Dialek Dubai – “Winning Chess Moves”

Dialek Dubai and KEMETIKA form the perfect lyrical alliance to win the game with “Winning Chess Moves”. The track employs a classic Motown sample ripe with dusty piano riffs and soft grooves underpinned by Chess-inspired references and vivid metaphors and witty wordplay.


J-Graze – “Searching For My Purpose”.

Rising rapper J-Graze gives the audience a glimpse into his life’s journey in “Searching For My Purpose”. Over the pop-infused soundscape, the rapper leads us into his world where he details the never-ending cycle of emotions and soul searching for a higher purpose.


Kiseme – “Running These Laps”.

Kiseme continues his slew of releases with “Running These Laps” which was inspired by the aftermath of breaking up with his ex and he poured his anger over a dusty jazz-infused boombap beat. He pretty much vents his anger with intense and off-kilter rapping and flips the bird to the world Tupac style.



Y.N.X. 716 & DJ Concept – “Mainstream”

Y.N.X. 716 & DJ Concept share their second single “Mainstream” as they prepare to drop their forthcoming collab LP, Conceptual Thoughts. In a similar vein to their previous release, the Buffalo to Long Island-based emcee/producer duo unleash another street banger ripe with scenic soundscapes and street-savvy bars that give audiences some gems to grow on. “Mainstream” is available now through all streaming platforms, with Conceptual Thoughts set to drop on April 12 via Crisis Center Collective.


Feed The Biirds – “Live Without You”.

Singer/songwriter Camila Recchio and producer and multi-instrumentalist Kush Mody are together known as Feed The Biirds and they make their entry on our site with “Live Without You”. The track is a solemn and bright piece that explores human connectivity through love and how the absence of one affects the other. The track is layered with rich pads, lush guitar licks and pads underpinned by Camila’s commanding vocal runs.


Pastel – “o baile”

London-based, French-Polynesian artist Pastel helps raise the energy levels with “o baile”, a dancefloor-filling tune that is ripe with punchy drum grooves, Brazilian rhythms, and warm salsa textures with soulful pads to boot. The track is also bolstered by soothing vocal runs that form earworm harmonic pillows over the hypnotic grooves. “o baile” is out now via Helix Records.


Ice Meez – “Blue Faces”.

Ice Meez ‘s new single “Blue Faces” is a homage to Nipsey Hussle‘s legacy and community work and also Nipsey’s Blue Laces music series. The production by Armani Depaul has the classic modern-infused bouncy soundscape with rich synths and pads and sees Ice Meez relishing in all the hard work put in to see his dreams manifest.


TjTUCKER – “WRITERS BLOCK – Live in Session”

TjTUCKER teams up with the good people at Live in Session to deliver “WRITERS BLOCK ” featuring instrumentalists Legends With No Name. Over the soulful and sombre backdrop, TjTUCKER drops a smooth performance ripe with engaging and insightful lyricism that showcases his range.


Adam Banx – “Vacation” (feat. Stella Standingbear)

Adam Banx drops new single “Vacation” featuring Stella Standingbear who peppers the producer’s cinematic production with earworm and alluring melodic runs and heartfelt lyrics that center on being resilient during hard times and of course taking time off to detox and replenish one’s spirit.



F.ACE – “Butterflies”

F.ACE‘s new single “Butterflies” features singer/songwriter Thandie and together they deliver a heartfelt love song that explores the dynamics of being in a relationship. F.ACE reassures his girl that a little patience is all that is needed while Thandie adds a smooth alluring hook to the track.



Bando. – “Shell”

Rising Arlington, Texas-based rapper Bando breaks out of his “Shell” as he proceeds to stand on business. The mid-tempo bass-heavy soundscape is laced with his energetic and fiery rap style and unapologetic songwriting that captures his anger against the detractors and naysayers.



StillJune – “Big”

StillJune is back and doing it “Big” in his latest effort. The Young Nab-produced track has a cinematic string and thumping drum groove which is bolstered by Stilljune’s go-getter spirit and bravado raps that see him focusing on his goals. The track is taken from the new album Live, 2 Scores Done.


Canna Man & Stoopit Fresh – “Bandoliers”

Danish rapper Canna Man and Stoopit Fresh team up with Conway the Machine for this solid street anthem titled  “Bandoliers”. The track has the classic soul-driven boom bap vibes and is ripe with unapologetic street-savvy raps from the emcees.

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