Emerging UK rapper KBlessed makes his entrance on our site with his new mixtape Am I on my way? an 8-track project that explores his life in Bradford amongst other topics.


 The project opens with “Intro (progress)” which is introduced by an uplifting speech that aims to motivate audiences. The production here has a hint of Gospel and R&B and solemn textures underpinned by KBlessed’s heartfelt lyrics and smooth flow. He talks about his having a work ethic and being focused on attaining his goals no matter how the obstacles life throws at him. This is followed by “no hook”, a bouncy track comprised of soulful samples and a pulsating bassline and once again, KBlessed gives listeners a glimpse into his life with lines like “Picked up myself about the same time I picked up a pen/If I fall I go again/fall off I just took a step/If you can’t comprehend, you’re not meant to” as he pours his heart on wax. He is joined by fellow US-rapper StillFlow who shares his story of resilience. “Real me” is a solemn and introspective tune that sees the rapper digging deep into his heart as he continues to find his true purpose in this game called life.


KBlessed doesn’t let up as he shares his fears on “Am i on my way?”, as he runs through the numerous experiences and what-if situations that may have deterred or distracted him from his goals. Here, he questions himself, his purpose and the failures he endures but at the time, he doesn’t give up and continues the grind. On “Magick”, he teams up with acclaimed US rapper Aura Da Prophet for an uplifting tune that is anchored on the following lines “There is magic in the minds of the believer, you don’t have to see it you just got to feel it” and both rappers remind us of the power of self-belief. “Evergreen” is introduced by a rich organ chord, warm soulful textures and punchy drums all underpinned by KBlessed’s laidback flow and go-getter mindset of finding the positive in the negative.


The project closes out with “Made to shine” featuring US-based rapper RA MHTP and “Enlightened”. The former is comprised of rich soulful samples, warm basslines and punchy boombap drums underpinned by the rappers’ distinct styles while the latter has a solemn and reflective vibe and uplifting bars.


Overall,  Am I on my way? is a cohesive and engaging project that gives new listeners a refreshing take on the rising artist who is trying to find his footing in an unforgiving world. KBlessed is intentional with his lyrics and strives to give audiences that true authentic portrayal of his artistry at all times. The production is dynamic, crips and engaging as well so this is something we would recommend.





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