The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Fortun3fiv3 – “C.I.A.B”.

Uprising South Texas-based rap artist Fortun3fiv3 drops his new release “C.I.A.B” on our list. The track is an exploration of self-discovery and finding his footing in this crazy unforgiving world.



Doorkiss, Shaine Hailey – “Complicated”.

The duo of Doorkiss and Shaine Hailey team up for “Complicated”. The soulful ballad talks about love in its truest essence and the ups and downs that come with being in a relationship.



Moschino Jones – “IF JAY MET DILLA” (feat. prod.myles)

Independent Detroit, MI-based rapper/songwriter Moschino Jones makes a grand entry on our site with “IF JAY MET DILLA”, a song that sees him teaming with producer myles. Over myles’ soulful soundscape, Moschino shares a heartfelt and reflective tale of his journey through the runt and the experiences that shaped him into who he is.


Anonimuss Rose – “Knowledge Equality” (feat. Planet Asia)

Rising rapper Anonimuss Rose links with West Coast legend Planet Asia for this uplifting and empowering anthem titled “Knowledge Equality”. Bolstered by the vocal sample-driven soundscape, Anonimuss delivers with much gusto as she peppers the track with introspection and social commentary with 5% nation undertones. Joined by Planet Asia, the duo proceeded to reach listeners and impart them with jewels and mathematics to start their day with.



G-SALIH – “Follow My Dreams”.

Uprising rapper G-SALIH returns to our site with this heartfelt and insightful single titled “Follow My Dreams”. Over a soulful and bouncy backdrop, the rapper talks about self-discovery and breaking free from daily struggles in order to reach his pinnacle.

UglyFace – “Only For Me”

UglyFace delivers his new single “Only For Me” which sees him pouring adulations on that special someone who makes his heartglad.



BB Thomaz – “Head Up High”

German-American singer, songwriter and producer BB Thomaz caught our ears with her new release titled “Head Up High”. The mid-tempo jam is a fusion of Afrobeats, and modern R&B with cinematic elements underpinned by her commanding vocal runs and heartfelt and uplifting songwriting.




it’s okay to cry – “Hugs Over Handshakes” [prod. by flughand]

Emerging rap artist it’s okay to cry sure has a peculiar moniker but his music is engaging and relatable. His latest release titled “Hugs Over Handshakes”, is a solemn guitar-driven piece that details the struggles that come with living and loving. From the good times and bad times, the artist rolls with the punches and makes do with whatever card life has dealt him. The track is produced by Flughand.







AJFawdySeven – “AISLE ’23”.

Uprising Lesotho-based rapper AJFawdySeven makes his debut on our playlist with his song titled “AISLE ’23”. Over a soulful and solemn backdrop, the rapper gives us a glimpse into his journey through the never-ending mission called life. He details the dynamics of his artistry and relationship with his family and friends and how these events shaped him.


Bad Habbits – “Clash Of The Titans”.

Bad Habbits return to the forefront with “Clash Of The Titans”. The track is inspired by the tragic events of October 7th, 2023 and explores the ongoing Isreali-Hamas conflict. The production is cinematic and ominous and sees the rapper examining the history of the conflict from different perspectives, including the Palestinian side, then the Israeli side, with a conclusive third verse specifically double-tracked vocally to show solidarity with all peoples over oppressive leaders and a call for peace and understanding.



Daytona Hanzo – “More Than Magnificent(So Much More)”

Daytona Hanzo is ready for the long haul in his new release “More Than Magnificent(So Much More)”. Over the sparse and haunting soundscape, the rapper proceeds with his stream-of-consciousness style and hits the mark with an edgy touch.


Sebastian Rex – “PHARAOH”

Sebastian Rex delivers his debut single “PHARAOH”, which is quite engaging. The production is cinematic and uses experimental techniques made up of cinematic synths, thick basslines and ethereal pads underpinned by Rex’s edgy and fiery flow.



D. Green – “Made for Loving”.

Singer D. Green adds a soulful touch to the playlist with his new release “Made for Loving”. The track is a smooth R&B/soul jam that is ripe with sublime and earworm melodies and adulation-filled lyrics that also touches on self-love and being able to give out the same love.



Artist/producer CNRD makes his first entry on our playlist with his latest single titled “NTS” (Never The Same). The production is cinematic, dynamic and edgy and is underpinned by his laidback and authoritative cadence ripe with reflective lyrics that centre on his journey from the bottom to the top. He reminds us that things have changed and we should put some respect on his name.


KaMahri – “Don’t Let Me Drown”.

Uprising artist KaMahri delivers the song “Don’t Let Me Drown” which is a display of her distinct melodic rap style and heartwarming lyrics that focus on loyalty, self-reliance and making it out of nothing. The production is bouncy, and soulful and fits her soft sultry vocals and candid lyricism. The track is taken from KaMahri’s debut EP You Hate Roses.



Matt Brown – “Twin Flame Saga”.

Matt Brown recruits Trey Dark, BLK Josh and Roman The Stoic for “Twin Flame Saga”. A smooth fusion of R&B/soul and hiphop. The production by Trey Dark has a soulful and nostalgia-inducing vibe while the artists pepper the track with their distinct styles as they share their thoughts on fighting for love with your soul mate aka your twin flame.




Britt Jayee x Krizz Kaliko – “Livin It Up”.


Uprising rapper Britt Jayee teams up with Krizz Kaliko for “Livin It Up”. The Wyshmaster Beats produced tune has a punchy club vibe with its crisp pads, and punchy drums and is underpinned by Krizz’s smooth melodic flow and commanding cadence followed by Britt’s laidback and sultry flows.  This is the first single from her upcoming project.


Ivorian Doll – “Bulletproof”.

East London-based rapper/songwriter Ivorian Doll continues her push to the apex with her latest release “Bulletproof”. The hard-hitting bass-heavy tune is a showcase of skills as IVD flexes on the detractors and haters alike with her unapologetic raps and hard-hitting bars.



Gregory Da Silva – “DMT”

Scarborough-raised Gregory Da Silva comes through with his new release titled “DMT”, a thought-provoking tune that explores the dark side of the hallucinogenic and psychedelic drug.



Showrocka x Ruste Juxx – “Dear Black Man” (feat. Ruste Juxx & Aida)


Showrocka teams up with BCC’s Ruste Juxx and our favourite underground Femcee, Aida Aida for “Dear Black Man”. The track is a moody and reflective tune that explores the tragedies and realities of being a black man in America. Over a sombre and solemn vocal-sample-laden backdrop, the rappers share their experiences in vivid form.


James Gardin – “Tear Down The House”.


James Gardin‘s “Tear Down the House” is the perfect funk-filled party jam that’s ripe with Joy and pure energy. The Michigan recording artist James Gardin collaborated with Portland Oregon Producer Hunter Love to create this bouncy and energetic tune to our earshot and coupled with uplifting bars, we all have no choice but to get up on the dancefloor and tear down the house.




HarveyDent x Speak – “Still Rappin’.” (feat. Speak)


HarveyDent teamed up with Speak for their newest release titled “Still Rappin’ “. The track is a befitting tribute to the golden era of rap and showcases a tandem of flows from the rappers layered over a pounding bass-heavy soundscape. This is the second single from HarveyDent’s forthcoming album to be released this Spring.

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