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lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Lyric Ensemble – “Seventh Seal”

“Seventh Seal” is a beat from emerging producer Lyric Ensemble who delivers a haunting and cinematic piece to our earshot.  The track is well-crafted and uses a layered piano arrangement as its base which slowly progresses into a discordant piece toward the end. “Seventh Seal ” is taken from the book of Revelations.

Kiseme – “Not Ever Again”

Kiseme has been on a music-releasing sprew and follows up his last release “Don’t speak bad to yourself” with “Not Ever Again”. The self-produced track uses smooth jazz samples with punchy drum grooves to create a laidback and relaxing ambiance for freestyling or background music for smokers. “Not Ever Again” is taken from his forthcoming instrumental album.



“Wonder” is the new single from Italian producer YJKL (Italy)  and Japanese producer KOHEI YOSHII. The pair team up to bring us some soothing soul-jazz-infused vibes ripe with layered pads, lush strings and head nodding drum grooves to close the deal.


EisZ x Cutting Edge – “Sound Brothers” (feat. Cutting Edge)

French beatmaker EisZ and Cutting Edge form a welcomed alliance to bring us the title track “Sound Brothers” which seamlessly merges two distinct styles. The plucky synths, bright lofi textures and choppy grooves are lifted with lofty guitar riffs and mellow sound design that bolsters the ambiance.



Socco Loop – “Come Along”.



Socco Loop and Matt Ferrone team up to deliver “Come Along” to our playlist. The track has a smooth fusion of sublime textures, strings laced with soul-stirring guitar arrangements that take listeners on a spiritual journey to self discovery.

zeni – “Eternal”.

zeni‘s “Eternal” is as gloomy as they come and serves as a perfect reflective track that could help pull one out of the doldrums.


smplsmth x miracle. – “back where it all started”.

smplsmth teamed up with miracle for this emotion-laden track “back where it all started” made up of sublime keys, rich guitar plucks underpinned by soft drums and ambient sound design that puts listeners in a state of bliss.


Steve Nguyen x Moon-uh – “Samsara”.


Production duo made up of Steve Nguyen and Moon-uh caught our attention with their latest effort titled “Samsara”. The track has a mystical and exotic vibe with a touch of soulful vibes as well.


Mistiqual – “Six String Stories”.

“Six String Stories” is a sombre lofi-soul gem from Mistiqual who taps into our emotions with smooth guitar-driven arrangements comprising mellow piano chords, warm textures and measured grooves.




Slowdaze – “No Qualms”.

Emerging producer Slowdaze enters our playlist with No Qualms”, an anthemic jazz tune ripe with triumphant horn stabs, rich guitar arrangements and snapping drum breaks.




Vladislav Kurnikov – “Drawing Dreams”.

Vladislav Kurnikov‘s “Drawing Dreams” is a layered track made up of rich funky basslines, and lush guitar licks underpinned by soft drum grooves and overall, it is a dreamy jam that we all can rock with.


Eguana – “Nocturnal Calm”

“Nocturnal Calm” is an aptly titled track from Eguana who leads us into the soothing darkness. He uses layered instrumentation to create a peaceful and relaxing ambiance that draws listeners in with a somewhat hypnotic feel.




Lost Son – “tenerife”.

Lost Son makes his entry on our list with this summer-tinged piece titled “tenerife”. The retro-tinged guitar sample chops, breezy sound design and head-nodding grooves all come together like hot knife through butter.


Lopht – “Sea of Ceres”.

Lopht‘s”Sea of Ceres” is a sublime gem of a track that exudes pure unfiltered reflective feelings of a time oft-forgotten and also has a comforting aesthetic as well.



deliBass – “Midnight Polaroid”.

deliBass drops another jam on our list and it’s titled “Midnight Polaroid”. The track has a smooth retro jazz vibe with lofi soul sensibilities. I did enjoy the layered instrumentation and hushed drums that form the backdrop of this tune and hope y’all will do too.




slumber sundays – “flow”


We close this week’s playlist with “flow” from producer slumber sundays and Bacalm. The track starts with a familiar piano riff and progresses into a sombre, reflective piece made up of rich sad guitar plucks and soft drum grooves to match.

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