The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Sir Will – “U&I”.

Compton-based rapper/songwriter Sir Will makes his entry on our site with his latest effort titled “U&I”. The heartfelt track sees him pouring adulations on the woman who caught his heart. The piano-laden backdrop is underpinned by his candid lyricism that exudes charm and respect toward that special woman whom he wants to cherish forever.




HENRY ABERSON – “How Far” (feat. Nariah Taylor & Mat Maxwell)

HENRY ABERSON‘s latest release “How Far” features longtime collaborators Nariah Taylor and Mat Maxwell. The laidback soul-jazz piece is riddle with earworm melodies and sublime harmonies underpinned by dreamy and warm instrumentation/


SomeoneCalledSomeone – “Same Ol’ Me”

SomeoneCalledSomeone and Lowkea team up for “Same Ol’ Me”, a blistering bravado-laden tune that reminds all detractors and naysayers that these two are on the rise. Over an orchestral and thumping production, listeners are given an energetic and impassioned performance from both emcees.


Que K – “Spaceships”

Que K and longtime collaborator Kod@k team up for “Spaceships”. The sombre tune is made up of a haunting pad and moody textures underpinned by the smooth flow and a memorable melodic hook to match.



Will tha King – “Y. B. F.”.

Will tha King enters our playlist with “Y. B. F.”, an aspiration and uplifting tune that explores the ups and downs of living as a young black man in a world where no one cares. Over the solemn production, he shares his true thoughts as he runs through his hopes, fears and dreams.


Teefa – “Celebrate The Excellence”.

Uprising rapper Teefa caught our ears with her new release titled “Celebrate The Excellence”. The track has a solemn and cinematic feel and is a showcase of insight and introspective bars that explore self-discovery, empowerment and social-political issues affecting minorities.


Montez – “RUN UP” (feat. Big Tez Beats)

Montez teams up with Big Tez Beats for this hard-hitting track titled “RUN UP”. The production has a dark orchestral aesthetic with haunting strings and rousing drums while Montez delivers a vivid tale of street credibility and integrity. he reminds us that he is standing on business as he sends warning shots at the perpetrators and fake studio gangsters.




MULLIGVN – “Rare Textiles”


The London-based artist and producer MULLIGVN caught our ears with  “Rare Textiles”. The self-produced track has a soul-jazz vibe with rich pads, lush horns and crunchy sparsely arranged drums to match his smooth laidback flow and stylish lyricism. The title track of his upcoming album of the same name, a 100% self-produced project dropping early 2024.


Chai Tulani – “A Jam”

Kenya-born, Chi-town-raised artist Chai Tulani releases his new record titled “A Jam”. The track has a solemn guitar-driven backdrop and sees him pouring adulation on the lady whom he has his eyes on and reminds her that he will always be there for her. He is also joined by rapper/singer Omo Nyame who delivers a blend of soothing melodies and a brilliant rap verse as well.




Rhapso – “Worse”.

South African emcee Rhapso makes his entry on our site with “Worse”, a sombre and reflective tune that explores the aftermath of personal loss and self-discovery. The production is punchy and melancholic and fits the rapper’s candid lyrics that show listeners his vulnerable side.




Dessy Di Lauro – “Be Still”

Dessy Di Lauro shares her new single “Be Still” which is an uplifting piece that reminds us to take baby steps, embrace the moment and never forget to be true to ourselves at all times. The production is quite edgy and uses soft piano-riffs, a soft percussion-driven groove and an overall dreamy texture peppered by her soul-stirring vocal runs.






Def Manic – “Apart”

Brooklyn, New York, Serbian Hip Hop artist Def Manic‘s newest release titled “Apart” is a blend of R&B/hip-hop and showcases his versatility as an artist. The production is soulful, nostalgia-inducing while his lyrics are candid, unapologetic and heartfelt.




tjonez [the producer.] x Young Deji – “RAINDROPS”.

Hardworking producer tjonez [the producer.] teams up with Young Deji for “RAINDROPS”. The track is an expressive love piece that explores memories, love and finding warmth in the arms of that special someone. The vocal runs are sultry and rich and the lyrics are quite graphic as well.





FNF Kenno / tjonez [the producer.] – “Michelin $tars”



FNF Kenno and  tjonez [the producer.] share “Michelin $tars” taken from their new collaborative project KozySNZ Vol. 1.5. The production is dreamy and atmospheric while the raps have an edgy and off-kilter element.



Cani The God – “Coal”

Cani The God’s “Coal” is the first single of 2024 from the uprising artist. Backed by a solemn guitar-driven soundscape, the emcee delivers a blend of bravado and insightful bars.



T00M3R – “Silhouettes”.

Rapper/producer T00M3R starts 2024 with his first single titled “Silhouettes”. The sombre and melancholic track is ripe with haunting piano riffs, sad strings and soft drum grooves all underpinned by his commanding flow and reflective lyrics that dwell on self-reliance and focus on the things that matter.


Jay Mos – “Cupid Anywhere”

Jay Mos makes a solid entry on our playlist with his new release titled “Cupid Anywhere”. The production is bouncy and has a somewhat moody texture that fits his playful flow but the subject matter is quite reflective and tells a sad tale of a man who just can’t find the right woman to love but rather ends up with three women.





JustiKe – “Finesse” (feat. Kaleb Mitchell)

Uprising rapper/producer JustiKe returns to the forefront with his new single “Finesse” featuring fellow rapper Kaleb Mitchell. The track is a sombre and reflective tune that explores the ups and downs of life. The moody backdrop is well-crafted and fits the rapper’s insight into the concept of seizing the day and making the best out of one’s predicament.


Dan-e-o – “Cleanse My Soul” (feat. Masta Ace & Xentury)


Veteran Toronto lyricist, Dan-e-o teams up with legendary Brooklyn emcee Masta Ace and vocalist Xentury for this heartfelt collaboration titled “Cleanse My Soul”. Backed by the soulful soundscape provided by Charisma a.k.a. Skizzz, Dan-e-o and Masta Ace share some insightful and profound thoughts on self-hate and current social-political issues affecting us. As the title suggests, the artists implore us of the need to detox from all the craziness and get back on the right track.


Cam Edmonds – “On My Mind”.


Rising singer/songwriter Cam Edmonds makes his entry on our playlist with “On My Mind”. The mellow track is made up of dark cinematic texture, punchy drums and sublime melodic runs ripe with emotionally charged lyrics that dwell on growing love, self-discovery and connection between two individuals.


Taija New – “Welcome to My Psyche”


Springfield, Massachusetts-based singer/songwriter Taija New is charting her lane as a Rhythmic Pop entertainer whose debut in 2015 propelled her to this stage. Last year, she earned an official Grammy Award Consideration from The Recording Academy for the 66th Annual Grammy Awards for her track “Over Your Allure” for Best Melodic Rap Performance and now she returns with a new song titled “Welcome to My Psyche”, a sultry and sensual track that sees her pouring her fantasies on wax.


Dex Channels – “Stuck / Play me under”

Eclectic musician Dex Channels return to our playlist with his latest release titled “Stuck / Play me under”. The sombre tune dives into the topics of love, insecurity within one’s emotions and sex. Over the dark and haunting backdrop, he delivers a mix of airy melodic runs and expressive songwriting that gives listeners a glimpse into his life.


Gaby K – “Call Me”


UK singer-songwriter Gaby K drops a new single “Call Me” which serves as the lead track from for her debut EP Get To Love You. The heartfelt song explores the concept of self-growth, self-love and finding one’s true footing in the matters of love. Over the summer-tinged guitar-driven backdrop, Gaby reflects on a past love and the good times they shared.



Skee – “Stand Down”


Uprising rapper Skee continues his slew of releases with his latest effort titled “Stand Down”. The hard-hitting track sees him reuniting with his previous partner in rhyme Ciphurphace (Levels) and the duo delivers a tandem of edgy, unfiltered bars ripe with engaging wordplay, vivid rhyme schemes and a mantra-like hook to close it up.

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