Prolific French producer/instrumentalist Luccini Sweets has crafted sweet sounds for artists like singer/songwriter Keysuna, and  James Izcray , who both appeared on our site. In his latest effort titled “Need 4”, Luccini Sweets steps into the forefront with a blissful jazz-soul piece that explores sour love and the mixed emotions that come from it. The production has a sublime chord peppered with pulsating bass-driven grooves, lush horns and rich guitar licks. here he pours his thoughts on wax as he questions the true motives of his ex. Lines like

Play on
Looks like you like that game then play on
For the way you make me feel I’m sorry
Irrelevant no matter what I say now
Tell me what you need me for (Please)
Tell me what you need me for
Ouh, tell me what you need me for

set the stage for a simple confrontation and the need to get to the root of an issue without escalating it.



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