Multi-talented Toronto-based artist Myer Clarity is a man who wears many hats and traverses a wide range of musical landscapes. Fusing elements from a host of genres with his deep hip-hop roots, Myer has continued to break the mould with his expressive and edgy music. Steeped in relatability, Myer music can be said to chronicle his life experiences in many ways and on his latest project One Day I’ll Get My Shit Together, he delivers a resounding body of work that encapsulates the never-ending struggle of the proverbial starving artist. The 10-track album explores loss, love, self-doubt, depression/mental health, and loneliness and features a host of artists who add their perspectives to the tracks they are featured on.


The first track “Elephant” starts on a high note with its rich funky tones. hard-hitting drum grooves and bright horns. On the flip side, Myer gets introspective as he proceeds to face the brutal facts that many are scared to talk about with lines like “You walk around on eggshells/Only so long I could tiptoe around the truth/Blindfolded swinging at the air/Hoping to connect with something no one’s ever there”. He realizes that most people are uncomfortable around the truth but the only way is to face it and accept it. Next is the title track, a sombre and punchy track made up of anthemic horns, cinematic textures and pounding drums underpinned by rich melodic runs. Here, Myer talks about the downtimes in his life and the daily struggles and failings but he is hopeful that one day, he will get his shit together but for now, the grind keeps grinding. Next, is “Love Me When I’m High”, a dark emotional-laden piece that explores one-sided love, liquid-induced euphoria and the clarity that comes after a high. Myer sends a plea to his lover not to desert him in his time of need but in reality, the dependency is hurting him more than he expected. In the pop-infused “Brokest Billionaire”,  Myer presents us with a what-if situation and what he would do if he made a billion. The lyrics here are descriptive, humorous and in a way insightful as he also adds an emotional layer with his dynamic melodic performance.


Tracks like the punchy irreverent energy of “Mood” and the solemn “Listen To Myself” featuring singer Danielle Knoll show Myer’s duality. “DiffWRLD” brings together Myer and DijahSB and the result is a reflective piece that centers on the ongoing journey and the many experiences that shaped him while “Trouble” shows audiences a glimpse into his city and the tragedy of being financially stumped. The project closes out with “My Crazy Life One Day At A Time” and “Flex Track” featuring  Astin Clark, D.O. Gibson. The former is an anthemic and empowering tune that aims to motivate listeners while showing them the gritty side of life while the latter lives up to its title as the rappers take tunes to flex on the perpetrators, powers that be and the system that tries to put them down. The use of rich guitar arrangement and dark pop aesthetics is an added touch and is a testament to Myer’s versatility as an artist.


Ultimately One Day I’ll Get My Shit Together, is a solid body of work that works for several reasons. The first is its range of topics and the second quality of songwriting. We can’t ignore the crisp and varied production styles as well which traverses hip-hop, contemporary and experimental sounds.




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