Berlin, Germany-based Egyptian-German producer Raga the SON (Adam Radwan) teams up with Ghanaian-German Artist for this uplifting single titled “Power Of The Mind”. The track has a hypnotic chord arrangement, and bass-driven downtempo drums peppered with cinematic textures. On the vocal tip, Serious Klein dazzles audiences with his thought-provoking and poignant songwriting that explores the concept of being intentional with one’s messaging and finding the fine line between entertaining and enlightening the listeners.

“Power Of The Mind” is the lead single from Raga the SON’s new album Son Of Nile.

Raga the SON (Adam Radwan) is an Egyptian-German producer based in Berlin. Being raised in Germany and Egypt he was exposed to music from diverse genres and cultural backgrounds. Growing up surrounded by music and playing guitar from his teens, he found his passion studying music-production and sound-engineering at the Abbey Road Institute in Frankfurt, Germany. He produces music that blurs the lines between genres but finds itself in the sonic worlds of Trip-Hop. The influences include Egyptian music, reggae, progressive rock, soul, hip hop, jazz and more.



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