The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Finn Kinnara – “Equinox”.


Finn Kinnara and mudbone bring us into the “Equinox” and the numerous events that happen in their lives. Over a soothing jazzy vibe, the emcee delivers an impassioned performance ripe with vivid storytelling.




Pixels To Code – “Who Am I”.

Pixels To Code opens up the discussion about reality and the rise of AI machinations in this thought-provoking tune titled “Who Am I”. Backed by a sombre and sparse backdrop, the rapper shows how blurred the lines between digital and reality are becoming and how we should all be aware.



Showrocka – “Gorilla Lemonade Anthem”

Showrocka drops the aptly titled tune “Gorilla Lemonade Anthem”. The track serves as a tribute track dedicated to two Hometown Heroes who succeeded against the odds. Over the punchy drum breaks and rousing textures, guitar licks and brass lines, Showrocka breaks down the business acumen of two individuals who went from selling illegal juices out of the kitchen to receiving major statewide distribution and becoming a household name in CT. Gorilla Lemonade is the first black-owned beverage to be served in the dining facilities of the prestigious Yale University.


G Bae Bae – “sandlot” (feat. Jewk The Philosopher & GSP Gass)

G Bae Bae brings in Jewk The Philosopher and GSP Gass for his new release titled “sandlot”. Over a cho[py and punchy backdrop, the emcees deliver a flurry of hard-hitting bars with a smooth melodic hook to close the gap.


volléstad – “Fuck it up” (feat. Beaux, Thir13een & Aaliyah)

Producer Volléstad teams up with Beaux, Thir13een and Aaliyah for this 90s R&B-inspired tune titled “Fuck it up”. The track explores life after a breakup and basking in one’s success after a slump period. Over the lush and soulful backdrop, the emcee and singer deliver compelling performances ripe with commanding raps and soothing melodic runs.


gLife – “This is the Place”

Rising rapper gLife drops his new single “This is the Place”, taken from his EP Life of Pain, produced entirely by platinum award-winning producer DJ Pain1. The rapper takes the lead with his commanding flow and heartfelt lyrics that detail the never-ending struggle and eventual success of being true to oneself.



M Soto – “SOLID” (feat. Styles P)

M Soto links up with the legendary Styles P for “SOLID”. The reflective track is comprised of a dark and scenic soundscape underpinned by vivid lyricism and an unapologetic bravado demeanour.


Savannah GA-based indie rapper CMPLXX  delivers the “WAKE UP” call in his new single. The energetic track is ripe with an urgent aesthetic with punchy drums and his compelling vocal performance.


Nazzy the Mic – “See Me Better”.

Nazzy the Mic shares her true thoughts in her new single “See Me Better”. The track has a sombre guitar arrangement and thick basslines and her laidback melodic runs take precedence. She doesn’t hold back in sharing some intimate moments with the listeners and for the most part, she gives us true vulnerability with a touch of candidness.


Acid of Jerz – “Higher”.

Acid of Jerz makes his entry on our site with “Higher”. The conceptual track dwells on the aftermath of being inebriated as the crazy thoughts swirl in one’s head and the madness that happens around. Over the moody and cinematic backdrop, he takes us deep into the rabbit hole of frat parties, alcohol, fast women and being high like a helicopter.



Rah Cashiano x Two Geeked – “Dog Food”.

Rah Cashiano and Two Geeked team up for “Dog Food”. The dark trap song is made up of moody vocal samples and snapping drum grooves and the duo deliver their distinct rap styles to good effect.


Major Myjah – “By Your Side”.

Rising singer/songwriter Major Myjah caught our attention with “By Your Side”. The soulful and reflective tune is comprised of rich keys, warm basslines peppered Major’s expressive vocal runs and heartfelt lyrics that dive into being lovelorn and being indecisive regarding that special someone we love.



18 Acres – “Van Duzen River”.

Genre-bending group 18 Acres take us into the depths of the “Van Duzen River”. The track is made up of rich country/folk aesthetics with thumping drums and is underpinned by vivid story telling about the dark parts of their hometown.




Tranzformer & Big O –  Everyday (Remix) (Feat. Spray Money, Cashus King & Fashawn)  [Bonus Track]

Tranzformer and prolific producer Big O  share “Everyday (Remix), which features a host of emcees ranging from Spray Money, Cashus King and Fashawn. The track is the bonus track from the duo’s project and it’s as reflective and profound as they come. Over Big O’s soulful and sombre backdrop, the emcees share their respective thoughts on life, the never-ending cycle of strife and being persistent in one’s endeavours.


Jeristotle – “They Sold Me On The TV”


Corpus Christi, Texas-based VA-born uprising rapper Jeristotle drops his debut single “They Sold Me On The TV“. The solemn tune explores the journey of a young black man coming to terms with the harsh realities of life and the journey from being naive to sincere enlightenment.




The Coldest – “Dreams of Robbin”

The Coldest makes his way from the historic town of Montgomery, Alabama to bring us “Dreams of Robbin”. The rising rap artist is carving his path with his style of no-holds-barred raps and heavy trap beats. The track is an aspirational tune that explores the ups and downs of a young man trying to find his footing in this dog-eat-dog world.




Mic North – “F.Y.U”

Winnipeg, MB, Canada-based rapper Mic North returns to the forefront with “F.Y.U”, a hard-hitting jam that showcases the rapper’s stylish flow and bravado-driven demeanour. Over the thumping bass-driven backdrop, he proceeds to do what he knows best and reminds any potential detractor not to come around him.


Duwayne – “UMA”.

Milwaukee-born musician/songwriter Duwayne makes his debut entrance on our playlist with his new single “UMA”. The track uses the same sample from RZA‘s “Cakes” and Duwayne makes mincemeat of the beat with his expressive and emotion-filled performance.



James Gardin – “I Put The Team On My Back”.

James Gardin and producer Charlie Beans team up for this anthemic collaboration titled “I Put The Team On My Back”. The track is a blend of dark moody synths and snapping downtempo drums that fit James’ laidback flow and motivational raps that aim to boost our morale to go out and achieve goals.



Moguido – “My Fantasy Infinity” (feat. Donnie Adams)”.

Moguido connects with Chicaogo-based rapper Donnie Adams for “My Fantasy Infinity” which is a single and also the title track of Moguido’s debut solo project. The track is comprised of a sombre vocal sample, solemn strings and punchy drums and is underpinned by Donnie’s uplifting lyrics that implore us to escape from reality into our unique comfort zone.

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