Long Island sound designer/producer/disc jockey, DJ Concept  is dazzling his fans with back-to-back releases.  From his last instrumental project Meditations 4 to the collaborative EP entitled Conceptual Thoughts with Buffalo lyricist Y.N.X. 716, the prolific producer returns with the instrumental version of Ghetto Concepts, his collaborative LP with The Bay State spitter, Ghetto, of St Da Squad fame (Termanology, Ea$y Money, Reks, DJ Deadeye).  The 8 track compilation packs a megaton punch with its array of samples, thumping grooves and emotion-laden textures that leaves listeners locked in from start to finish.


“Insatiable Intro” is the first salvo and while it’s quite short it slowly draws audiences in with its moody string which stops abruptly. This is followed by the title track “Ghetto Concepts”  which is peppered with cinematic horn stabs and an overwhelmingly menacing texture that lays the foundation for its world-building energy. It’s a perfect introduction to the gritty ghetto where grimy stories are told and legends are born. “Drop That Shit” is next and takes audiences into the dark alleys filled with rats, predators and innocent onlookers trying to get home safely. The solemn chords are the main ingredient while the punchy boom-bap drum break adds an extra emotional oomph to the track.  “My reality” benefits from its reflective tone and brings audiences into reality from a first-hand account.


“Lips Sealed” is introduced by a melancholic piano riff that trails off leaving listeners in suspense. The slight offbeat groove and sparse arrangement are an added touch and the layered piano fluffs blend perfectly into the scenic sound. “Round Table” feels like an entry into the inner caucus where secrets are held and audiences are privy to new information. The synths are brooding and dark enough to invoke some sense of urgency and trepidation. As the title suggests, this is where men are made and there is no going back. “Post On The Gram” starts with a soulful piano riff before it proceeds into a solemn and laidback beat with a barebones structure. At the same time, the final track “Antiproiettile” brings the project to a close with an introspective vibe. The mellow and moody tone is punctuated by crispy drum breaks pulled from the dustiest crates you can find and the result is as gripping as a Tarantino movie.


In the end, Ghetto Concepts is exactly what it says it is. The ups and downs of life, the unpredictability of situations and the experiences that change the human mind are all wrapped in 8 tracks. DJ Concept once again demonstrates why he is a formidable presence in today’s hip-hop landscape. The project is available now through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms via Crisis Center Collective.



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