Emerging singer/songwriter NEE-SHA caught our ears with her unique brand of genre-fusing soul stylings. Inspired by different sounds from across the globe and her inclination for penning heartfelt and soul-stirring pieces. The singer delivers this introspective piece “Sound Of The Waves”, an off-kilter track that explores growth amid love, heartbreak and self-discovery. The production is sparse, cinematic and moody while her rich vocal runs take precedence as they slowly engulf the backdrop laid before them. She is also a producer and the track is entirely composed and arranged by her.


NEE-SHA’s musical journey began in her father’s home studio, Big Baffolo. She has been involved in his productions from an early age. Soon with his own “contributions” into Dad’s microphone. Soon afterwards she was already writing her own lyrics to the reggae rhythms from his Ghetto Blaster. These early influences of soul and reggae have accompanied them from the beginning and today flow into their independent musical style, leaning towards neo-soul.


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