Just like the meaning behind his music moniker, emerging DMV-based singer/songwriter/rapper Nouvèl is bringing something unique and different to the music landscape with his brand of insightful and personal story-driven music.  His latest release Nite Drive Therapy, is a 16-track project that explores the dynamics and complexities of life. From the good to the bad times and the in-betweens, the singer offers audiences a chance to journey with him as he finds his true North in love, success and life.


“Vel’s Prayer” opens up the project on a spiritual note as Nouvèl delivers a solemn and touching prayer for the journey ahead.  “Midnite Drive” is a thumping neo-soul offering peppered with layered harmonies, soaring melodic runs and heartwarming lyrics about a rendezvous with that special someone who waits patiently for the good times. “Aux Cord” is a mid-tempo future R&B piece comprised of fuzzy synth lines, pluck bassline and expressive vocal runs. Here he teams up with Gëtte and together they deliver a perfect car ride instrumental. This is followed by the sensual duet “Like That” featuring Maria Carmen, where Nouvèl reassures his girl that he will do the things her ex couldn’t do. “First Taste” is another sultry jam that showcases the singer’s range and penchant for painting visual stories of his escapades but now he is joined by Rese who helps punctuate the track with her seductive vocal performance.


“Maintenance” teams Nouvèl with Gëtte once again and together they deliver another jam ripe with head-nodding features and engaging songwriting. Over the moody and somewhat atmospheric soundscape, Nouvèl bemoans the entrapment his girl got him in with her constant need for funds, he likens her to a hoopty with never-ending problems. It’s quite hilarious but thought-provoking as well. The energy changes on “Sugar Cane”, a synth-driven track peppered with the singer’s commanding vocals and expressive melodic cadence while “Lawrence” sees him in his element as he delivers a bravado-laced performance as he reminds his lady that he is one in a million. “2 Phones” is a soulful and experimental jam comprised of atmospheric textures and punchy drums ripe with unapologetic lyrics about the player lifestyle he lives by. Next is “Bmore Shor”, a summer-themed jam that features rapper Kae Roshon who delivers a brilliant performance with her irreverent demeanour and expressive flows that bring audiences closer to the action. The project continues with tracks like the sparse and punchy “Do Not Disturb” featuring Nomad the Native and rapper Kae Roshon and the smooth “Drop Top Coupe” with CvpSet Martae. Both tracks straddle different worlds with their distinct sounds that bridge the gap between modern neo-soul and soul-trap sensibilities.


The project closes out with “Limousine” featuring Nomad the Native and Gëtte and the reflective “Rear View” with  Kellen Parham. The former is a laidback bouncy track with chill-soul elements bolstered by rich melodies and a hypnotic groove to match while the latter sees the artist pontificating on all the experiences and how he views the world from a matured lens. Far from being morose, he is content with the outcome and the small mercies granted him as he finds true love in art and life in general. Another notable track is “Gibberish” with its warm chord arrangement and pulsating bassline which is underpinned by Vel’s vivid storytelling and soul-stirring melodies.


I must add Nite Drive Therapy, is a brilliant body of work that encapsulates a period in a man’s life as he explores himself through love and life experiences. The production here is top-notch and original alongside Vel’s distinct vocal performance.




Stream Nite Drive Therapy on all DSPs here.

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