Emerging UK rapper Bella-Monae continues her wave-making moves with her new single “Pretty Girls Cry (Freestyle)” which sees her sharing her thoughts on the societal pressure and unrealistic beauty standards that women are subjected to daily. Bolstered by an energetic drill soundscape made up of crunchy grooves, percussions and moody textures, Bella-Monae doesn’t mince her words as she tackles the rising trend of BBLs, social media virality and the never-ending clout-chasing activities people engage in. Lines like

“En route to Antalya Turkey now she wanna skin out her teeth online
Know her breast look full and perky procedure shit she went under the knife
Back home for the day she’s departed again 2 hours till she lands in Dubai
I know you look good on the exterior darling but inside Pretty girls cry

set the tone and shows how direct Bella-Monae can be as she cuts straight to the chase.

“Pretty Girls Cry (Freestyle)” is produced by Ayy Primetime.



Bella-Monae is a rising star who is making waves in the UK music scene. She is an exceptionally talented, dynamic and fearless Spanish drill rapper hailing from the vibrant streets of London. With a unique blend of energetic beats, raw energy, bilingual lyrics, a flair of Jamaican patwa and a distinct London flavour, Bella-Monae has a determination to break boundaries and is poised to captivate audiences worldwide by redefining the face of drill and rap music. Bella-Monae is not just an artist; she represents a new wave of multicultural talent ready to make an indelible mark on the music industry. Her passion, drive and undeniable talent position her as one of the most promising rising stars in the UK drill rap scene.



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