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Ghost Cartridge – “Saturday Morning Cartoons”

Ghost Cartridge’s “Saturday Morning Cartoons” gets the instrumental treatment. The track produced by The EquAzn is a dark, cinematic bop with brooding sample chops and punchy drums to boot. The track is taken from their self titled full length album.


Ludwig del Pino – “Ethereal city air”.

Ludwig del Pino leads us into “Ethereal city air”, a futuristic piece made up of surreal textures and soul-stirring pads with soft drum grooves. There is so much to unpack and listeners can easily get lost in the hypnotic and comforting ambiance.



88FULLY – “External”

“External” is a hard-hitting dark trap tune from hard-working producer 88FULLY who is a regular on our site. This new jam is riddled with cinematic synth pads, lush keys and thumping 808-driven kicks.


rocomoco x Hoffy Beats – “Falling Apart (Remix by Modokat)”

Producer rocomoco and Hoffy Beats‘s “Falling Apart (Remix by Modokat)” is the latest release from the producer´s 5th anniversary compilation Chilled Vibes Only, containing 15 stunning remixes and 16 original tracks from his 5 year-long discography. The revamp has a solemn and blissful vibe comprised of rich keys, haunting vocal chops and alluring textures with punchy drums to match.




Italian producer YJKL and Japanese producer KOHEI YOSHII team up for “Honey”, a smooth summer jam ripe with jazzy horns, crunchy boom-bap drums, warm textures and excellent turntablist skills on the chorus.

This is the lead single from the “Wonder” EP released via Sphere of Hip-Hop.


Yeaux Majesty – “Colleagues”.

Emerging producer Yeaux Majesty shows us some of his “Colleagues” in his latest effort. The track has soft and sparse drums underpinned by moody strings, one note keys and gives an overall feeling of sadness from start to finish.


Orinoco – “Sail away”.

German producer Orinoco thrilled us with “Sail away”, a summer-tinged tune ripe with warm textures, bright guitar licks and soft grooves. The overall vibe is relaxing and celebratory and perfect for one’s sunny afternoon playlist.






Apdajezus – “BEFORE WE LAUNCH”.

Jordanian producer Apdajezus makes his debut on our site with his new release “BEFORE WE LAUNCH”. The track is introduced by a lush synth lead arrangement and slowly builds up with more instruments before reaching a crescendo with punchy trap drums and atmospheric pads.


Black Ship Japan – “Rumbling Firing”.

Japanese producer Black Ship Japan ramps up the energy with “Rumbling Firing”, a genre-bending piece that takes inspiration from modern jazz, future funk, spoken word (vocals crafted by AI) and a touch of lofi hiphop. There is a lot to unpack here and the layered structure serves as the icing on the cake.



TriPurple x Lola – “Skywonder”.


TriPurple and Lola team up for “Skywonder”, an off-kilter tune that has soulful, reflective and dreamy textures all wrapped into one.



Saul Wasabi – “Sunray Charles”

Saul Wasabi‘s “Sunray Charles” is a reflective piece that takes elements from lofi soul, and jazz with a touch of modern contemporary sounds. The keys are lush and the horns have an anthemic feel that offer solace to the listener.



Lofi of Life – “Clear Your Mind (Quiet Version)”


Lofi of Life caught our ears with “Clear Your Mind (Quiet Version)” and it was only right for us to share it. The mellow track is layered with rich chords, pulsating basslines and a steady grove to match.



Mondo Loops x Pointy Features – “Amidst the Dust” (feat. Pointy Features)


Mondo Loops and Pointy Features team up for “Amidst the Dust”, a sad and relaxing tune with layered instrumentation and slow progressive chords.


kozebeats – “baptoadism”.

kozebeats help switch up the energy of the playlist with baptoadism”, a bouncy jazz-hop piece that is ripe with rich horn passes, pulsating bass-driven boom-bap drums and dusty samples.  The track has a reflective and playful vibe as well.




Jansun – “sunday morning”.

Instrumentalist Jansun returns to our playlist with “sunday morning”. The reflective track taps into the comforting feel of a chilled Sunday morning where things feel peaceful and perfect.


Manocchs x Tyler.l – “Evening Hues”


The duo of Manocchs and Tyler.l help us paint the night with “Evening Hues”. The warm and sublime piece has a solemn feel and the layered instrumentation is crisp and gives audiences a sense of comfort.


Copacetik – “Slumbering sea”

Producer Copacetik delivers “Slumbering sea”, a solemn piece that exudes sombre feelings and a whole lot of reflection. The slow build-up, warm textures and strings are well-crafted and draws audiences in with ease.



11 Acorn Lane – “Viewpoint”.

11 Acorn Lane is not new to us and he thrills us with his new release “Viewpoint”. The soul-jazz-infused piece is made up of sparkling guitar lines, and warm pads with soft grooves to boot and overall it is perfect for one’s mid-summer playlist.

Nik Hahn – “Jungle”.


Producer Nik Hahn helps close this list with “Jungle”, a sombre and soothing piece made up of lush and warm summer vibes. From the rich guitar licks, dreamy pads and strings, he takes us right into the warmth of summer where everything is blissful.


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