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Spoken Thought – “Change Up”


Colorado-based producer/musician Spoken Thought lifts our spirits with his latest offering titled “Change Up”. Made up of lush strings, sublime keys, sultry melodic vocal hums and rousing drum fills, the producer crafts a soul-stirring and comforting piece that is much-needed in these crazy times.



Ogi feel the Beat – “Big Time”


Prolific producer Ogi feel the Beat is always cooking up some delicious sounds and in his latest offering titled “Big Time”, he gives audiences a mix of sounds that range from exotic, nostalgia-inducing and soulful.. It’s taken from his new project entitled Subtle Segments




B4Lasers – “Highest of Highs”


Chicago-based Wisconsin native B4lasers returns with this new jam titled “Highest of Highs”. Bolstered by pulsating bass-driven grooves, Gospel vocal samples with rich melodic runs and soulful piano riffs, the track lives up to its title as it lifts audiences to a higher plateau.


Esdaile State – “Moon Song”.

UK producer Esdaile State takes us beyond the Earth’s atmosphere with “Moon Song”, a mellow lofi-jazz piece ripe with sublime textures, rich horn passes, sombre strings and mellow drum grooves to match.



Taki Brano – “Be For Real”

Talented producer/instrumentalist Taki Brano caught our attention with “Be For Real”. The track is a sombre and soulful piece made up of solemn strings, mellow grooves and an overall comforting vibe.



Sidewalk Swingers – “Sidewalk Strut”

Singapore-based multi-genre band Sidewalk Swingers shares their new release “Sidewalk Strut”. The mid-tempo track is lively and smooth and layered with lush organs, slick guitar licks, rambunctious drum fills and a pulsating bass underpinned by a recurring melodic call-and-response refrain that implores us to get up and get into the funk. The band is made up of Eriko Murakami (Trombone) Yohei Kanda (Drums) Kohta Nakai (Piano) Arthur Wiyono (Bass) Guest Musician Vignesh Mohandasan (Trumpet).


Thursdayevening – “Curveball”

Thursdayevening  and CHG throw us for a “Curveball” with their serene and soul stirring piece. Using excellent sound design techniques, and sublime pads with lush keys, he creates a world-building ambiance that draws listeners in as it progresses.




Tru Bennet – “ten thousand stars”

Tru Bennet leads us into the galaxy with “ten thousand stars”, a sublime and layered piece ripe with dreamy pads, hushed drum grooves and ethereal textures.



Sleep Powder – “blossom”

Sleep Powder’s “blossom” is an aptly titled track that warms the soul with its atmospheric pads, sublime synths with pillows of airy textures that give off a comforting touch to the ears.




digimazz – “Breezy Afternoon”.

digimazz makes his entry on our site with “Breezy Afternoon”, a summer-tinged piece that is bolstered by lush guitar plucks, alluring pads and rich  basslines with an overwhelming bright vibe.




lbb – Adventure Seeker”

lbb embodies the spirit of the “Adventure Seeker” in his new release. The track is introduced by a solemn guitar backline that rises into a warm alluring body of soft plucks and soulful pads and bells interwoven together. The dynamic arrangement and progression gives the track depth and emotional punch.



Lofi Ninja – “Wet Flowers”.

Lofi Ninja makes his entry on our playlist with the highly descriptively titled track “Wet Flowers”. Over soft drum grooves, melancholic pads and mellow basslines, the producer adds a rich guitar riff that help drive the record with punchiness.




slumber sundays – “butterflies in space”.

slumber sundays‘ “butterflies in space” is a mellow and dreamy piece that is bolstered by engaging sound design, solemn strings, pads and sparsely arranged grooves that play off each other.




DeTuned Café – “Lunar Souls”

DeTuned Café‘s “Lunar Souls” has an atmospheric and surreal feel with its moody pads, rich layered keys with textures that give audiences emotional chills.



Mike Beating x mellow dive – “season shift”

Mike Beating, mellow dive and Chill Italy team up to bring us a “season shift”, a mellow dreamy tune inspired by the season. The layered arrangement is dynamic and the overall feel is blissful and comforting.



chio – “Spring Rain”

Chilled Cat and producer chio thrill us with some vibes inspired by “Spring Rain”. The guitar-driven piece is enticing and bright and gives off an overall vibe of warmth.



kallepdp x lost.mindd x Mellofi – “Every hour, every memory”.

kallepdp , lost.mindd and Mellofi team up for “Every hour, every memory”, a mellow and reflective piece ripe with lush sombre keys, plucky guitars and moody pads.



intomuffins – “in bloom – original”

intomuffins thrills us with this mid-tempo jazz-infsed lofi tune titled “in bloom – original”. It’s a soulful and blissful tune that helps usher in a new season with much hope.



Study Buddy – “Red Ivy”

Study Buddy teams up with Cinnamon and Holey Foley for “Red Ivy”, a melancholic track made up of soothing textures, rich sound design inspired by nature and an overall reflective vibe.



slumber sundays – “butterflies on earth”.

slumber sundays delivers a heartfelt and reflective track “butterflies on earth” to our playlist. The laidback tune is comprised of layered dreamy textures and warm aesthetics that draw audiences in.

stybander – “outdoor bliss”.

stybander‘s “outdoor bliss” is an aptly titled tune that gives audiences soul-stirring vibes with it’s comforting keys, pulsating basslines and rich textures.



so.tired – “Escape”

so.tired delivers his latest effort “Escape” to our earshot. The melancholy tune comprises melancholic guitar licks, warm pads and soulful keys with sparsely arranged drum grooves to boot.



Jetfueljayy x BrandonLee Cierley – “let it go”


Jetfueljayy and BrandonLee Cierley close this week’s playlist with “let it go”. The track has a bit of jazz, lofi soul with punchy drum grooves and an overall nostalgia-inducing aesthetic.


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