There is nothing like a good old trip back memory lane that triggers fond memories and good times. Thanks to emerging UK rapper bankiyan, he does just that in his latest release titled “Headers & Volleys”, the soccer-themed title is more than just sports related but an entire heartfelt reflection on his childhood. Over the sombre vocal samples and rapid drum patterns, bankiyan travels back to the 2010s, the era of Blackberry phones, sleepovers, PS3 and FIFA14 and shares some relatable memories that made life extra special for him. Not one to bask in the past, he looks at it beyond rose-coloured tints with lines like

But I lost way more when I followed that pattern
I was scared that I couldn’t manage
Breathing clearer than I could imagine
Now I know what’s gonna happen

And he digs deeper into these memories and events that shaped him into the young man that he is now.



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