The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Sonny Panda x Cinoevil – “Righteous Path” (feat. Cinoevil)

Sonny Panda and Cinoevil lead us into “Righteous Path”, a heartfelt and reflective track that explores the never-ending struggles of a man trying to find the positive while being beset by negatives. Over the gloomy piano-driven backdrop, Cinoevil shares his experiences and how he moves through the concrete jungle.


SomeoneCalledSomeone – “Broken Wings”

SomeoneCalledSomeone‘s new single “Broken Wings” is a heartwarming display of vulnerability and it shows the journey of a man trying to find himself and learning how to love life wholeheartedly after a battle with addiction. The guitar-driven production is rich and soulful and is peppered with emotionally powerful lyrics that show audiences his flaws and the steps he is taking to correct them.



Wildcard – “Taurus Jacket” (prod. by C-Lance)


West Coast rapper Wildcard continues his Zodiac-theme singles series with a menacing banger, “Taurus Jacket,” featuring a hard-hitting and menacing production from frequent collaborator C-Lance. The title is a colorful euphemism for the classic Chicago Bulls jersey and his experiences growing up in the ’90s where strict rules often dictated what kids wore and where they could go. Over the dark soundscape and snarling drum grooves, Wildcard leads us deep into the past and all the trouble and mischief he got into but it’s all in hindsight because as a grown man he knows better and can do whatever he wants.




Javyn Knight – “Plz Believe It (feat. Gerriah)”.

Emerging rapper/songwriter Javyn Knight returns to our site with his new single “Plz Believe It”, a smooth R&B-hiphop infused track that blends smooth melodic raps with heartfelt vibes and it features vocalist  Gerriah as well.


Bobby JaGGerJacK x King Los – “Problem (feat. King Los) [Remix]”

Bobby Jaggerjack follows up his intense smash single “Problem” with the official remix and to raise the ante he forms a lyrical alliance with the legendary lyricist King Los. The result is a verbal onslaught that seamlessly blends the duo’s distinct styles into a solid jam that everyone can rock with.


Eddy Dre x Chris Patrick – “Rose Gold Anthem”

Eddy Dre and  Chris Patrick team up to drop “Rose Gold Anthem”, a heartfelt and reflective tune that explores the journey of a young black man trying to find his footing in an unforgiving world.



Owl Green – “Dear Moonlight” feat. The Grouch and Eligh




Owl Green‘s latest release”Dear Moonlight” sees him teaming up with The Grouch and Eligh. The track is an insightful and reflective piece that tackles the delicate issue of drug addiction, inner demons and finding the right steps to become better people for their families and kids. The guitar-laden backdrop is sombre and soulful and the rappers pour their emotions with all they got.



Trak – “Cheddar & Groupies”.


Emerging emcee Trak knows exactly what he wants in “Cheddar & Groupies”. The laidback and mellow tune is ripe with warm and reflective textures and one sees him sharing his daily grind as he tries to make ends meet by any way necessary.



Que K – “When it come to getting paper”.

Que K reminds us that he is not a slouch “When it come to getting paper”. The track sees him teaming up with his longtime collaborator Kod@K and the duo crafts the perfect hustle anthem for all the go-getters.




Kiseme – “Not Ever Again (Free$tyle)”

Kiseme continues his slew of releases and he drops “Not Ever Again (Free$tyle)” as another notch on his belt. The use of jazzy samples is contrary to his no-holds-barred style and that is exactly what makes it unique.



Stakes x Verb – “Pray For Em”.

Stakes and Verb join forces for their latest tune “Pray For Em”, a dark and cinematic piece that is peppered with bravdo raps and an irreverent demeanour. This is pure lyricism to the core.





Hated Family Productions – “Goodbye”

Hated Family Productions latest release “Goodbye” brings together Blood Red Thug and Heretic and Paradox to share a brooding tale of mortality and the dark side of the human psyche.




John Doe – “Move past the downfall”

Alternative artist John Doe takes a reflective stance in “Move past the downfall”, a sublime and heartfelt tune that explores a man’s self-discovery journey and the many experiences that shaped him along the way. From anguish, and pain to the realization of the facts, John Does gives the audience a well-rounded view of things.





G-SALIH – “EXECUTION (Freestyle)”

G-SALIH comes through with “EXECUTION (Freestyle)”, a fiery piece that is peppered with edgy raps filled with various schemes, bravado and precise surgical execution with the cadence.






Wes DeLux – “Soul Hades Ego Zeus”

Wes DeLux delivers this insightful and thought-provoking tune “Soul Hades Ego Zeus” that explores the interconnectivity between human spirituality, the duality of nature and the concept of ego and how they all play a crucial part in our lives. The production has a pop element with the bright guitar plucks and bright textures but the lyrics are relatable and quite enlightening.



JAN3T – “Meantime”.


Rising singer/songwriter JAN3T makes their entrance on our site with “Meantime”. The sultry neo-soul/R&B infused track is a display of pure blissful melodies, and heartfelt lyrics that dwell on the aftermath of an impactful event, be it a person or relationship. The production has a surreal and dreamy ambiance and the vocals are soul-gripping as well. The track is taken from JAN3T’s forthcoming EP holy.



Ghost Cartridge x Wyzaker – “REJECT”

“REJECT” is the latest release from Canadian nerd-core hiphop artists Ghost Cartridge and Wyzaker. Over a distorted bass-line-driven backdrop, the duo led us into their world where self-belief and determination are tenents to live by.



Aristoski x Jacques Dingle – “Good Man”

Emerging West Yorkshire-based rapper Aristoski teamed up with Leeds producer Jacques Dingle for this brilliant lyric-dense jam titled “Good Man”. The track employs a classic soul sample for its foundation and sees the rappers reflecting on their youthful days and how various experiences changed their outlook as they grew older.

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