Prolific producer Flapjaques gifts our site with a couple of soothing gems from his stash with two new cuts titled “waiting4her” and “knife emoji” with fellow producer Anomalous.

The first record “waiting4her” is a soulful and nostalgia-inducing piece comprised of melancholic guitar strings, and warm pads layered over soft drum grooves. The overall vibe is sombre and comforting from start to finish.


Stream “waiting4her” on  SoundCloud







The second track “knife emoji” sees Flapjaques teaming up with producer Anomalous to create this blissful and playful tune. The track starts with video game fx from the classic Super Mario games, soft summer-tinged textures and sparse lofi drums to match. It is brief but surely leaves listeners with something joyful to rock with.


Stream “knife emoji” on  SoundCloud






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