deepsleeper is the music brainchild of producer/multi-instrumentalist Blake Straus whose work is known in the pop and R&B sphere. The project aims to utilize live instrumentation to create soulful lofi pieces that exude pure emotional connection with audiences.


The first cut “painting strawberries” is inspired by his partner’s struggles with mental health and the journey it took for her to find the right balance. The track has a soft and sad undertone with a touch of reflection and serves as a dedication to her finding her inner strength and the undying love he has for her.

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The second track “stoop stairs”  is a downtempo soulful gem comprised of soothing strings, a rich piano arrangement with surreal overtones and a prevalent bassline to match the snapping drum grooves. The title is a reference to the time spent on his grandmother’s stoop during the day’s golden hour.


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