Ev Thompson and Kurlz team up for this solid back to back collaboration titled “All Aboard/Got It.” The track is actually made up of 2 distinct songs from both artists merged into one. The video is directed by Ev, Kurlz, and Tyler. “All Aboard/Got It.” is produced by AnyWayWell and Rel McCoy respectively.

It starts with the song “All Aboard” by Ev Thompson who delivers a solid performance as expected over a vibrant trap beat at an abandoned theme park. This is followed by a short hilarious clip from the Tiger King docu-series which then leads into Kurlz’s “Got It.” A gritty jam laced with nothing but bars after bars. Together both emcees have a group called HarveyDent, however, they also make a series of video releases that are half of 2 songs – one from each artist.

All Aboard” is from Ev Thompson’s Roller Coaster EP while “Got It” is from Kurlz’s Young Wagner EP.


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