The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Savis – “Vacancy”.


Savis‘s new release”Vacancy” is a contemplative effort that sees him running through some events in his life and how these experiences shaped him. Over a sombre and melancholic soundscape, he takes listeners deep into the dark crevices of his world and the many colourful characters who help him along the way.

Big Dese x Mike Martinez – “Go Off” prod. by Mike Martinez

Big Dese and Florida producer Mike Martinez team up for this hard-hitting track titled “Go Off”. Over the cinematic and menacing backdrop provided by Mike Martinez, the Big Dese waste no time in setting the pace with fiery off-kilter bars.

“Go Off” perfectly encapsulates the vibe of the duo’s forthcoming album. Check out the full Lincoln Hawk project now on Bandcamp & all streaming platforms!



Zoplo – “Homeless and dopesick freestyle 2020″ w/ a nodded out hook”

Toronto, Canada-based blind hip-hop artist Zoplo pours his heart on wax with his new single titled “Homeless and dopesick freestyle 2020”. The title alludes to his real-life experience with self-harm and being homeless. Over a sombre piano-driven boombap backdrop, Zoplo takes us down the rabbit hole and the craziness he had to endure to get to this point in life.



Mada Gadi – “Break-up”


Romanian singer/songwriter Mada Gadi makes his debut appearance on our playlist with “Break-up”. The record is a laidback and reflective tune made up of lush textures and thick bass-driven grooves all underpinned by her soft and somewhat whispered vocal runs. The record dwells on an absent lover who abandoned their woman and left them wanting more.



Crispin Valentin – “Imma G”

The El Mexicano Crispin Valentin and Kilo Art-Of-Fact team for this anthemic track titled  “Imma G”. The production has a mody and cinematic feel and sees Crispin embody the spirit of the true G, which stands for the great individual who goes for his goals and pushes beyond the comfort zone. Kilo also comes through with some bravado-laden bars and accentuates the upbeat street banger with some swag.



Fredrick Red – “Gone With The Wind”

Fredrick Red makes a brilliant appearance on our list with his new release “Gone With The Wind”. The alternative hip-hop track explores the missioned mindset that is prevalent in the modern world and how the cycle never ends as we are all beset on all sides with this evil aura. Over the sombre guitar-laden backdrop, Fredrick takes us on a gloomy journey and shows how he copes with it all.




DeissMarie – “Busy”.


DeissMarie is a R&B/jazz/soul duo made up of Anna Crumley and Paul Smith who caught our attention with their newest single “Busy”. The soulful ballad deals with the concept of being caught up with the never-ending grind that we often live life on the hustle instead of finding time to enjoy the process and smell the roses. Bolstered by a dynamic and layered backdrop made up of lush keys, horns, pulsating bass-driven grooves and warm strings, Anna details the struggles of the everyday individual living paycheck to paycheck and leaves us with a gem that implores us to unplug from the matrix every now and then.



Shamon Cassette & Jaz Infinite x Ira Atari x immortal nightbody – “Flow With Me” (feat. Ira Atari & Immortal Nightbody)”


“Flow With Me” is a solid international collaboration that brings together Shamon Cassette, Jaz Infinite, Ira Atari and Immortal Nightbody. The result is a blend of soulful boom-bap and insightful bars that explore the ups and downs of long-distance relationships.



German hip-hop artist GSCHWISTAZ aims to raise the energy levels on the playlist with his new single “4 VOR DEM KOMMA”. The track has that early 2000s vibe with its punchy drums, lush guitars and layered textures all underpinned by his gruff vocals and larger-than-life demeanor.


RonyKii – “Out the Blue”


Indie rapper RonyKii pours his heart out on wax in his single “Out the Blue” which sees him contemplating on a dying relationship and how the girl in question went sideways. Armed with his distinct melodic style, he runs through the many events that broke the relationship and how he found a coping mechanism to deal with it.



LoCeRa x Tommy Rouge – “Know The Vibes” (feat. Tommy Rouge)


LoCeRa and Tommy Rouge bring the ruckus in their latest collaboration “Know The Vibes”. Over a dark and urgent-sounding trap backdrop, both emcees proceed to wreak havoc on the microphone with unapologetic bravado-driven bars.


Jon Lamboy – “Fallin’ In Love Again” (Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds Cover)


Jon Lamboy shares his cover of  Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds‘s “Fallin’ In Love Again”. The classic soul tune gets a modern polish with Jon Lamboy at the helm and he sure delivers the goods. The production still has that classic retro-soul feel with a modern-day take.





Bri Biase and the legendary Boosie Badazz team up for “DEAR HEAVENLY FATHER 2”. The track is an uplifting and reflective tune that serves as the new prayer anthem for the streets. Over the piano-driven backdrop, the emcees share their struggles and the many hurdles they have to overcome just to stay afloat and they send their prayers high above and hope God watches them with grace.




Fishscale Dizzy – “Excuse Me”

Fishscale Dizzy‘s “Excuse Me” is an insightful track that dwells on the hard times and the feeling of loneliness when it seems the odds are stacked up high, however, there is always a sliver of hope if one stays focused on the task at hand.


Trust In The Sun – “Find Love”

Las Vegas-based band Trust In The Sun delivers their new single “Find Love”, which serves as a blunt reminder to always stay in a positive mindset in order to succeed either in work or relationships with people. Over the rousing and punchy jazzy backdrop, the band delivers a simple but effective message that we all can live by.



Sammyoffthewall – “Slow It Down”

Sammyoffthewall makes his entry on our site with “Slow It Down”, a reflective and contemplative tune that digs deep into the dynamics of finding true growth. Over a soulful and sombre backdrop, the rapper takes us deep into the mix of the action and we get to see the cracks and pretty parts.



Max Vizion – “Dopamine”

San Diego-raised artist Max Vizion pumps up the vibe with his newest single  “Dopamine”. The lofi-infused track is ripe with moody and warm textures and punchy drums that are underpinned by Max’s insightful lyrics that dwell on the journey and the process of finding one’s true purpose.

MRK SX – “Can’t Man”

MRK SX delivers the perfect superhero anthem titled “Can’t Man”. The hilarious track is made up of anthemic horns and a solid groove that serves as the canvas for MRK’s vivid lyricism that dwells on the adventures of the super-dedicated dad who has to go above and beyond to keep his family happy.


MN Cappo – “WAVE”

MN Cappo‘s new single “WAVE” is a piano-driven track that dives into the dynamics of growth, self-doubt and desire for achievement and expression through music. The solemn tune is ripe with MN’s laidback flow and candid songwriting that showcases his vulnerability and candid nature. Far from being a sob story, MN is just being contemplative about his mission and shows us that he is always looking for new ways to reach his goals.



Daugaard – “Rivals”

Daugaard and Riggz the Lord team up with WhohurtTribe & Mahaji for “Rivals”. The off-kilter track delves into the journey of reaching success despite the odds and the many rivals who stand in the way. Each emcee comes through with their own perspective and gives listeners a wide range of schools of thought.



Ev Thompson x Joaquin Daniels x Speak – “Filters” (feat. Speak)


Hardworking Canadian rapper Ev Thompson teams up with Joaquin Daniels and Speak for this solid tune titled “Filters”. Bolstered by a cinematic and dark soundscape, the emcees take turns in showcasing their lyrical prowess and the track is also accentuated by some solid scratches. “Filters” is off the ep Ev released on Friday, June 30th for the Canada Day Long Weekend.




Twivee x Clattah – “Double Up”


Twivee and Clattah are ready to “Double Up”, a liquor fuelled jam that explores the aftermath of being soaked. Over the dreamy and atmospheric soundscape, both emcees take us down the rabbit hole and the fun that happens when you have a drink in hand and a baddie on the side. The blend of melodic flows and vivid lyrics sure is engaging.


Ty Rell – “The Equation”


Ty Rell is a multi-talented artist/producer born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama who started rapping at a young age. His newest release “The Equation” is his own take on the hustle game and the many ups and downs that come with it. Bolstered by The Diamond Shoppe Beats, Ty brings listeners closer to the action with his vivid lyrical schemes.


IM’PERETIV x CHAYNA ASHLEY x Joe Sig – “Diamonds in the Sky”


“Diamonds in the Sky” is the lead single from producer IM’PERETIV and rapper Joe Sig‘s forthcoming collaborative project Rome Was Built in a Day. The track is a hard-hitting joint that showcases Joe Sig’s fiery and bravado raps about having self-confidence and belief. he is joined by top female battle rapper Chayna Ashley who adds her own 2 cents to the track.



Adam Ford – “She Wants To Love”

Singer/songwriter Adam Ford shows us the dynamics of blossoming love in his new song “She Wants To Love”. Backed by sparse and ethereal textures, he talks about the conflict between him and his love interest and emulates how society and dating norms are experienced albeit differently. From his perspective, he talks about fear of commitment and how it really affects love in a negative way.


Landry M – “Confident (2023)”


Uprising singer/songwriter Landry M‘s newest release “Confident (2023)” is a remake of his debut single released back in 2016. The new version is atmospheric and moody while the mellow vocals are engaging and alluring.


P.U.R.P. – “And Then”

“And Then” is a mellow love ballad from indie artist P.U.R.P. The track is comprised of soulful vibes that blend with his distinct melodic runs and sensual songwriting. He details a steamy one-on-one session between him and his lady and gives listeners a one-time screening.


Bassline Inno – “Mockingbird (Eminem – Mockingbird Cover)”


Uprising vocalist Bassline Inno delivers her own rendition of Eminem’s “Mockingbird” and it is quite interesting. Over the dark and cinematic backdrop, made up of orchestral stabs, atmospheric piano riffs and dark sound design, her vocals cascade the chorus section and add a deep emotional punch to it.


Len Bowen – “Black Orchid” (featuring Diaphanie)


Winnipeg, Canada-based rapper Len Bowen pours his heart on wax in his new “Black Orchid” effort. A reflective track that digs deep into his daily struggles and experiences. He is joined by vocalist Diaphanie who adds her soothing melodic runs into the mix.




Shug – “Trouble”


Shug helps us close the playlist with “Trouble”, a reflective track of rich guitar riffs and heartfelt lyrics that dwell on love, loyalty and the world’s craziness.

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