David Jonathan and the Inner City Bedlam bless us with their debut single No Collusion (Remix) featuring Chuckie Campbell.

I love how the song starts out with a cassette being loaded into an old-school boombox. The first thing we hear are some keys and soulful vocals before the live drumming kicks in. This feels like a record that golden era producers might have sampled.

Chuckie Campbell leaves an office building, loosens his tie and starts rapping. He’s got the aesthetic of a golden-era rapper as well.

“How can I word this so it all makes sense?
So when you listen, you can feel it, just not hear its intent.”

He loosens his tie and reveals a “Black Lives Matter” t-shirt under his work clothes. His lyrics have a message that doesn’t feel preachy. There is an optimism to the track that is uplifting and inspiring. It’s a much needed track for our times.

Live hip-hop instrumentation with jazz-inspired melodies and sophisticated rhythms abound. This will get your head nodding and your brain thinking. The visuals beautifully match the tone of the song.

This is the kind of track that will surprise you with its sonic variety. Boom-bap, jazz, beats and rhymes, a spoken word portion, and even a guitar solo. It is catchy, yet unpredictable. It sets the bar high and pushes the envelope when it comes to the production.

Press play, feel it, and let’s start the healing!

Directing, editing, and cinematography – Alex Roje Felix
Executive Producer – David Jonathan Hulett
Co-producer – Chuckie Campbell
Key Grip – Jon Redfern
Actors – Noah and Evan
Drone Footage – Scott Siegel of Buffalo Drone Photography

Find out more about David Jonathan and the Inner City Bedlam
Twitter: @innercitybedlam
Instagram: Innercitybedalm
Facebook: innercitybedlam

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