The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Chris Cachia – “Hot and Cold”

Chris Cachia brings duality to the forefront in his lead single “Hot and Cold”. The anthemic tune is introduced by thumping drums, cinematic textures and dark synth plucks underpinned by his bravado raps. “Hot and Cold” is the lead single from the forthcoming album, The 27th Letter. 


Giorgia-May – “Two Feet” (feat. Skyline Sun & Sorvina)

Brighton (UK)-born singer/songwriter Giorgia-May shares her new single “Two Feet” featuring Skyline Sun and Sorvina. The mellow soulful cut explores self-discovery, awareness and finding one’s true voice amid the white noise. Over the sublime guitar plucks and warm textures, Giorgia-May pours her heart on wax and gives us a glimpse of her struggles and how being resilient kept her going.



Danté James – “BLEED”

Danté James reminds us of his undying faith in his new release “BLEED”. Over the dark bass-heavy soundscape, he uses numerous Biblical references to buttress his belief and how he weaves through the world as a man whose soul is saved.




Fayn – “Active” (feat. Pistol Pete)

Miami-based rapper Fayn is “Active” as he teams up with Pistol Pete for this street track that explores the ups and downs of life. Over a scenic and dark soundscape, the rappers detail their distinct experiences and how they managed to come out unscathed by staying active.





T.H.I.S. (The House of Incredible Skills) – “Ease On Down”

T.H.I.S. (The House of Incredible Skills) is an 8-member hiphop group made up of emcees with distinct styles. Their newest release “Ease On Down” is a bravado-driven jam with edgy and off-kilter raps and a thumping soundscape provided by Stratic Beats.



Ben Varney – “One Man Armada”.

UK rapper Ben Varney drops “One Man Armada”, a punchy and cinematic track that showcases his energetic rap style and insightful songwriting. Armed with his gruff and emotion-laden backdrop, he gives audiences a glimpse into his life and the ups and downs that help shape him into a man.


Gabby Poli – “He was Pleased”.

Gabby Poli shows appreciation for his grace and blessings in “He was Pleased”, an adulation piece that sees her pouring out praises to her lord and saviour. The production is sublime, and heavenly and her rich vocal runs are alluring and enthralling from start to finish.




Jay Lav – “Work It Out”

Rapper/producer/engineer Jay Lav delivers this reflective piece titled “Work It Out” to our playlist. Over the self-produced soulful and melancholic backdrop, he talks about loss, love and growth as he pontificates on the ups and downs of a blossoming relationship.





Simari T – “FALL”

Simari T‘s “FALL” is a summer-tinged love ballad that dives into the true essence of love. Over the mellow and atmospheric soundscape, he delivers an adulation-filled performance bolstered by rich melodic pillows and sublime harmonies.


J Shiltz – “The Latest” (feat. Rel McCoy)

J Shiltz and Rel McCoy team up for “The Latest”, a hard-hitting jam that reminds listeners that the OGs are still rocking it. The Canadian rappers make it their duty to execute their plan and give their core fans that raw, undiluted hip-hop filled with bravado and engaging rhyme schemes and cinematic punchy beats. The song is taken from J Shiltz’s forthcoming project entirely produced by Monolith’s own Charisma, featuring a slew of Toronto’s dopest artists, released via URBNET in the Summer of 2024, aptly titled – Forever The Artist.





Switch – “One Step Closer” (feat. Slaine)

Switch and Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind (Jedi Mind Tricks) deliver their new single “One Step Closer” featuring veteran Boston emcee Slaine. Bolstered by the haunting and gloomy backdrop provided by Stoupe, the emcees bring audiences closer to the action with deft dying bars.





Paradox-Hated Family Productions – “Goin’ Crazy”.

Paradox-Hated Family Productions make their first appearance on our playlist with “Goin’ Crazy”. The production is guitar-driven and bouncy and is filled with no-holds-barred raps from the artist.



STVE SØL – “leave.yø”.

STVE SØL teams up with Sparr and RERI for this mellow and reflective track titled “leave.yø”. The track has a warm and dreamy soundscape and showcases the artist’s vocal range and relatable songwriting that dives into self-growth and reliance.



Kiseme – “Money Race”

Kiseme gives us some financial advice on his new release titled “Money Race”. In his usual form, he employs a sombre jazz-infused backdrop and gives an energetic performance as he focuses on being financially stable.



Y.N.X. 716 & DJ Concept – “Daydreaming”

Y.N.X. 716 and DJ Concept team up for “Daydreaming”. The single is the lead track from the duo’s forthcoming Conceptual Thoughts album. The production is sombre and gloomy and sees Buffalo spitter Y.N.X. 716 reflecting on life’s dark patches where daydreams meet nightmares. “Daydreaming” is available now through all streaming platforms, with Conceptual Thoughts slated for release on an April 12th release date via Crisis Center Collective.


Gabby Poli – “Matthew 6”.

Gospel singer/songwriter Gabby Poli returns with “Matthew 6”, an uplifting track that talks about patience, growth and having faith in the lord. The production is dreamy and warm and the uplifting lyrics are blissful and give listeners hope.



Kid Craze – “Arcade”.

Kid Craze helped raise the energy levels with his new release titled “Arcade”. Over Tantu Beats‘s punchy bouncy drums and playful samples, the rapper talks about modern dating using video games as an analogy to show audiences how he prefers to do active dates as opposed to food dates.


Notoriious T.A.Y – “Be Alright”


Rising rapper Notoriious T.A.Y brings us some uplifting news with his new single “Be Alright”. The track is bolstered by dreamy and soulful vibes and sees the rapper reflecting on life, love and self-growth. He sees life for what it is and sticks to being positive in times of adversity and loss.


Bishop Sparks – “One missed Call”

Bishop Sparks blends soul/jazz and hip-hop in his new release “One missed Call”. led by a rich bass guitar, lush guitar licks and summery textures, Bishop shares his thoughts on his girl and the ups and down of their relationship.



RonyKii – “Boujiee Appetite”.

RonyKii caught our ears with his distinct style in his latest track “Boujiee Appetite”. Over a bouncy drill groove and soulful sample, the rapper showcases his stylish bravado raps to his audience.


Malik Noir x SOV – “Ten Fold” (feat. SOV)

Malik Noir teams up with SOV for this go-getter anthem titled “Ten Fold”. Over the sublime and surreal soundscape, the emcees deliver commanding flows ripe with hard-hitting bars and vivid story telling that throws audiences deep into the mix.



CJFOCU$21 – “The Goat (freestyle)”

CJFOCU$21 came through with “The Goat (freestyle)”, a mellow track underpinned by his off-kilter flow and stream-of-consciousness raps.


OG Case – “Inside Out”

OG Case makes his entry on our playlist with this heartfelt and introspective tune titled “Inside Out”. Over the sombre and solemn backdrop, the emcee delivers a melody-driven performance with lyrics that center around loyalty, daily struggles and finding one’s true purpose.



Fortunato x The Dirty Sample – “The Grime”.

Fortunato and The Dirty Sample are working on a project titled The Coalition, but in the meantime, they dropped the lead single “The Grime”. Over the cinematic and dark soundscape, rapper Fortunato proceeds to break the mould with edgy and off-kilter lyrics filled with engaging rhyme schemes and wordplay.




The Inglorious Poet x Guilty Simpson – “Own Your Mind” (feat. Guilty Simpson, Josie May & B-Lash)

The Inglorious Poet and Guilty Simpson form the perfect alliance as they drop the reflective track titled “Own Your Mind”. The track produced by B-Lash is soulful and warm and fits the rapper’s insightful raps that dwell on struggles and finding one’s inner strength to push forward. The duo is joined by singer Josie May who helps with an uplifting melodic performance on the chorus section.



Joey Mercedes x Red Velvet Papi – “Hint” (feat. Red Velvet Papi)

Joey Mercedes and Red Velvet Papi team up for “Hint”, a smooth R&B-infused rap track that explores blossoming love between potential lovers as they navigate the ups and downs of relationships. Over Joey’s smooth and sublime backdrop, Red Velvet Papi delivers a melodic performance filled with heartfelt lyrics that tell a tale of a man imploring his love interest to give him the right sign. “Hint” is taken from Joey Mercedes’ 3 song experimental EP, JAM 001.


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