We are still dedicated to showcasing the best tracks/videos from the underground by searching far and wide in order to bring you our weekly list. It’s a tough job as we sift through a ton of high-quality tracks just to settle for just 5 so we switched it up so now we curating the Top Submissions. Now that is what we call dedication, so sit back relax and get familiar with these acts. Remember, don’t forget to support them by sharing their works.
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PUZZLEBEATS feat BLITZ BUNDY – “What Up! (Remix)”


PUZZLEBEATS connects with rapper BLITZ BUNDY for “What Up! (Remix).” The track was previously released with just the hook but BUNDY comes through with solid verses to raise the ante.
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The Bad Seed & LR Blitzkrieg x Planet Asia – “Riot Music”


“Riot Music” is a gritty rap posse cut that connects The Bad Seed, LR Blitzkrieg, and Planet Asia. The trio waste little time in dropping verbal bombs over the dark menacing backdrop courtesy of veteran producer Nottz.
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DanimaL – “Drug Ballad”


DanimaL‘s”Drug Ballad” is a dark reflective track that dives into the mind of an individual after a binge. Over a dark cinematic texture, DanimaL delivers a fiery performance laced with off-the-cuff lyrics that explore his drug laced mindstate. “Drug Ballad” is taken from his 4 track EP Tales of a Scumbag.




Minus The Alien & La Butterfly – “Co-Exist”



Minus The Alien & La Butterfly caught our attention with “Co-Exist.” A reflective track that explores the ideal concept of a world where everyone is equal. Bolstered by a solemn backdrop rife with ominous vocal samples and lush textures, the emcees give their thoughts on the way the world is and how we can all live in peace.



Abrax Phaeton – “Psycho” (Prod. Qi Beats)


Abrax Phaetons “Psycho” is a vibrant hard-hitting gem that sees him working with Producer Qi Beats who flips the classic Pyscho sample into a bass-heavy jam.




Rock Abruham – “Mercy” ft Muhsinah


Rock Abruham teams up with singer Muhsinah on the introspective jam titled “Mercy.” bolstered by a soulful backdrop, Abruham delivers an inspiring piece that we all can grow on.

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Timo Sargent – “Don’t Want Your Love”

Timo Sargent’s “Don’t Want Your Love” is a mellow, nostalgic track that details blossoming love and much more.
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Snack Cat – “Fight or Flight”


NYC band Snack Cat raises the ante with their new release “Fight or Flight.” From lively drums, lush keys, and gripping guitars to the commanding vocals from frontwoman Chantal Mitvalsky, the track aims to uplift and bolster our confidence in keeping the faith
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Loyle Carner – “Yesterday” (prod. by Madlib).


Loyle Carner shares the video for “Yesterday,” his first single of the year. Backed by an anthemic production by the legendary Madlib, Carner delivers a heartfelt tribute to the coming of age story. The visuals are dope too and follow the growth of a boy using long one-take shots to achieve a superb feat. The video for “Yesterday” has been directed by Loyle and his brother Ryan (The Coyle-Larner Brothers).




Ollie Joseph x UNRTHDX – “Sick To My Stomach”


Rapper Ollie Joseph (born and raised in Japan) and producer UNRTHDX share the visuals for their single “Sick To My Stomach.” The track has an urgent feel with its cinematic texture and guitars laced over thumping drums but more importantly Ollie Joseph’s lyrics about a girl she fell in love with but she didn’t exactly feel the same way. The visuals were directed by Jay B Kaufman.
Listen to ” Sick To My Stomach” here.



Lefty The Greatest – “Got My heart”


Lefty The Greatest‘s “Got My heart” is all about her crown on her new single. backed by an anthemic backdrop, she delivers hard-hitting lyrics with a fiery flow and a commanding queen tone to match.
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Duchi Da Vinchi – “Might Crash”


Multi-hyphenate creative Duchi Da Vinchi makes his first entry on our list with his new single “Might Crash.” The track, produced by longtime friend/collaborator Kids Of The Forest has a cinematic moody texture that explores a Bonnie and Clyde kind of love. Listen to “MIght Crash” here.



Zoka The Author – “The Pedestal”


Zoka The Author‘s”The Pedestal” is a heartfelt track that puts the fan in conversation with the artist, and explores the distance, or lack thereof, between them. It is the latest in a series of singles leading up to Zoka’s debut EP Reflections.



Chima Anya – “The Point of all This”


Chima Anya‘s “The Point of all This” has a solemn, reflective mood and sees the rapper exploring the never-ending cycle of life.




JusJrdn x Sean Fiji – “Incredible”


Producer JusJrdn teams up with Sean Fiji on “Incredible.” A smooth reflective piece laced with dreamy solemn textures and insightful lyrics.

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