The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Parker J – “Lifeline”.



Rising singer/songwriter Parker J‘s new single “Lifeline” is a heartwarming track that explores the emotions that erupt after seeing one’s partner lose interest in the once-glowing love. The singer take listeners deep down into the situation with her unapologetic and candid songwriting that is both touching and relatable.




Tristen Davies – “Judgement Day”.


Tristen Davies looks within in his new single “Judgement Day”. The sombre key and guitar-driven backdrop form the right foundation for Tristen’s profound songwriting that shows listeners a glimpse into his life and all the experiences he faced.

STXRM – “Pluto”.


STXRM takes us to “Pluto”, a heartfelt and contemplative track that explores the concept of mental health and self-discovery. Backed by a vocal sample-laden backdrop, the emcee shows us how he copes with the craziness around him.




LFE J Smacka – “Road To Success”.

Uprising rapper/songwriter LFE J Smacka makes his entrance on our list with his new single “Road To Success”. The reflective tune has a somber and solemn vibe which forms the perfect backdrop for his insightful lyrics that dives into the daily struggles and hurdles he has to overcome in order to come out on top.



Messiah Kaine – “Heart Make Hustle” prod. by Beats Mafia


Messiah Kaine shows us how the game is in his new single “Heart Make Hustle“. Over the dark and cinematic backdrop provided by Beats Mafia, the Massachusetts emcee takes us deep into the action on the streets with his vivid lyrics and impassioned flow.




Little Simz – “SIMBI” (Remix by Retro Kid)

Little Simz‘s “SIMBI” gets a remix by emerging producer Retro Kid who makes use of dreamy and eclectic soundscapes to good use. The backdrop is quite distinct and has an off-beat drum groove but the progression is quite steady and engulfing.




Cam Edmonds – “One Touch”


Cam Edmonds switches the energy on the playlist with this genre-bending track titled “One Touch”. A smooth blend of dancehall and modern R&B with trap leanings and he sure delivers with his impassioned patois-laden performance and engaging hooks.


Blk Ozwald – “Eclipse”

Blk Ozwald ‘s “Eclipse” is a solemn and reflective tune needed in these times. The production is a mix of jazzy piano riffs and warm textures all underpinned by Blk’s uplifting lyrics that dive into soul-searching themes and mental health.



Alpharo – “FIREMAN”


El Paso, Texas-raised emcee Alpharo gets the ball rolling in his new single “FIREMAN”. The track has an urgent feel and is made up of a thick pulsating bassline and sublime textures that are underpinned by his stylish flow and unapologetic lyrics that dive into the concept of taking action as opposed to just talking.



Worms Ali – “Wesside Hashtag”

Worms Ali gives us a glimpse into life in California with his new single “Wesside Hashtag”. The bouncy tune was produced by German producer Retrogott who laces him with the perfect summer-tinged backdrop. Worms sure has a way with words and his detailed lyrics are quite engaging and vivid.


StarEyes – “The Only One”


StarEyes makes his entry with this self-produced track titled “The Only One”. The track has the quintessential R&B vibe with its lush and atmospheric soundscape and the vocal runs are alluring too. His mellow melodic runs are well crafted and the songwriting is heartwarming as well.



Freddy Bam Bam – “Ain’t No Coming Back”


Multi-faceted Los Angeles Rapper/Singer Freddy Bam Bam makes his entry on our site with “Ain’t No Coming Back”. The track dives into the aftermath of a breakup and how he dealt with a cheating ex. Far from being bitter, he takes the bigger road by walkng away from the situation with his head up high. Over the bouncy backdrop, he delivers his bars with a distinct melodic style that is alluring and entertaining as well.

Trade Voorhees and J(X) – “Resilience”

Trade Voorhees and J(X) show us what “Resilience” feels like. The uplifting tune is made up of soulful and reflective textures and punchy drums all underpinned by Trade and J(X)’s motivational and uplifting rap schemes. The message is clear when they say “Sometimes I know that the pain makes your brain scatter/Thinking of bad thoughts, man, change that up” and implore listeners to always stay optimistic.


Elley Jeeze – “One Outta The 2” (feat. Tona)

Hamilton, Ontario-raised rapper Elley Jeeze teams up with Tona for this contemplative track titled “One Outta The 2”. Bolstered by a sombre and solemn backdrop, Elley shares his candid thoughts on friendship, loyalty and family and how easily things change over time. The lyrics are relatable, unapologetic and heartfelt. Elley Jeeze is also ⅓ of the group 2Fs (The Family, Family First), and half of the group AM.



Neb Doe – “Twist” (feat. Aftr.The.Hiigh)


Ethiopian American Hip-Hop artist Neb Doe shares his new single “Twist” featuring Aftr.The.Hiigh. The track samples the classic Keith Sweat song “Twisted” and gives it a modern update with thick 808 drum grooves and bounce. Neb delivers with his laidback flow and vivid lyrics that detail his encounter with the lady who caught his eye.




The Neverending Mixtape – “G Major”


Multi-faceted hip-hop collective known as The Neverending Mixtape  return to our site with “G Major”, a dark bravado-laden track that showcases a wide variety of flows and styles. The rappers are unapologetic and bring their unfiltered thoughts to the forefront over the ominous backdrop laid before them.



Larry Coleman 2020 – “Capital”


Uprising Las Vegas Nevada-based rapper Larry Coleman 2020 takes us to the “Capital” in this upbeat track. The track itself is vibrant and punchy with its solemn strings, thick 808 driven drum grooves and dark synths which serve as the perfect backdrop for Larry Colemen 2000’s fiery flows and stylish rap schemes that break down his money-making prowess.





Slick Da Sniper – “We Arrived”

Brooklyn, NY, Brownsville (M.G.V. Projects) raised rapper Slick Da Sniper shares new single “We Arrived” which sees him joining forces with ms Shotta and the result is a verbal warning shot. Over a cinematic backdrop, both individuals trade bars in tandem and close out the opposition.


Kaynon – “Lean Back”


UK rapper Kaynon gets candid and cheeky in his new single “Lean Back” where he details the back features of some voluptuous ladies he has met over his course of existence. Over a dark and cinematic drill backdrop, he gives listeners a glimpse into his player lifestyle.


Ansar. – “Living A Lie”

Ansar. is an aspiring Pakistan hiphop musician who makes his entry on our site with his new single “Living A Lie”. The piano-laden tune is a contemplative tune that talks about taking steps to do something better with one’s life instead of wallowing in the superficial things that won’t matter in the long run.


Ev Thompson – “Shuttlesworth”


Ev Thompson pens a message about true love in “Shuttlesworth”. The mellow track sees him detailing the changes he felt after the end of his marriage. Inspired by Ray Allen’s character from the classic movie He Got Game, he delivers a smooth track that details how smooth Ev was with the ladies even though he was locked down for many years in a marriage.


ABSYTE – “Power of Prayer”

Veteran lyricist ABSYTE sends out an uplifting message in her new release titled “Power of Prayer”. Over a cinematic and rousing backdrop made up of lush textures and soft vocal samples, ABSYTE gives us the spiritual motivation needed to help us push through the modern-day political and social warfare that is being waged on our people.
She is unapologetic and gives us the proper information while reminding us to stay alert at all times.


Will tha King – “Lost”


Will tha King‘s new single “Lost” is a reflective piece that explores the growing pains of a young man in an unforgiving world. Over a jazz-infused soul backdrop made up of soft tones, airy horns and dreamy textures, Will take us through the ups and downs of life and then some.


Decosta Boyce – “I Can’t Wait To See You”

UK singer/songwriter Decosta Boyce‘s new single “I Can’t Wait To See You” is a funk-soul tune that is ripe with alluring melodic runs and heartfelt lyrics.


Ant Valentine – “Dreams Money Can Buy”.

Cleveland, Ohio.-raised artist Ant Valentine makes his entry on our site with “Dreams Money Can Buy”, a reflective track that explores blossoming love and the journey of a young man in a crazy city.


Prophiavelli – “Strict 9 B Da Gang”.

Prophiavelli shares his new single “Strict 9 B Da Gang” which details the ups and downs of street life and the game. Over a sombre piano-laden backdrop, the emcees deliver unfiltered bars and then some.


Cosmic Craig – “Fade (Interlude)”.

Uprising emcee Cosmic Craig closes out the list with “Fade (Interlude)”, a laidback and contemplative tune that gives listeners a glimpse into his life and the numerous experience that shaped him.

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