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Garry With Two R’s – “Repugnant”

Garry With Two R’s kicks up dust with his latest release “Repugnant” featuring J(X). The edgy urgent backdrop is peppered by Garry’s no-holds-barred and unfiltered raps with a memorable hook.




Damz D – “09 Barca”

Damz D pays homage to the 2009 Barcelona FC team in his aptly titled track titled “09 Barca”. Over a soulful and warm backdrop, the emcee delivers a laidback flow and aspirational lyrics that center on the effects of team work to make the dream work.



C.Shreve the Professor – “I Know How To Dig” (feat. Es-K)




C.Shreve the Professor returns with a new single “I Know How To Dig” with Es-K which dives into the emcee’s desire to effect change in this world. Over the Punchy drums and somewhat moody backdrop provided Es-K, the professor realize that the best way is to teach others to do it.


2wiin Kingz x Tre Isaacs – “But Choose” (feat. Tre Isaacs)

2wiin Kingz and Tre Isaacs team up for “But Choose”, a motivational tune that explores the effects of making the right decisions.


J.Scott – “FINER THING$”

Singer/songwriter J.Scott details how “FINER THING$” influences his intentions and decisions regarding matters of the heart. Over a soulful and sublime backdrop, he delivers an unapologetic performance ripe with sultry melodic runs and caps it with a gripping hook.



Santeri – “Pressure”.

Santeri blends Afropop with R&B in his new release Pressure”. Backed by a mid-tempo bounce, rich guitar plucks and warm strings, Santeri reflects on the realities of the pressures that come with life and how sometimes we tend to hide our inner turmoil by putting up a happy face to get through the day.






“PART TIME LOVE” is a heartfelt solemn tune from rising artist AO FNL who shares his insecurities on wax. Over a laidback and moody backdrop, he reflects on the demise of his love life and the series of events that led to it.




TîMMY the First – “Pedestrian”

Rising rapper/songwriter TîMMY the First recently put out his new Where Do I Begin EP, and now shares the single “Pedestrian”. The pop-infused track is ripe with rich guitar riffs, punchy drums and scenic pads underpinned by his insightful bars that centre on the ever-changing dynamics of relationships.



Cooper Glass – “Hello”

Cooper Glass‘s “Hello” is an aspirational tune made up of bright tones and bouncy drums. Here, Cooper embodies the spirit of a man on a mission who has his eyes set on his goals. His flow is vibrant and has a tinge of playfulness and some insights into his journey in the rap game. It’s lifted from his sophomore album Good Guess.


93love – “Gotta Let It Go”


93love‘s “Gotta Let It Go” is a gritty and graphic story about how someone went down the wrong path and got stuck in a runt. Over the cinematic backdrop, he delivers a powerful performance rip with vivid lyricism that breaks down the harsh side of life in the mean streets.


Joseph Witty – “Blemishes”

Uprising rapper Joseph Witty shows his true face in “Blemishes”. The soulful vocal sample-driven beat is matched by his rich lyricism and off-kilter style.


BB Thomaz – “Is It Too Much?”

Multi-genre singer/songwriter BB Thomaz delivers this soothing afrobeats/R&B-infused tune “Is It Too Much?”. The production is rich, soothing and dreamy while her enthralling vocal runs take precedence.


Doja Cat – “Walking By (Remix by Welyn)”

Welyn takes hold of Doja Cat’s “Walking By” and spits a solid verse over it. here, he flexes his verbal muscles and delivers the goods in his way.


KOTO? x Chester Watson x Soft Eyez – “Arigato”

“Arigato” is a laidback lyric-driven track from KOTO? , Chester Watson and Soft Eyez. Backed by the warm, sublime backdrop, the trio delivers a blend of smooth flows and well-crafted rhyme schemes with vivid elements.


Nick Andre – “Be Forever” (feat. Shaina Evoniuk)

Bay area artists Nick Andre and Joyo Velarde are working on a collaborative EP, Fever Dream but in the interim, they share “Be Forever” which features Shaina Evoniuk. The experimental soul track has a scenic and sparse arrangement with hushed drums and sublime violin riffs by Shaina underpinned by Joyo’s rich and sultry vocal runs.


Benjamin A.D – “Soul Plug”

UK rapper/songwriter Benjamin A.D delivers this new single “Soul Plug”, a sublime and heartfelt track that is rich in soulful elements and introspective bars.



Will Randolph V x Jada Imani x Rai Maia – “THE VIBES”

The trio of Will Randolph V, Jada Imani and Rai Maia team up for “THE VIBES”. The uplifting track is ripe with sublime textures, rich xylophones and a smooth drum groove to match. The trio delivers heartfelt and insightful verses ripe with thought-provoking topics that range from political unrest, the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, climate change, mass shootings and lack of resources across the globe. The emcees give us different perspectives and schools of thought.


KTheChosen – “In Real Life”

Uprising rapper/songwriter KTheChosen shares the new single “In Real Life” which dives into his art and how he balances it with real life. Over a soulful guitar-driven backdrop, he reflects on self-doubt, personal loss and how he finds an outlet to plug in.


Psych Major x MidaZ The BEAST – “Submersibles” (feat. MidaZ The BEAST & Psych 101)”


Psych Major aka Psych 101 links with Gold Chain Music’s MidaZ The BEAST for this gritty tune “Submersibles”. The hard-hitting track has punchy drum breaks and s scenic texture underpinned by the duo’s fiery lyricism and no-holds-barred schemes.

This is the first leak from Psych Major’s debut solo EP, The Late Starter to drop on 12/22. Listen to “Submersibles” here .

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