San Francisco-based music producer/co-founder of Slept On Records Nick Andre has an extensive resume behind him, from working with luminaries like the late Gift Of Gab (Blackalicious) to Rob Sonic, Lil B, Casual and others to his solo projects. His latest venture is an upcoming collaborative project with singer Joyo Velarde. The project in question is entitled Fever Dream EP and is preceded by the third single “I Don’t Wanna”, an experimental dark pop/R&B offering made up of sparse drums, haunting synths and moody textures underpinned by Joyo’s sublime vocal runs and heartfelt lyrics that dives into the self-discovery within this overbearing hustle culture that is being forced upon us. She proceeds to go with the crowd and forges her path while maintaining her inner peace and mental sanity.



Nick Andre and Joyo Velarde’s Fever Dream EP is out February 9th, 2024 via Bastard Jazz Recordings.



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Photo credit: Noel Spirandelli 


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