NY Rapper Double A.B. and producer Git Beats finally gift audiences with their anticipated collaborative project Lungs Of Mahalia. The 11-song project comes after their slew of singles that help keep fans with bated breath. The project is led by Git Beats’ soulful production coupled with Double A.B.’s no-holds-barred raps that bridge street savviness with a touch of bravado, reflection and irreverent demeanour.


“On My Way” is the album’s opener and starts with a phone call with Double A.B getting ready to do what he was born to do. Over Git Beat’s moody and reflective soundscape, the rapper takes us back to the 90s pre-internet and gives us a refresher on a long-forgotten time when things were different but unique. Lines like “Twas TDK tapes in the radio pre-T-vo/ No Siri only C-3P0/ No BBM, just your beeper code/ we had a G code” are vivid enough to give millennials flashbacks. On “Sashimi”, the blend of smooth lyricism and soulful soundscape comes to fruition. The chemistry between Double A.B and Git beats is undeniable on this one. The fun continues with “Fairytales” which is made up of haunting chords and dub-infused grooves and sees the duo bringing in fellow lyricist ETO to join the fray. The result is an engaging piece that explores street tales of epic proportions.


Watch “On My Way” video Below




“Where The Bat At?!” starts with obscure vocal samples that help introduce the go-getter theme. Here the veteran Prince Po comes through with the hook, followed by expressive raps that showcase the work ethic of both emcees. Homeboy Sandman joins the duo on “What Am I Gonna Do?!”, an introspective piece that talks about finding one’s true purpose and following through expeditiously. Over the solemn and choppy soundscape, both emcees share their respective thoughts on their journeys as creatives/writers and their never-ending hunger for creating the next art. “why?” continues the introspective theme with a haunting backdrop and we get to see Double A.B’s train of thought and how he deals with inner demons and the therapeutic effect of making art. Here, he sums it up with the following linesKid had a few setbacks that set him back/Now I feel the pitter patter of death’s steps upon my back/Befoe I part with this world forever/ I leave a little more art for the world to treasure” which many creatives can relate to. “The Freedom Tunnel” is an engaging piece that explores the past and the youthful exuberance of creatives finding ways to express their art even within the mounting pressures of the system and immediate environs.


“The Pimp’s Palace” lives up to its title with its smoky and exotic soundscape that takes audienes into a seedy underworld location where the bad guys go to chill and bask in their spoils. The soft grooves are layered with jazzy textures and crashes underpinned by graphic lyrics from Double A.B andThe Musalini. Next is “The Rabbit Hole”, a posse cut that brings in rap veterans Aplus and Young Zee. It’s always pleasing to hear veterans come out and rock with the new cats and the result is another deep cut that lovers of pure lyricism and dope beats can rock with. The previously released “Recliner” is an ode to the finer things in life, and here Double A.B takes time to bask in his success while smoking on his favourite herb and the finest wine money can buy. The song also comes with a video that captures the notion as we witness A.B. in his bathrobe, kicking raps while lounging on his throne smack dab in the middle of NYC’s famous Washington Square Park amid a giant 4/20 celebration.


“Justice” is the final track and helps close the project on a poignant note with his unapologetic take on performative activism. Over the menacing and scenic soundscape, Double A.B points fingers at the perpetrators at the helm of power, the overt consumerism eating away at our social fabric and fake activists that do it to inflate their egos. There is so much to unpack on this track and I must say Double A.B doesn’t mince his words one bit.


Watch the Steven Tapia directed video for “Recliner” below




Overall, the project whose title pays homage to the vocal talents of late gospel star Mahalia Jackson moves its needle. The production is dark, scenic and punchy and the lyrics are unapologetic, insightful and edgy plus the overall feel of the project thrives on its unique left-field stance.



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