Rising artist Cooper Glass shares his sophomore album Good Guess, a 10-track body of work that is centered around finding one’s true purpose, self-doubt and the uncertainties of life.

“Hello” helps set the tone with its upbeat bounce and playful synth. Here, Cooper embodies the spirit of a man on a mission who has his eyes set on his goals. His flow is vibrant and has a tinge of playfulness and some insights into his journey in the rap game. Next up is “Weight on Me”, a laidback and sombre beat that is made up of a gloomy lead synth, thick basslines and downtempo drums underpinned by a laidback flow and introspective bars like “I can feel the weight/I need you to wait/While I figure out my life and figure out my place/trying to innovate, time gets in the way/She said to make it work, there some give and take”. Here, listeners get a different perspective of who Cooper is and what he is dealing with. This is followed by an interlude titled “Sharks”, which starts with a water-droplet sample and thick drum grooves and pulsating basslines. As the title suggests, he makes use of water-related references to drive home the message albeit briefly. In “Go” he teams up withQuadry and together the duo share some engaging bars that center on self-belief and pushing through the daily hurdles.



“Let It Ride” has a video-game-inspired sound that exudes nostalgia with a touch of contemporary trap aesthetic. Cooper sounds comfortable and proceeds to flex his verbal muscles while reminding us of his trajectory in the game.He recruits WESTSIDE BOOGIE on the gloomy-sounding “Muse”. Over the sparse and punchy trap drums and its pulsating 808 kicks the duo trades bravado-laden bars with much gusto.The fun continues with “Locked In”, a reflective track that explores Cooper’s work ethic and his laser focus intention.


VocalistsNICOLL and Grayson Andregg appear on the mellow love tune “Floating” which blends dark pop with hiphop. Cooper reflects on the emotions that come with love while the vocalist peppers the track with sultry melodic runs. “Wish I Knew” continues within the same theme as the former and sees Cooper trying to find his true North in the sea of madness. He is once again joined by vocalist NICOLL whose airy and haunting vocals add a soul-stirring feeling and depth to the track. The final track “Learning to Live” is as sombre and solemn as they come and we get to truly feel Cooper’s true feelings as he gets vulnerable on wax. He sums it up in a few lines “I’m always looking for more, trying to learn how to live” as he continues on the never-ending soul-searching. The atmospheric track also gets a boost from Grayson Andregg who layers it with some rich melodic runs that float seamlessly over the ethereal backdrop.



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