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Larry Coleman 2020 – “SKILLZ” (feat. DOTWAV, Creed Chameleon & KENNFRANCIS)


Larry Coleman 2020 and producer HulliOnTheBeat help open up this week’s playlist with “SKILLZ” featuring Las Vegas Hip-Hop supergroup DOTWAV. Over the cinematic soundscape, Larry is alongside Creed Chameleon and KENNFRANCIS delivering hard-hitting bars while paying homage to Gang Starr‘s “Skillz”.



DeUce Double – “Double Digits (feat. Lightshow) [Southeast Version]”.


DeUce Double delivers “Double Digits” a vibrant trap-infused track featuring Lightshow and the result is a vibrant and bouncy tune that showcases the rapper’s distinct and playful flow.



JBLAZN – “Remedy”

JBLAZN taps into the 2000s pop soundscape in his new single “Remedy”, an upbeat track inspired by Britney Spears‘ “Toxic”. Here, he delivers the male perspective to the song showcasing his confidence and masculine frame.






Josh Dakid x The Scholaz – “DaScholaz”

Josh Dakid and The Scholaz team up for “DaScholaz”, a genre-bending track that is ripe with warm and sublime production and relatable story telling that explores the rappers respective journey and daily struggles.



DemarcoTheMan – “WONKYJUICE”.

DemarcoTheMan returns to our playlist with “WONKYJUICE”, an offbeat track that once again showcases the rappers’ off-kilter style. The production is done by UK producer WANDER.



Voss Rollins – “IN LOVE WITH MY WOE”

Voss Rollins finds solace in his predicament in his latest single “IN LOVE WITH MY WOE”. Over a sombre piano-laden backdrop, Voss delivers an emotion-laden performance ripe with vivid and candid lyrics that dive into his life.





Posterboys – “Faster”

Posterboys and European Hype team up for “Faster”, a mid-tempo R&B-infused rap song about a girl. The production is warm and bright and the lyrics tell a story of their experiences with their girls and the good times they shared.





Mattyice1990 – “Change”.


Mattyice1990‘s “Change” is a heartfelt tribute track to the rapper’s son. Over a laidback and reflective backdrop, the rapper talks about his inner demons and his shortcomings regarding being there for his son and promises to make it up to him by always showing up.


G-SALIH – “Check”.


G-SALIH returns with “Check”, a new single to close out the year. The track has a punchy and urgent-sounding trap backdrop underpinned by his fiery flow and unapologetic lyrics that dive into his daily grind and his comeuppance.

“Check”, is lifted from his latest project  GIHAD 2.



LaRue shares his new release “EVERYTHING SUX”, which talks about rough days and downtimes. Over a jazzy and sombre boom-bap backdrop, LaRue vents over the sublime backdrop and shares a typical day when everything sucks and the dark cloud over his head refuses to go away.




Que K Greatest Hits Vol – “Bright Lights”


Que K shares the new song “Bright Lights” where he repurposes an Adele sample and flips it into an off-centre backdrop for him to share his story. From his own childhood experiences and trauma to finding the strength to push through and be a man, Que K reflects deeply and gives listeners something to ponder on.


RadioEnigma – “Dr. Floyd”


Uprising rapper RadioEnigma caught our ears with his new single “Dr. Floyd”, a conceptual track that follows the main character who is on a first date and the many things that ensue afterwards. Over the melancholic and sombre backdrop, RadioEnigma gives us an engaging look into the beautiful feel of positive human interaction in this day and age where personal contact has slowed down due to the rise of social media and virtual dating apps.



Jamal Gasol – “Blackout 3”


Jamal Gasol goes for the jugular in his newest release “Blackout 3” which is the lead single from the forthcoming The World Is Piff 3 LP. Backed by Denny LaFlare‘s haunting keys and punchy drums, Jamal opens up the verbal floodgates and shares his thoughts on the current state of affairs and it’s not so pleasant. The World Is Piff 3 will drop on January 1st and top off an especially productive year for Gasol. 2023 included the launch of his Piff Music Empire label including a collaborative mixtape United We Stand, Divided We Fall with label artists Rico Tellem and GBlock Tez as well as an LP with Vic Spencer (Right Way For Dummies) as well as projects with respective producers VHS (Tales From The Trenches) and Flu (A Nightmare Of Piff Street).


Chuck Brown x Sankofa – “C. O. N. T.” (feat. Sankofa)

Chuck Brown and Sankofa deliver “C. O. N. T.”, a hard-hitting slapper that is ripe with thick drums, rich pulsating basslines and scenic textures. The title is a reference to the historical weapon Cat O’ Nine Tails, which was also used as a method of punishment. Both emcees bring to the forefront a variety of flows and no-holds-barred rhymes to complete the verbal assault.


Malc Lloyd – “WINDOW”

Malc Lloyd‘s “WINDOW” is a laidback and reflective tune that explores the hard times and how he tries to make sense of the madness. Over the soulful and somewhat sombre backdrop, he delivers vivid lines with a smooth melodic flow and tops it up with a catchy hook.





Showrocka x Young Buck – “Buck the System”

Showrocka and Young Buck are ready to “Buck the System” with their new collaboration. The hard-hitting jam is ripe with Young Buck’s impassioned and distinct flow and Showrocka’s stylish rap schemes.




CANCUN? – “Jiggy”


Bronx-raised and Danish-based rapper and producer with Afro-Caribbean roots who goes by the moniker CANCUN? delivers his new single “Jiggy”. The track is a blend of electronic and hip-hop elements and has some pop aesthetics as well. From the thick bass lines, thumping drum grooves and stream of-consciousness raps with a memorable hook.




Code Will – “amount rushmore”



Uprising rapper Code Will delivers “amount rushmore”, a hard-hitting bravado-laden track that showcases his fiery raps and stylish flow.



Conversista – “De Una Sola Manera”

Chilean rapper Conversista caught our ears with his latest release “De Una Sola Manera”, a cinematic and dark piece that explores the concept of finding oneself in a world filled with prejudices, social pressures and never-ending struggles.




Rhymie Lee – “Walk on Water”


Uprising rapper/songwriter Rhymie Lee implores us to break free of our fears and the cycle in his new release “Walk on Water”. The production is upbeat and bouncy and his laidback flow is underpinned by motivational and uplifting rhymes that will get listeners back on track and focus on their purpose.



Que K Greatest Hits Vol 1 – “Will I love again-Greatest Hits Vol 1”.

Que K continues to share tracks from his Greatest Hits Vol 1 and this time he gives us this profound and introspective piece titled “Will I love again” which centers on matters of the heart.



Nikki Hayes – “SAFE”

Singer/songwriter Nikki Hayes caught our attention with this emotionally powerful tune titled “SAFE”. The guitar-laden tune is ripe with rich guitar riffs, warm textures and punchy drums all underpinned by her sultry and soul-stirring vocal runs. Here, she reflects on the concept of self-awareness and finding a safe space within herself which in turn leads to self-understanding.



Why-D – “Poetical Warfare” (feat. Planet Asia & Masta Ace)


Why-D steps to the forefront with “Poetical Warfare” with the help of Planet Asia and Masta Ace. The track produced by Why-D has a cinematic and haunting aesthetic that sets the perfect canvas for PA and Masta Ace to drop bravado and gem-filled bars.

“Poetical Warfare,” is the first single off Why-D’s upcoming entirely self-produced sophomore album, The Work of a Doloist.




SHOWTIME RAMON x Mark Battles – “Jet Lag”

SHOWTIME RAMON and Mark Battles team up for “Jet Lag”, a mid-tempo emo-trap track that is ripe with scenic textures and edgy raps from both emcees.




Mattyice1990 – “Tacos” (feat. Old Man West)

Mattyice1990 and Old Man West team up for this delicious release titled “Tacos”. Over a laidback but punchy soundscape, Mattyice1990 deliver a no holds barred performance ripe with bravado and a bit of insight while declaring his love for Tacos.




Psych Major x Shabaam Sahdeeq x reef the lost cauze – “Dolph Lund”

Dolph Lund” is the latest single from producer/rapper Psych Major who teams up with Shabaam Sahdeeq and Reef the lost Cauze and the result is a hard-hitting posse cut that hits the bullseye. The production is as gritty and cinematic as they come and the emcees bring pure verbal heat as well. “Dolph Lund” is the second leak from Psych Major’s debut solo EP, The Late Starter to drop on 12/15.




DOWNFVLL – “Tore Me Apart”


DOWNFVLL brings something different and refreshing in his new single “Tore Me Apart”. The track has a dark synth and rich guitar riff laid over thumping trap drums. He employs a laidback melodic cadence to drive home his message which centers on inner demons and the effects of heartbreak as he eventually finds the strength to move on




KALAN – “No Turnin’ down”

Toronto-based rapper Kalan caught our attention with this vibrant and energetic track titled “No Turnin’ down”. The track has a dynamic backdrop made up of thick bass-driven drums, brass stabs and sparse arrangement underpinned by his fiery flow and soul-stirring lyrics that aim to get listeners up on their feet.




TheoryMartinX – “Free Fallin”

TheoryMartinX‘s latest effort “Free Fallin” is a heartfelt and uplifting tune that explores the concept of freedom of thought, self-expression and unity. Over a sublime and soulful backdrop, he implores listeners to shift their thoughts towards team building, togetherness and self-actualization. A perfect message to help us close out the playlist.

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