The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Spoiled Suede x B1GJuice – “Always”




Producer Spoiled Suede links with rapper B1GJuice for a street anthem titled “Always.” From the cinematic and triumphant beat and B1GJuice ‘s punchy vocals, the track sure takes the listener to a higher level.
Keep a lookout for the duo’s upcoming EP.




Balt Getty, Chino XL – “Ethiopia”


Balt Getty and Chino XL are working on a collaborative project and they share the visuals for the lead single “Ethiopia.” A moody track that sees Chino Xl diving deep into his own dark mind. Chino XL kicks a vivid tale of a man threading between his dreams and nightmares which has left him jaded.
The visual is graphic too and follows the renowned emcee’s exploits amongst dangerous situations.

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Leland Philpot x Cordell Paige – “Break The Chains”

“Break The Chains” is an inspiration and fun track by Leland Philpot and Cordell Paige. Over a vibrant backdrop, the duo proceeds to hit us with bravado laced uplifting lyrics with a whole lot of fun behind it.



Wes Phili x Bri Feel – “EVERYDAY”

“EVERYDAY” by Wes Phili and Bri Feel is an energetic song that aims to motivate the listener to hustle and achieve their goals.
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Neak, Since9ine6ix, and Slot-A – “RNO”



The trio of Neak, Since9ine6ix, and Slot-A team up for “RNO.” A hard-hitting drum break driven track that is ripe with dope rhymes from the trio. This is dopeness from start to finish.
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Preacher Picasso x Ronnie Alpha – “Moments”


Preacher Picasso takes time to reflect on his new track “Moments.” Backed by a soulful texture and hard drums, he reveals some of the things he is going through and his thoughts on naysayers. The track also features Ronnie Alpha .
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RÅDĮØ ÅHŁËË – “Soundtrack To 808”


RÅDĮØ ÅHŁËË s “Soundtrack To 808” is a punchy experimental track that blends electronic and rap. he makes use of a crunchy beat to deliver his thoughts on the state of hip-hop and how it inspired him.
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ayelookitsBRADY – “Food”


ayelookitsBRADY takes us deep into his life on the soulful track titled “Food.” Backed by a smooth and somewhat anthemic backdrop he takes time to unveil the multiple layers that make his life unique and relatable.
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Unstoppable Knight x Low Blow – “A Lil Love”


The duo of Unstoppable Knight and Low Blow warm up the playlist with “A Lil Love.” The track is a blend of soulful/funky elements and good old feel-good hip-hop.
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Taurean Meacham – “On the House”


Taurean Meacham raises the energy levels with the boomy single “On the House.” The track is the lead single from his forthcoming project.
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Chames – “The Kaep in Me” feat. Hhym


Harrisburg, PA raised Chames teams up with Hhym on the reflective single “The Kaep in Me”. The track is a semi tribute to Kaepernick and an insightful tale of being true and having integrity amongst the craziness.
This song is taken from his debut album The Book of Jon which was released on 12/25/2020.
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In-Doe – “Groundhog Day”


In-Doe uses his new song “Groundhog Day” to convey his thoughts on the recent social events that have changed the world. From the Covid-19 pandemic and the emergence of the vaccine claimed to help us. He uses different news clips in the song to reinforce his opinion.
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RANY – “Without You”


Australian singer RANY makes his entry on our list with the heartwarming single “Without You”, the track is quite solemn and slowly builds with the layered chorus and alluring melodic runs.
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Kowan – “Method To My Madness”

Emerging Paterson New Jersey-based emcee Kowan aims to inspire and uplift people with his new single “Method To My Madness.”Over a smooth soulful backdrop, he delivers a vivid tale of a young man finding his balance in this crazy world. Nothing is set in stone but he assures us that there is a specific method to his madness.
The video was shot in Richmond Virginia and captures the beautiful scenery as the rapper does what he knows best.

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Dreskeeze – “No Love”


Dreskeeze‘s “No Love” was inspired by his 6th-grade students and he aims to share his experiences with helping the youth to find their path. Although he sometimes gets jaded with the situation he realizes that he can’t give up and he is ready to fight back and uplift everyone around him.
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Matt Nye – “Mother Fucker (Dad’s Song)”


“Mother Fucker (Dad’s Song)” is a heartfelt song from Matt Nye. Over a solemn somber backdrop, he expresses his frustrations on life and death and how the loss of his father affected him. In his usual fashion, he adds some humor into the mix.

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YM – “Everybody Lies”


Australian emcee YM closes out the list with a somber reflective track titled “Everybody Lies,”. He makes use of a surreal texture and unapologetically shares his thoughts on life and how being forced to fit in has negative effects. He has however decided to follow his own path.

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