We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the lastest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Yerba Mates – “No Wonders”

Yerba Mates make their way to our premier list for 2021 with this solid lively jam titled “No Wonders.” From the anthemic horns, slinky guitars, to the smooth bassline and soft drums, the band deliver an excellent piece that will engage listeners with its dynamism and punchy groove. The group is made up of 3 young Polish musicians, Bruno (bass, keyboards)  and Franek (drums, guitar)




Astralien – “Mandala”


New York, NY based Chillhop rock band known as Astralien share their new single titled “Mandala.” The track is a fusion of quite a handful of elements from hip-hop, rock, and live instrumentation. The track starts with a pitched up vocal sample which builds over time with crunchy drums, lush textures, and a gripping psychedelic guitar to match.


Kodiak Soul – “Paradise”


Atlanta based producer Kodiak Soul‘s “Paradise” is a dreamy piece that is entrenched in alluring melodies, smooth vocal hums, and striking guitar riffs. It’s quite engaging from start to finish.
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Dude With The Beats – “Fiction”


Emerging producer Dude With The Beats shares “Fiction” with us. The production style is pretty unique, he makes use of punchy trap drums and weird layered synths to great effect. There are some interesting changes at different parts too.
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Daddy Who – “Pretty Little Liars”


Daddy Who is not new to us and on his new release titled “Pretty Little Liars” he makes use of a classic jazz sample and crafts something punchy and solemn for us to rock to. “Pretty Little Liars” is taken from his new project Who Is Who Vol. 2.
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Tek – “Dusty”


Tek is a Miami, Fl based producer and founder of AfterOurs Productions. He shares this cinematic beat “Dusty” from his debut instrumental album Late Nights. The track employs a classic drum break and layers it with a gloomy texture. It’s pretty sick. Check out more of his work here.

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SonikCuts – “Red Moon”


Brazilian producer/DJ SonikCuts shows a different side to his production prowess on his new release “Red Moon.” He makes use of dark somber strings, synths, and gated pads over sparse drum arrangements on this one.
“Red Moon” is the first single from a new album to be released soon by SonikCuts.
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Dease Mastertracks – “Lana”


makes his debut on our list with the laidback R&b/jazz infused beat titled “Lana.” The arrangement has a nice retro feel with its deep piano riffs, boomy basslines, and live drums. Solid all the way.
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johnboybeats – “Morning Dew”


johnboybeats returns to our list with “Morning Dew” a reflective and soothing piece ripe with dreamy atmospheric textures, guitars, and soft drums. This is a solid cut to chill out to.
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Jes Nil – “Flower Bouquet”


Jes Nil shares the lead single “Flower Bouquet” from his new album. The lo-fi track has a smooth guitar strum, snapping drums, and a sepia-toned mood. This is pretty dope from start to finish.
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Silvicious – “Outlandish”


“Outlandish” by Silvicious sure switches up the energy of the list. The seeing synth is deep and cinematic and the dynamics here is wide and engaging from start to finish.
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Othyr – “Cornteen”


Othyr makes his mark on the list with “Cornteen.” a piano-driven piece that has a nice warm texture and it’s somber too. An interesting piece of work.
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LuKutz – “1996 Remix – Instrumental”


LuKutz gets into his 90s boom-bap bag on”1996 Remix – Instrumental.”  The dark jazz elements do shine through over the crunchy drums. Well crafted from start to finish.


Strong Maurice – “Good Old Days”


Strong Maurice is an Australian producer who caught our ears with “Good Old Days” collaborative track with lofi master AMT World. The track has a nice relaxing mood with it’s dynamic and lush textures.




VolcanoBeats – “Mabel”

Chicago, IL based producer VolcanoBeats closes out the first instrumental list for 2021 with “Mabel,” a soulful beat with a vibrant mood. Nice lush soulful chops, snapping drums and a pulsating bassline to match.
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