Muslims across the globe commenced the annual observance of Ramaḍān, a month wherein they partake in fasting from dawn to sunset and refrain not only from food and drink, but also tobacco productssexual relations, and sinful behavior, devoting themselves instead to prayer and study of the Quran. We in the hip-hop community do acknowledge the impact Islam has had on the culture through many of the pioneers who practice it in varying degrees and have made reference to it in their music. Luminaries like Yasiin Bey, Lupe Fiasco, Jay Electronica, Freeway, Q-Tip and even Lil Durk have spoken about how Islam played a huge role in their lives beyond music.

While there have been many write-ups about hip-hop and Islam, here we will be looking at the many times rappers have referenced the term Ramaḍān in their lyrics and for the sake of respect, we will refrain from noting times when the reference has less than savoury connotations.



 Notorious B.I.G – “kick in the door”, 1997

Quick fast like Ramadan, it’s the rap phenomenon, Don Dada


Cee- “Ramadan”, 2016

Hit a groove and now we moving like the Autobahn
So they finna give it up like it’s Ramadan




Gucci Mane – “Stomach Grumbling”, 2023

Claim that they fastin’ but no it ain’t Ramadan (damn)



Dusty Locane – “REWIND”, 2021

He won’t eat, Ramadan
On his knees, pray to God




AnyWay Tha God – “Heat”, 2019

give you ease/What this complexion for
This my Ramadan/Trials to test a man Strengthen the will indeed



Rick Ross, Scrilla – “Triple Platinum”, 2017

Scripture written on platinum plaques, decode the message
Voice of a legend, Grammy-nominated
Ramadan once a year, my sacrificial payment





Fugees- Fu-Gee-La , 1996

Buju Banton, I’m a true champion, like
Farrakhan reads his daily Qur’an
It’s a phenomenon, lyrics fast like Ramadan




Method Man- “Another Winter”,2015

smashing, make it jump like everlasting
God body Ramadan, thirty day fasting




Redman – “Whut I’ma Do Now” 2001

me in a Ford Explorer
The pressure at time five remind me
that why’all can’t eat like it’s Ramadan week
My mascot was built for kamikaze





Lupe Fiasco- “LF95”, 2020

And mask over the mouth kids, and if you didn’t know me
Call me rap Anthony Fauci, that black blackity grouchy mouthpiece
Ramadan breath, prayer rug pointed at Saudi



Wale the Sage- Family Ties”, 2019

I’m from a home of moms,With imams
On a Ramadan,Got no dad
Seems the days are darker






Mos Def- Begun,2010

And throw up the diamond sign, boy, you know I’m-a shine
Flow is in Ramadan ’cause couple years ago the game had they pajamas on



Big Sean, Wale and others – “Guard Your Heart”, 2020

fastin’, Ramadan
The land of fifty stars, on Hollywood marchin



Almost Heaven- “ROQUE MUSIQUE!”, 2023

The future is taking shape/The message is nobody’s safe
The future is here to stay Oh, yeah he’s a phenomenon
Moves faster than Ramadan



Honourable mentions:

Overpade- color corrected (CC)

Like I fast for Ramadan I must atone yea


CyHi The Prynce- Funkmaster Flex Freestyle

in the ambiance of the Madrean
Starving like it’s Ramadan
Get this Parmesan keep the peace


What do you think? Are there any other Ramadan references we overlooked? Let us know in the comments below.



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