The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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ARDY – “To The Top”.

Iranian-Canadian rapper/songwriter ARDY steps into the race “To The Top”. The anthemic track is the perfect go-getter anthem and sees the rapper in his element as he details his work ethic and laser-guided focus on reaching the apex.





Cody Draco – “Kiss Me in the Rain”.

Cody Draco delivers this reflective tune titled “Kiss Me in the Rain”. The production is warm and has a nostalgia element and his choppy nonchalant flow is prevalent throughout the song.


Soulchain Records x Declaime x Pawz One – “Thank U”.

Austrian hip-hop label  Soulchain Records follow up their last release with a new one in the form of  “Thank U” featuring West Coast legendary rapper/producer Declaime and emcee Pawz One. The uplifting tune has a soulful vocal sample and warm textures with bouncy drums underpinned by positive messages from both emcees as they show gratitude for the small mercies.



QUE K -“No Statement”

Rapper QUE K drops his “No Statement” track on our playlist. Over a bass heavy soundscape, he delivers an interesting choppy freestyle that details his work ethic.



Landry M – “Heartless”

Singer/songwriter Landry M delivers this insightful and reflective tune “Heartless” to our earshot. The track centers on human relationships and how our biases lead to discrimination. Over the rich and uplifting soundscape, Landry M delivers a motivation-driven performance that reminds us that being genuine and having an indomitable spirit against prejudice is the key.



Renny Getta – “Be Amazing”

Charlotte, NC-based rapper Renny Getta caught our ears with “Be Amazing”, an infused rap/blues track that centres on the uncertainties of life and the hurdles he had to face to find his true purpose. The production is rich and sombre and his laidback flow works perfectly.


Newselph x K.I.N.E.T.I.K. x BREIS – “Those Were The Days (Remix)”.


Newselph, K.I.N.E.T.I.K. and BREIS return with “Those Were The Days (Remix)”, a smooth jazz-boombap remix that helps bring the original into perspective. The overall nostalgia-inducing element is prevalent alongside the emcees’ vivid story telling.

This single is lifted from Newselph’s new LP (Vinyl Record & Digital) release If It’s Not Broke, Remix It.


Taylr – “Roll Slow”.

Taylr’s”Roll Slow” is the artist’s first release for the year and sees him working with producer Amarah Beats, who laces him with a cinematic beat made up of heavy bass-driven drums and rich textures. Here, Taylr takes time to reflect on his journey as an artist and all the ups and downs that help shaped him.



J. Anomaly – “Lily Dove”

J. Anomaly displays his smooth lyrical proficiency in his new release “Lily Dove”. The track is soulful, soothing and groovy and J. Anomaly is more than comfortable as he gives audiences a taste of insight, intelligence and a dash of bravado.




XxDozen RosesxX – “Laphroaig 10”

XxDozen RosesxX is an experimental hip-hop act whose new release “Laphroaig 10” caught our attention. The track has an off-kilter and unconventional element that is prevalent throughout. The distorted soundscapes and off-beat grooves are all threaded together by filtered vocals and edgy songwriting delivered in spoken word form.




UNMUTE – “Lucid Dream”

The London-based trio UNMUTE make their debut entry on our playlist with their newest single “Lucid Dream”. The genre-bending track has elements of neo-soul, chill-hop with lofi sensibilities. The vocals are sultry and enthralling and rise to a plateau in the chorus section. This is a solid addition to one’s motivational playlist.




60 East x Sa-Roc – “Soul Fly”

60 East teams up with Blu and Sa-Roc for this uplifting track titled “Soul Fly”. The aptly titled track aims to motivate audiences to rise above the doldrums with uplifting lyrics and a soothing melodic chorus to boot.



Intelekt – “DROWNING”.

Bay Area-based rapper/producer Intelekt shares some reflective tales in his new single “DROWNING”. The self-produced track has a warm and dreamy jazzy vibe and sees him reflecting on life through different stages of growth from a kid to a young boy to a man.



RFJ da Beast – “Dark Horse”

Oakland, CA. -based rapper RFJ da Beast steps into our radar with this laidback and sombre tune titled “Dark Horse”. The production is made up of a looped vocal chop with no drums and we get to hear RFJ da Beast’s laidback flow, somewhat off-centre cadence and stream-of-consciousness raps.



Amp Melo – “Hoop Dreamz”

Amp Melo and Chubby Wallets team up for “Hoop Dreamz”, a heartfelt semi-autobiographical track that explores past dreams of balling and maybe making it into the NBA. Over the soulful and nostalgia-inducing backdrop, the rapper talks about his journey as a young hooper with hoop dreams before finding his calling in music.

Cartier Hendrix – “Staple Pants”.


Cartier Hendrix makes his mark on our playlist by showcasing his influences on “Staple Pants”. The track produced by Punchmeinjay has a sparse drum arrangement and spacey texture underpinned by Hendrix’s stylish flow and unapologetic lyrics.



Marsiell – “When Roses Bloom” (feat. Kristina Sharpe)

Rising multi-talented artist Marsiell delivers this uplifting and adulation-filled track titled “When Roses Bloom” featuring singer Kristina Sharpe. Over the smooth and soulful backdrop, the emcee reflects on a journey to fulfil one’s true potential and how bumpy the road might be but with resilience and a bit of support from true friends, they are well on their way to succeed.



Jonno – “Pardon Me”.

LA-based indie rapper Jonno caught our ears with his newest release titled “Pardon Me”. The track is a laidback and scenic track that is made up of a simple and trippy sample chop with mellow textures and a punchy drum groove underpinned by Jonno’s unassuming flow and vivid storytelling.




Louis Davis, Jr. – “The Juice Is Callin'”.

“The Juice Is Callin'” is the latest release from Bay area native Louis Davis Jr. , who proceeds to showcase his lyrical prowess over a soulful backdrop. Armed with his distinct vocal tone and expressive lyricism, the emcee drops a blend of bravado and a dash of insight for the audience.



Dialek Dubai x Dx2c x KEMETIKA – “When It’s All On You” (feat. KEMETIKA & Dx2c)

Dialek Dubai, Dx2c and KEMETIKA ally to bring us “When It’s All On You”, a lyric-dense and hard-hitting track that explores life from different viewpoints. Using Biblical references with modern-day analogies, the emcees deliver an insightful and relatable track that reminds us to keep grinding no matter what.



Hi Moon – “Paper Kite”

Hi Moon is the musical brainchild of  Chicago-based classical violinist and soundscape artist Katie Klocke and multi-instrumentalist producer Joseph Mietus who have teamed up to bring us their unique blend of sounds. Their latest effort “Paper Kite” is a soul, jazz-infused cut ripe with warm and nostalgia induing textures and sublime melodic runs.


A11.ALONE – “04 March”

South African rapper A11.ALONE enters our site with “04 March”, a cinematic piece underpinned by edgy and unfiltered rhyme schemes. His lyrics are vivid and quite engaging as well. His Latest Project ELEVEN SEASON is Available for streaming everywhere



Ben Nakhaima – “will u remember me cover”.

Rising singer/songwriter Ben Nakhaima gives us his take on “will u remember me cover”. The acoustic guitar-driven piece is a showcase of his vocal range and dexterity as he pours his all on wax and draws us in with his emotionally layered melodies and expressive cadences.

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