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Drew Skeyewalker – “Strolls Out in Birmingham”

Drew Skeyewalker‘s “Strolls Out in Birmingham” is a 90s-inspired track that gives listeners a glimpse into his life. The production uses the same drum break from Camp Lo’s “Coolie High” with a soulful and jazzy sample which adds that nostalgic vibe. Here, Drew takes us on a journey through time and how he moves through the concrete jungle with a go-getter mindset. The song is taken from his latest EP titled Grandeur 2.


Tree – “Borrowed Time”



Rising rapper/songwriter Tree pours his all in his new single “Borrowed Time”. The moody track is reflective and sad as the rapper talks about some events that reshaped his life.



Shyland Flowers – “BITCH, I STILL LOVE YOU” (feat. Shamar Juanye)

Shyland Flowers teams up with rapper Shamar Juanye for this heartfelt tune titled “BITCH, I STILL LOVE YOU”. The title is a bit abrasive but the lyrics are candid, and heartfelt and explore the complex dynamics of being in love with that special someone.


Turban Rapper – “Fly”.

Turban Rapper delivers this empowering track titled “Fly”. The brass-laden track is about self-discovery and making one’s dreams come true by putting in the necessary work.



Promenade – “Look What You’ve Done”

Promenade makes its debut appearance on our playlist with “Look What You’ve Done”. The retro soul/R&B-infused track is ripe with sublime and sultry melodies underpinned with candid lyrics that dwell on the emotions that come with true love.


BoyboiiAT – “Lessons”

Kansas City-based rapper BoyboiiAT delivers some life “Lessons” in his new release. The track makes use of the classic Craig Mack song “Brand New Flava In Your Ear” and sees the rapper sharing some gems for listeners to abide by.





SUMiT – “Trippy Hippie”.

SUMiT returns to our playlist with “Trippy Hippie”, a hard-hitting anthemic trap jam that is perfect for your gym playlist.





J Wisco – Midnight Thoughts – “Solo Version”.

Wisconsin. Madhabit, MC Melanin aka J Wisco gets to share his inner thoughts in his latest release titled “Midnight Thoughts – “Solo Version”. The track has a dark and solemn vibe and fits his unapologetic lyricism and deep dive into the underhanded activities of opportunists, snakes and detractors who try to derail him from his goals.


Dose Coast x Jordan Eric – “Chimera”

Canadian rapper Dose Coast teams up with Jordan Eric for “Chimera”. The track has a punchy and moody vibe that serves as the right backdrop for the emotion-laden bars delivered by the rappers. The duo reflect on their respective journey and the many obstacles they had to overcome to reach their true potential.



Shamel Shiloh – “Blessings”.

Shamel Shiloh‘s “Blessings” is an aptly titled track that aims to remind us of the little mercies and the grace that got him where he is today. The production is a solid blend of R&B and hip-hop and the uplifting and insightful lyrics is extremely related and heartfelt as well.



Roddod – “LLJ”


Roddod’s “LLJ” is an ode to his late friend and explores emotional turmoil and personal loss. Over the sombre guitar-driven backdrop, he pours his heart on wax and how he copes with his life experiences, whether good or bad.

QUE K – “Here We Go”

QUE K takes time to pour adulations on that special someone in his life on his new song titled “Here We Go”. The guitar-laden track has a summer feel and sees the rising rapper sharing his thoughts on that woman who stood by him.


Avant Godz x Eccentric x PHIA x Median x Razah Sharp – “RUNAWAY”.

“RUNAWAY” is the latest release from Avant Godz featuring producer Eccentric, and emcees PHIA, Median and Razah Sharp. The production has a soulful texture and punchy drums that serve as the perfect canvas for the rappers to share their experiences with hard times and they remind us to never cower but face adversity with a dogged spirit.



Jordan Barone – Oc3 – “Old Ways” (feat. Jordan Barone)”

Jordan Barone and Oc3 team up for this smooth and sublime love ballad titled “Old Ways”. The production is slick, soulful and warm and it’s underpinned by a rich melodic performance ripe with heartfelt lyrics that talk about the attributes of that special someone.




Cam Thomas x Tarik – “Don’t Forget To Smile”

Cam Thomas and Tarik team up for “Don’t Forget To Smile”, a reflective tune that reminds us that hard times don’t last but tough people do.





Hatis Noit – “Jomon” (Preservation Rework feat. Armand Hammer)

Hatis Noit’s “Jomon” gets a Preservation Rework which features Armand Hammer on the vocals. The production is rousing, cinematic and experimental with its dark moody textures, soul-stirring vocal chants and Armand’s laidback lyrical display.





Truth x PAV4N – “Online Overdose”

Truth and veteran UK rapper PAV4N deliver a hard-hitting track titled “Online Overdose”. Over the edgy and hard-hitting bass-heavy soundscape, PAV4N delivers his characteristic energetic flow peppered with insightful and social commentary on real-time issues.







Kid Travis – “RUST”

Kid Travis returns to our playlist with “RUST”, a pop-infused R&B love song that explores heartbreak and sadness. Over the bright and soothing backdrop, Kid Travis bears it all as he pleads to that special someone not to leave him.


Mike SB – “Art”.

Mike SB shows what his “Art” looks like in this heartfelt single. The guitar-laden soundscape serves as the right canvas for his reflective songwriting.



Pavy – “Facetime Is Dangerous”

Pavy‘s “Facetime Is Dangerous” is a relatable tale of blossoming love between two individuals who find common ground by speaking on face time.


Ezell – “Laid Back”

Uprising rapper Ezell caught our ears with “Laid Back”. The aptly titled track is a smooth and soothing tune that gives us a glimpse into his laidback lifestyle. Over the surreal and dreamy soundscape, Ezell delivers a chilled and unassuming performance ripe with no-frills lyrical schemes with a distinct touch.


Kataem x Joznez – “Smoke”

Toronto, Canada-born artist Kataem teams up with Joznez for this anthemic track titled “Smoke”. The track is a testament to the resilient spirit of the human mind and the never-say-die mentality needed to be successful. The track is dynamic and edgy as it blends hip-hop, and trip-hop with dubstep elements.


S.Crow X Dane Diamond – “Too Late”

Rapper S.Crow and producer Dane Diamond team up for “Too Late”, an anthemic track made up of lush cinematic horns, snapping drums and heartfelt lyrics that explore the rising rapper’s childhood and the experiences that shaped him.


Blaq Otto – “Fiji”


Florida Music Artist Blaq Otto makes his entry on our playlist with “Fiji”. The mid-tempo track has a dark aesthetic and is underpinned by his gruff vocals and unapologetic rhyme schemes.


Cam Be x Oliv Blu x Neak – Salutations (feat. Oliv Blu)”.

Cam Be and Neak continue their musical collaborations with the latest release “Salutations” which includes Oliv Blu (ex-contestant on The Voice). The result is a blissful and enthralling blend of soul/funk/R&B with a modern hip-hop twist. The production is lush, vintage and soul-stirring and the emcees come through with heartfelt and uplifting lyrics that will surely light up your day.




M-Dot x B Leafs x Ty Farris x Estee Nack – “Essence Lifted” prod. By B Leafs”

As veteran Mass producer B Leafs prepares to drop his new album (Title TBD) he delivers the lead single “Essence Lifted”. The soulful track sees him recruiting three Hip-Hop Stalwarts; Estee Nack (Griselda), M-Dot (EMS) and Ty Farris all spitting with 1 goal in mind – spilling their soul. Each emcee comes through with heartfelt and vivid lyrics that bring listeners closer to the world as they share their life experiences with much enthusiasm and passion. The single can also be found M-Dot’s latest project Daze Of Greed (dropping 3/8/24) available for pre-order now in 2 color variants.




TheoryMartinX – Flaws”


Harvey, IL native TheoryMartinX kicks off 2024 with his first single Flaws”, a smooth reflective track that explores self-discovery, self-doubt and finding one’s true purpose in this unforgiving world. Over the self-produced upbeat and bright-summer-tinged soundscape, the rapper acknowledges his flaws and proceeds to drown out the white noise from naysayers and detractors alike.


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