The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Mattyice1990 – “These Days”

Mattyice1990 takes us back in time with his semi-autobiographical track titled “These Days”. Backed by a sombre and moody backdrop, the rapper details his past and the craziness it entailed and how he found a way out of the murky waters and found a new calling in music.



Rah Cashiano – “Stingy”.

Rah Cashiano drops any song from his stash titled “Stingy”. A soulful/R&b tune that explores blossoming love and the dynamics of dealing with heartbreak, emotional trauma and finding a balance in all of the madness.


StillJune – “Badly”

StillJune drops this heartwarming tune “Badly” which is a solemn ballad ripe with dark moody piano-laden textures provided by producer Legion Beats. Here, Stilljune delivers a candid performance ripe with heartfelt lyrics that center on te effects of chasing one’s dreams on relationships.




Rydah Steel – “Illusions”


Rydah Steel makes his entry on our site with “Illusions”, a dreamy and ethereal tune that is underpinned by his stylish lyricism and distinct Aussie flow. The storytelling is vivid and engaging.





Reagan Era Records – “DRAYMOND GREEN WAKA”

West Coast rhyme crew Reagan Era Records helped start the playlist with their newest release titled  “DRAYMOND GREEN WAKA”. The gritty track is primed with a cinematic brass stab and punchy boombap drums and underpinned by vivid lyricism from members Dios Negasi and Halo. The track is the first leak from the crew’s forthcoming LP Reagan Ordo Seclorum, which will drop on January 16th.



QUE K  – “Aint No Secret”

Que K is in his element in his latest release “Aint No Secret”, a punchy cinematic piece that is made up of cinematic strings and thick 808 drums and features the rappers’ off-center flow and aspirational lyrics.




Anthony Menzia – “Always Check Your Candy (Live Version)”

Anthony Menzia comes through with “Always Check Your Candy (Live Version)”, a dark pop-infused track made up of cinematic elements and rich vocal runs. The lyrics are vivid and somewhat insightful.




Uncle TreY – “Away Message”.

Uncle TreY drops “Away Message”, a laidback and reflective tune that is made up of dreamy textures and mellow downtempo drums provided by producer LEVEL. Armed with his mellow flow and uplifting storytelling that center on taking time from the craziness of life and taking a much-needed break.


King Cxge – “Swing By”

King Cxge caught our ears with “Swing By” which sees the rapper in his element as he drops insightful and motivational bars that listeners can easily relate to. “Swing By” is the lead single from his forthcoming album.



Jordan Baumstark – “Chillin”

Jordan Baumstark comes through with some laidback and refreshing track “Chillin” to start 2024. Over the self-produced jazz-soul backdrop, the St. Louis-born artist gives us a glimpse into his life after taking some time off. Hopefully, we will get some more music from him.



Rah Cashiano – “Bubba” (Ft. KSUP)

Rah Cashiano keeps on dropping new material and this time he teams up with KSUP for “Bubba”, a hard-hitting trap jam that is underpinned by fiery raps and a whole lot of bravado.




HENRY ABERSON – “In Two” (feat. Nariah Taylor)


Instrumentalist HENRY ABERSON drops “In Two” featuring Nariah Taylor, his longtime collaborator. The duo sure have an undeniable chemistry and on their latest effort, listeners get another brilliant soul-stirring jazz-soul piece that is smooth as butter.




Esmeralda Gillian – “Cloud of Thunder”


Singer/songwriter Esmeralda Gillian caught our ears with “Cloud of Thunder”, a heartfelt and anthemic tune that exudes that classic 80s pop vibe. The track is refreshing and captures her distinct vocal runs.




Dynas x Jah Freedom – “Spaghetti” (feat. Money Mogly & Shottie)


Dynas and veteran producer Jah Freedom whip up some audio “Spaghetti” alongside emcees Money Mogly and Shottie. Bolstered by Jah Freedom’s crunchy drum grooves and haunting soundscape, the emcees take listeners deep into the dark alleys with their vivid lyrical schemes.




J.Swave – “This Year Is My Year”

UK emcee J.Swave  drops new single “This Year Is My Year” which is an introspective track that sees the young emcee examining his thoughts on life and music. Over a sombre and moody backdrop he details why he does what he does and nothing can distract him.



Reedus 3m – “HIM”

Independent rapper Reedus 3m returns to our playlist with  “HIM”, a reflective tune that explores the ups and downs that come with trying to find success while forging one’s path. Over a punchy drill backdrop, Reedus gives listeners a fiery performance ripe with vivid lyricism.





Tiger Cannon, Tmcg – “Whistling Wind”.

Tiger Cannon and Tmcg team up for “Whistling Wind”, an off-centre track made up of horns and off-kilter drums. The vocals are off-kilter and a bit weird but it is somewhat different and unique.


Shawn Mics – “Me”.

Shawn Mics‘ “Me” is a heartfelt tribute to his late mother and his self-growth. Over a soulful backdrop, he talks about his flaws, the effect his mother’s death had on him and how his wife gave him hope to live again.



Yero – “Flawed”

Yero makes his entry on our site with “Flawed”, a reflective piece that explores betrayal, loss and finding the strength to push on regardless of the obstacles ahead. Like the title says, he acknowledges his shortcomings and looks at how to make up for it.



Viktor Harter – “Peace”

Uprising rapper Viktor Harter wants to live in “Peace” in his newest release. The pop-infused track is made up of a sombre guitar and summer-tinged backdrop which is underpinned by a playful melodic performance and candid songwriting.





Matt Nye – “Moment of Grief”

“Moment of Grief” is the intro to Matt Nye‘s latest project and serves as an introspective piece that explores loss, sadness and the emotions that overcome one in a moment of grief. Over a sombre backdrop made up of melancholic piano riffs and pads, Matt takes us deep into his troubled mind.



Miller Blue – “The Way”.

Singer/songwriter Miller Blue proceeds to find “The Way” in his latest release. Over a punchy backdrop, he delivers a sultry and alluring performance ripe with candid lyrics like “Strange how a delicate painting of a great flower can clear the clouds.
I went from a rain shower to suddenly seeing all my pains power shining out.”

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