The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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FlexpackFACE – “Stay Away”

FlexpackFACE helps open up this week’s top submissions with “Stay Away”, a reflective tune that dwells on his experience with addiction from first and second-hand perspectives. Over the punchy but moody backdrop made up of smooth vocal samples and punchy drums, FlexpackFace takes listeners through the turbulent emotions that come with personal loss, depression and self-doubt, which all come with addiction.


Priscillia – “anxiety”

Nigerian-British singer/rapper/songwriter Priscillia shares her new single “Anxiety” which sees her reflecting on her journey through this unforgiving world. Over a smooth lofi-soul soundscape, she delivers a laidback and insightful performance ripe with self-reflection and rolling with the punches as the world rolls by. Her flow is quite distinct and is ripe with a laidback unassuming demeanor and a gripping emotional energy that listeners can tap into.



LoCeRa – “We Don’t Have To Hurry (NOW!)”

LoCeRa‘s “We Don’t Have To Hurry (NOW!)” implores us to step back, touch the grass and smell the roses. In this world where everyone is stuck in the never-ending rat race, LoCeRa takes time to remind us to appreciate the small wins and savour each blissful memory.


ATlas BLK – “King of the Hill”


ATlas BLK embodies the spirit of “King of the Hill” in his new release. Over a punchy and cinematic backdrop, he pens an aspirational message for everyone stuck in the runt and reminds us that beyond the things we can’t control, we should make the best of the things we can.



Solar Soundz x Chino XL – “STARDUST”.


Solar Soundz teams up with veteran lyricist Chino XL and the result is a fiery rap display titled “STARDUST”. Over a dark and cinematic soundscape made up of subtle choral vocal synths, solemn piano riffs and punchy trap drums, Chino XL comes through with his distinct graphic rap imagery followed by Solar’s laidback flow to complete the job

Chef Porter – “Suite Life” (feat. Will Jordan)


Chef Porter‘s “Suite Life” is a reflective and insightful piece that talks about keeping the people who root for you and show them appreciation. Over the anthemic soundscape, he gives listeners a glimpse into his journey thus far and the many events that shaped him and the people who stood by his side. He is joined by vocalist Will Jordan who ties it up with a smooth melodic chorus.



DJ Dot One x Kingdom Kome – “THE 16th MINUTE”

Miami-based DJ Dot One and rapper Kingdom Kome present “THE 16th MINUTE”, a cinematic piece that flows like an action movie. The production has a retro-scenic feel and KIngdom Kome’s action-packed lyrics draw listeners in as he sends shots towards the fake thugs and phony individuals who try to infiltrate the culture. This is the first leak from DJ Dot One’s forthcoming LP (to drop shortly). He has previously done extensive work with Kingdom Kome and Che Uno as well as releasing numerous mixtapes and singles. Kingdom Kome is also releasing a full-length album entitled Kingdom Of Justice later this month.



Sarah Itamah – “Fake Money”


Toronto-based singer/songwriter/rapper Sarah Itamah makes her entry on our playlist with “Fake Money”. The soul/hip-hop-infused track showcases her vocal range and rapping skills in a seamless manner. The production has a jazzy/soul vibe which blends perfectly with Sarah’s rich melodic runs ripe with insightful lyrics that dwell on the concept of thinking for oneself instead of following the crowd.



ENiGMA DUBZ x PAV4N x Hypho – “You Are Not a Badman”

Bass polymath and global DJ ENiGMA DUBZ teams up with veteran emcee PAV4N and Hypho for this hard-hitting jam titled “You Are Not a Badman”. The track is ripe with rich wobbly dubstep basslines, thumping drums and fiery raps from the emcees.




Ella Thompson – “To Light The Lantern”

Australia-based singer/songwriter Ella Thompson caught our ears with her latest effort titled “To Light The Lantern”. The track has a retro-soul aesthetic made up of rich chords, organs, warm pads and soft drum grooves underpinned by her ear-grabbing melodic runs and relatable songwriting.






Giovonni Pratt x Gamo – “Jet Setter”


Rising South Bronx, New York City-based rapper Giovonni Pratt teams up with fellow emcee Gamo for “Jet Setter”, an aspirational tune ripe with cinematic production and stylish flows to match. The beat is edgy and has a scenic feel that matches the rapper’s tale of rags to riches and the bravado-laden themes.




Eclectic songwriter/rapper EVOj. teams up with Westcoast rap royalty Xzibit for “NATURALLY ASPIRATED” a cinematic soundscape ripe with vivid and thought-provoking raps from both emcees.


Jus’ – “Mad Man”.

Uprising rapper Jus’ gets his pen game on with “Mad Man”. The track employs a classic soul sample and flips it perfectly over snapping drums. The rapper takes time to share his thoughts on wax and it’s quite graphic and engaging.


Rydah steel – “When its too late”

Australian rapper Rydah Steel makes his entry on our list with “When its too late”. The track has a sombre and dreamy background that blends with Rydah’s reflective lyricism that dwells on society’s fixation with hyper-consumerism and its adverse effects on our souls.


KJ(!) – “Boo”


KJ(!) returns to our playlist with “Boo”, a mid-tempo feel-good jam ripe with an uplifting soundscape and stylish melodic flows. The flow is engaging and the lyrics have some introspective elements as well.


Doc Ish – “Is It a Dream Pt. 2” (feat. Joe Budden & ChrispyD)


Grammy Award-winning producer Doc Ish teams up with Joe Budden, ChrispyD and Talib Kweli for his new release titled “Is It a Dream Pt. 2” . The mid-tempo bouncy tune has a pop vibe with it’s rich synths, guitars and smooth melodic chorus that threads fiery bars from emcees like Joe, Talib Kweli and the late Sean Price.



Lujza – “Daddy Issues (Radio Edit)”


Rising singer/songwriter Lujza pours out her heart in her new single “Daddy Issues (Radio Edit)”. The sombre and melancholic track explores her strained relationship with her absentee dad. The lyrics are quite candid and unapologetic as Lujza doesn’t hold back in sharing what she truly feels and how conflicted her love and resentment are for her dad. Its quite thought-provoking, relatable and heartwarming.



Chef Porter – “H.O.M.E. (Here On My Everything)” (feat. J. Isaac)


Chef Porter‘s “H.O.M.E. (Here On My Everything)” is a reflective and aspiration tune that explores self-growth and appreciating the small mercies with family and friends. Over a smooth soulful soundscape, Chef reflects on his past and his experiences that made him a better man. He is joined by J. Isaac who adds a smooth melodic chorus that sums it up.



Carmen Nichole – “Dory Said”


Singer/songwriter Carmen Nichole taps into the uplifting spirit of Dory from Finding Nemo in her new single “Dory Said”. The track has a sublime and ethereal vibe which sets the tone for Carmen’s rich melodic runs and aspiration lyrics that detail the daily struggles and how sometimes things can get difficult but the only way is to mush on and keep swimming like Dory said.


Ponyc x Showrocka x Spek Arson x Royalty x Bison – “Casamigos”

Ponyc recently put out his debut album How to beat a dead horse which was led by the single “Casamigos”. The anthemic track sees him teaming up with emcees Showrocka , Spek Arson, Royalty , Bison for a celebratory jam.
“Casamigos” is a certified banger which all can enjoy, whether you partake in libations or not.


Mic Familiar x blackdaylight – “Hard Phased “

Mic Familiar and blackdaylight form the ultimate lyrical alliance on”Hard Phased “. Over a dark cinematic soundscape, the emcee delivers a vivid lyrical performance complete with thought-provoking and engaging rhyme schemes and concepts.


CHiLL-iLL x REKS x Antrue – “True Words”


“True Words” is a reflective and heartfelt song by Austrian duo CHiLL-iLL and Antrue who teams up with veteran NY emcee REKS. Over a soulful boom-bap soundscape and solemn textures, the emcees deliver a blend of bilingual raps ripe with bravado and insightful bars.


Amiccella and Desean Jackson – “Leave It Alone”

Amiccella returns with longtime collaborator Desean Jackson for another hard-hitting jam titled “Leave It Alone”. Backed by the dark cinematic soundscape, both emcees deliver bravado bars ripe with darts for the opposition.


Truth Hurts – “RnB Love”


Veteran singer/songwriter Truth Hurts shares her new single “RnB Love” which is a heartfelt tune that expresses true feelings of true love and music that touches the soul with its uplifting lyrics. Over the crisp and rousing production made up of lush keys, electric guitars and rumbling drum grooves, Truth Hurts reminds us of the good times and the need for us all to be in unison in these crazy times.
The track is a sneak peek at the release of her upcoming She-P #revelations, which she describes as a “grown woman’s musical diary.”


Bravado Bard – “Tire Wear”

Bravado Bard‘s “Tire Wear” is a reflective and aspiration track that details the rappers daily struggles and his determination to make the best out of nothing.


Akassia x Eliy Orcko – “What They Say”

UK based instrumental/vocal duo Akassia and Eliy Orcko share their new single “What They Say”. The jazz infused track is ripe with Akassia’s layered production, Sodaquaye’s smooth sax melodies and Eliy’s feel-good raps.
In a nutshell, it’s a perfect tune to lose yourself in.


Jaïnda – “Cyanide & Oxygen”

Uprising Amsterdam-based singer/songwriter Jaïnda makes her ear-grabbing entrance on our playlist with “Cyanide & Oxygen”. The heartfelt track is a blend of airy and ethereal textures underpinned by her rich vocal tone and sultry melodic runs. The lyrics dwell on a toxic relationship that feels good but it’s ultimately bad for her. It’s quite relatable and will surely appeal to old and new fans alike.


Rich Hippie – “Lost In The Wood” (feat. Dirty Sanchez 47)


Uprising Philly-based rapper Rich Hippie teams up with Dirty Sanchez 47 for his new single titled “Lost In The Wood”. The track has a sombre and soulful vibe while the emcees deliver a blend of reflective and braggadocio raps that keeps listeners engaged from start to finish.


MOPHEAD TBC – “Secretary (FifthFloorExclusive)”

MOPHEAD TBC makes his entry on our playlist with his new release titled “Secretary (FifthFloorExclusive)”. The track samples a classic sample and flips it neatly while Mop[head delivers his distinct laidback and lazy drawl.



Mojo Barnes – “Not Your Role Model”


Uprising lyricist Mojo Barnes showcases his pen game in “Not Your Role Model”. The laidback track has a moody aesthetic with a soft drum groove underpinned by vivid lyricism ripe with bravado and stylish rhyme schemes. A perfect closer if you asked us so hit the track up and raise the numbers.

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