We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the lastest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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 Poldoore – “Shade”

Belgian producer Poldoore  teams up with the good folks at Stereofox records to release this smooth surreal instrumental titled “Shade.” The track blends a handful of genres and styles from alternative pop, hip-hop, jazz and more. From the smooth keys, basslines and nostalgia-inducing horns, and sublime synths. There is so much to unpack on this short record.




Born Hero – “Run Away”

Born Hero is a talented instrumentalist and producer who makes his mark on our list with this somber beat titled  “Run Away.” He makes use of dark tones, ominous synths, and hard-hitting drums to convey a feeling of emotional distress. Check it out.

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Phlocalyst, Mr. Käfer – “Reminisce Over Us”



Flemish classical trumpet player Phlocalyst and the Austrian producer Mr. Käfer team up for this splendid collaboration titled “Reminisce Over Us.” A solid blend of jazzy hip-hop elements and nostalgic horns to create a sepia-toned canvass.



Device – “Two Chords”


Producers Device and Menace team up to deliver the extra smooth beat titled “Two Chords.” The tracks a superb blend of the west coast and electronic vibes. we get to hear dreamy textures, G funk styled synths and more.
“Two Chords” is the first single from the duo’s joint project Shapes, Patterns & Textures. Get it on all DSPs here.



Kang Brulèe, Mattia Salvadori, Polezsky – “Leit Motiv – mattia salvadori Remix”


“Leit Motiv ” is a vibrant instrumental ripe with triumphant horns, jazzy chords, and gripping grooves. It’s the result of the collaboration between Kang Brulèe, Mattia Salvadori, and Polezsky.
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Smod~ – “Algonquin” (ft. MWG)


Manchester-based producer Smod~ drops the new single “Algonquin” which features fellow SRR produce MWG. The track is a synth-driven piece ripe with layered dreamy textures and vibrant 808 drum kicks to match.
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Daddy Who – “Our Youth”


Daddy Who takes us back to his past on “Our Youth” a thumping lo-fi textured boom-bap track that is so soothing and nostalgic as well.
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Mixing Child – “Enter The New Year”


Mixing Child‘s “Enter The New Year” is an eclectic beat that slowly builds from moody atmospheric strings into something out of the box. The sparse drums, vocal manipulations and transitions are just seamless and alluring.



Big O – “Fly Away With Me”


Big O drops “Fly Away With Me” for the list and it is dope as usual. The solemn strings, dreamy textures, and soft drums go hand in hand like white on rice.
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Astralien – “Æthiopia”


“Æthiopia” is a guitar-laden beat by production group Astralien who makes great use of electronic, hip-hop, and rock elements. The way they lined up their arrangement is quite fascinating.
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Farazi x Sinan Öktem – “Koinoyokan”

Istanbul-based Turkish producer Farazi is not a stranger to TWIB and has produced for the likes of Chuuwee amongst others. On his new instrumental release titled “Koinoyokan” he teams up with Sinan Öktem to bring forth a soothing and reflective piece that we can all rock to. “Koinoyokan” is the first leak from Farazi and Sinan Öktem collaborative EP the SUNFLOWER.
Get the EP HERE



Botanik – “Banzai”


Botanik goes deep into South-Asia for his new track “Banzai.” The laidback, somber track is ripe with an eclectic sitar riff, porcelain flute, emphatic vocal sampling, and crunchy drums to complete the job.
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Astralien – “Two Realms”

Astralien taps into the true essence of Chillhop on “Two Realms.” The solemn string textures, dreamy vocal samples, and lush synths make for a solid listen from start to finish.



Colleen Wang – “New Spirit”


Instrumentalist Colleen Wang‘s “New Spirit” is more than just a fusion of sounds but it’s actually one of the songs she crafted as part of a Jungian psychotherapy process used for deciphering the human psyche and consciousness. A solid mix of cinematic violins, lush keys, and punchy drums. The track is rather upbeat and has a triumphant mood which can be said to be invigorating as well. It’s quite unexpected but brilliant from start to finish
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Tommy Tyrell – “The Return”

Tommy Tyrell takes us back to the grittiness on his new beat “The Return.” A dark somber beat is ripe with deep keys, somber textures, and snapping boom-bap drums.
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Daniel Fresco – “Can This Be? (2.26am 11.23.20)”

“Can This Be? (2.26am 11.23.20)” is a soothing and somber track by producer Daniel Fresco. The laidback approach is bolstered by the smooth transitions, soft tones, and drums to match. It’s quite relaxing and nostalgic from start to finish.
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Diggsz – “Autumn Gaze”


“Autumn Gaze” is the 4th song from UK producer Diggsz‘s new EP City Chronicles. The track is a blend of jazz and classic hip-hop elements mixed with seasonal moods that tap into the spirit of Autumn. This project takes you on a journey across the seasons, as it begins in the Spring and transports you through to Winter.
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