The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Jah Bankzz – “Talk That”


Miami-based Jah Bankzz is all about focusing on her goals in “Talk That”. Over a bouncy backdrop that blends thick 808 drums and a sample from Lauryn Hill, Jah warns us of human parasites who are just out to drain our energy and take advantage of us. The result is an insightful and motivational jam that implores listeners not to let others manipulate or take us for granted.



jonnychang x Dom V – “HALF”

jonnychang and Dom V team up for this uplifting and joyful tune titled “HALF” which talks about removing oneself from toxic situations. Backed by a bright elevator-music-inspired backdrop, both artists share their perspectives and how they manage to get their affairs in order.



M Soto – “Dream 2 Night”

M Soto comes through with “Dream 2 Night”, a heartfelt track that dwells on finding the light within the darkness. Over a cinematic and haunting backdrop, M Soto shows us what he had to go through to get to where he is.



Rah Cashiano – “Self Made”

Rah Cashiano‘s “Self Made” is a cinematic and menacing track ripe with scenic production and the rapper’s unapologetic and graphic lyrics.





Garci Gang – “Hot Shit” feat Que K


Garci Gang teams up with Que K for some “Hot Shit”. The playful track is bolstered by a dark trap soundscape and showcases both emcees’ distinct styles.



Kirby Gage – “WISHBONE”

Multi-talented Minneapolis, MN-based rapper/producer/songwriter Kirby Gage makes his entry on our playlist with “WISHBONE”.  The self-produced track is bouncy and somewhat sombre and showcases his stylish flow and heartfelt lyrics.




V Scripts – “A Piece For You”


Rapper/songwriter V Scripts is not afraid to pour his heart on wax in his new single “A Piece For You”, he pours adulation on the love of his life and also his growth within the relationship.






P-Rawb & Big O – “Power Within (Searching)” (feat. Fashawn & Adrienne Mack-Davis)

The rapper/producer duo of P-Rawb and Big O are working on a new collaborative project but in the meantime, they share their new single “Power Within (Searching)”. The song features Westcoast emcee Fashawn and singer/vocalist Adrienne MackDavis. The production handled by Big O is as soulful and scenic as they come and the rappers deliver solid verses filled with insight and relatable topics that pique the mind.



Lowkey Gwap – “No Hard Feelings”

Uprising rapper/songwriter Lowkey Gwap pours his heart on wax in this heartfelt track titled “No Hard Feelings”. The production is a blend of emo-trap and R&B elements and it’s ripe with his smooth vocal runs and somewhat memorable melodic runs.





A-1 x Baghead x Rexx Life Raj – “Light Flex” (feat. Rexx Life Raj & Teeko)

A-1 and Baghead team up with Rexx Life Raj and Teeko for their latest single “Light Flex”. Backed by the rich punchy soundscape, the emcees deliver a blend of storytelling with bravado that drops listeners deep into the mix of the action. The song is lifted from A-1’s latest project STEPxSTEP.





The Prodigal Son Pierre Montray – “The Body Snatcher”

The Prodigal Son Pierre Montray holds nothing back in his new single “The Body Snatcher” which showcases his fiery rap style and grown man raps.




Zedkay – “Work Rate High”.

UK rapper Zedkay knows the assignment as he defines why his “Work Rate High”. Over a cinematic drill soundscape, He proceeds to break away from the norm reminding us that he is in a whole other league when it comes to rap.





Julianna Townsend – “sick of loving you”.


Rising R&B singer/songwriter Julianna Townsend caught our attention with her new effort titled “sick of loving you”. The laidback track has a warm, cinematic and solemn feel which is underpinned by her lilting vocal runs and heartfelt lyrics that dive into a different kind of love filled with more downs and ups.






Farr out – “Euphoric Love”.


Singer/songwriter Farr Out‘s newest release “Euphoric Love” is a guitar-laden piece that centers on being neck-deep in love and basking in the glory and warm feeling. Armed with her rich and distinct melodic runs, Farr Out delivers a soul-stirring piece that lovers would gladly rejoice in.



Phylosophy – “The Omen”.

Phylosophy holds nothing back in his new release “The Omen”. Bolstered by a menacing backdrop made up of moody pads and ominous textures with snapping boombap drums. The rapper proceeds to wreak havoc on the mic with his unapologetic demeanour and off-kilter raps. Overall, he reminds us that he is not here to play games or mess around.




DMENTID – “One More Shot”


Uprising rapper DMENTID caught our ears with his new single titled “One More Shot”. Over a haunting and sombre backdrop, he gives us a glimpse into his world and his experiences as a black man in an unforgiving world.




MIRE – “yet i’m on a radar in Japan”

MIRE gets back into form with his latest release “yet i’m on a radar in Japan”, a reflecting tune that talks about his personal growth and how he finds a way to overcome his daily struggles and building up resilience.






M Soto‘s “ORDINARY LOVE” is a heartfelt and soulful piece that centers on the ups and downs of blossoming love. Over the warm and dreamy backdrop, M Soto pours his heart on wax as he dives into the concept of proper communication between two people in love.






39KTR – “Save Me”

East Oakland-raised rapper 39KTR digs deep in his latest release “Save Me”. The sombre track sees the rapper reflecting on his life, from betrayal, to personal loss and the never-ending struggles he has to go through to be a better man.



Big Vonno – “Top Tier Freestyle”

Kentucky-based rapper Big Vonno caught our attention with “Top Tier Freestyle”, a hard-hitting jam ripe with lush guitar licks and thick 808-driven drums. Armed with a commanding flow and playful demeanour, Big Vonno delivers a smooth and engaging performance ripe with edgy lyrics and full-blown bravado to complete the job.





M Soto x Royce Da 5’9 – “Dimensions “(feat. Royce 5’9)


M Soto links with legendary Detroit lyricist Royce Da 5’9 for this new single titled “Dimensions”. Produced by M Soto, the song has a retro soulful feel with a TV show aesthetic. The horns are blaring and the drums are well crafted with both emcees dropping a flurry of fiery bars.

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