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GO79MAN – “Seat Freestyle 005: Lose It”.

Chicago-born Raleigh-raised hip-hop artist GO79MAN comes through with “Seat Freestyle 005: Lose It”. The soulful lofi jam is ripe with the rapper’s adulation-filled lyrics that show his vulnerability and his love for a certain individual who caught his heart.


Pavy – “Love It for Yourself”.

Pavy teams up with Glasses Malone and C. Rich for “Love It For Yourself” taken from his new project.  Over a sublime and R&B-infused soundscape, the artists give their respective ladies the taste of the good life and implore them not to worry about anything and just enjoy the moment.


Max Gavins – “£WORLD”


UK emcee Max Gavins takes us to “£WORLD”, a storytelling track about his journey in life. The title is a nod to the bargain shop that gave him his first job at the age of 16. Here, Max reflects on the events and experiences he had over the years alongside a taste of being economically challenged and finding ways to push through the daily struggles.



Darius – “Buzzin”.


Darius pays homage to 50 years of hip-hop in his new single “Buzzin”. The production has the classic boom-bap vibe with punchy drums and sombre samples that is underpinned by Darius’ fiery flow and bravado bars filled with engaging wordplay and vivid rhyme schemes.


Nocturnal – “Same Song”


Uprising New Haven, Connecticut-born rapper Nocturnal makes an entry on our playlist with “Same Song”. The track is as soulful and sombre as they come and see the rapper reflecting on love turning sour. He details how his relationship broke down in the verses with each one revealing new information. This is quite relatable and the songwriting is engaging and well-crafted.



Jack Mills – “One“.


Rapper Jack Mills and producer Infinite P  return with the new single “One” which serves as the follow-up to their 2021 release. The track has a bouncy drum groove with soulful vocal samples underpinned by Jack Mills stylish flow and bravado-laden lyrics.



Bookie. – “POSSESSION“.




Uprising rapper Bookie caught our ears with his new single titled “Possession”, a laidback sombre track that showcases his melodic style and distinct drawl.


Jay Morelli x Passport Rav x Bobby J From Rockaway – “Lo-Fi”


Keyboard Player/Producer  Jay Morelli recruits NY rappers Passport Rav and Bobby J From Rockaway for this new release titled “Lo-Fi”. The track is ripe with warm textures, pulsating basslines and sublime chords layered over a head nodding drum grooves. Lyrically, the song talks about a girl whose main love is hip-hop and shows how beautiful the culture is in every way shape and form.


gLife – “Aladdin Rap” (Lifers Anthem pt. 2)” by G-Life


G-Life shares his new single “Aladdin Rap” (Lifers Anthem pt. 2)” with us. The Dat Boi Butta-produced track is a midtempo bouncy track made up of rousing drum grooves, eclectic samples and vocal scratches to match G-Life’s fiery rap flow and graphic lyrical schemes.


Bshortt – “Cream Leather”.


Bshortt‘s newest single “Cream Leather” is a reflective and insightful track that dwells on lost love and the many mistakes he made in the past that keep haunting him. Armed with his melodic flow, Bshortt delivers an emotive performance over a sombre guitar-driven soundscape.




The Ground – “I Choose”

The Ground stays true to himself in his new release titled “I Choose”. The self-reflective track is made up of s dreamy and soulful texture and starts off with a classic Bruce Lee vocal snippet about being water and adapting to any situation. The Ground takes the message and reminds us that he will never lose until he chooses to.



Jae Anthonie – “Let It Go”

Jae Anthonie brings up the energy levels with his newest release “Let It Go”, a thumping track that aims to get you out of your seat. Armed with his laidback and commanding vocal tone, Jae delivers a no holds barred performance and concludes it with a memorable hook.



Libretto & Vitamin D – “Jesus Piece” (Remix by Theory Hazit)

Libretto and Vitamin D‘s song “Jesus Piece” gets a remix by Theory Hazit who uses mellow and soulful textures to craft a whole new vibe for the song. Libretto delivers a solid performance with lyrics that talk about the ups and downs and the strength needed to overcome daily struggles.



ADOM – “Ap-Parently”

Rapper/producer ADOM makes his debut on our list with “Ap-Parently”. The Pflugerville, Texas native sure has the chops as his storytelling skills are top-notch and take listeners deep into the action and the cinematic backdrop used fits the topic perfectly.



Big O x P-Rawb x L.O.U. – “A Cause for Concern” (Feat. L.O.U. & P-Rawb) [Scratches by gman]

Big O, P-Rawb and L.O.U. deliver their new release “A Cause for Concern” with scratches by gman. The Big O-produced track has a sombre and reflective vibe and sees the emcees in their element as they share their respective experiences in this thing called life. “A Cause for Concern” is the opening track to Big O’s new album In the Company of Others.



M.A.R.S (Music Always Reigns Supreme) x Matt Hatt – “Sapphic Attraction”

M.A.R.S (Music Always Reigns Supreme) and Matt Hatt share their new single titled “Sapphic Attraction”. Over the solemn and melancholic soundscape, Matt gives us a relatable and introspective tale of self-discovery.






LEVEL 13 x Matt Maddox – “Legacy” feat. Muggz on Drugz

South-Philadelphia-based producer/beatmaker Matt Maddox teams up with lyricist LEVEL 13 for this anthemic track titled  “Legacy”. The track also features rapper Muggz on Drugz who trade bars with LEVEL 13 and the result is a fiery display that will keep listeners locked in from start to finish




Abyss x Big Dese – “No Brakes” prod. by BoFaatBeatz


Abyss and Big Dese burst through the doors with “No Brakes” which is produced by BoFaatBeatz. The production is ominous, sparse and punchy while the rappers bring their A-game to the forefront with unfiltered bars, edgy pop references and vivid rap schemes.


Savage The Poet – “PROTECTION”.


Brooklyn Bred Nuyorican Poet, MC and Lyricist Savage The Poet makes his entry on our playlist with his newest release titled “PROTECTION”. Bolstered by a moody 808-driven backdrop, the emcee delivers a blend of reflective and edgy raps that shows listeners a glimpse into his life.


Lil Seyi- “Incredible”



Cheverly-born producer/artist Lil Seyi caught our ears with his new single “Incredible”, a heartfelt feel-good and inspirational track that showcases his versatility as an artist and songwriter. The track has a pop vibe and the R&B vibes are seamlessly fused with his distinct melodic styles and uplifting lyrics that aim to give listeners something positive to lean on.



Brock, Truth Da GOHD – “Better Man”.

Brock and Truth Da GOHD show us how to be a “Better Man”. The collaboration is a heartfelt and relatable piece that explores the struggles of a young black man trying to be a better man in an unforgiving world where nothing is granted.


LMNZ – “Evolution Of The Sun”


LMNZ ‘s newest release “Evolution Of The Sun” sees him teaming up with Loomis Green and Sera Kalo who add their distinct vocals to the smooth reflective soundscape. Over the lush synth arrangement smooth guitar licks and head-nodding drums, listeners get a blend of insightful bars and alluring melodic runs weaved seamlessly into one.



Rob Cave – “Captain’s Chair” (feat. Marcus Pinn)


Rob Cave and Marcus Pinn team up for this stylish bravado-laden track titled “Captain’s Chair”. The track has a lofi-soul vibe and it’s quite engaging as the rappers’ trade bars are ripe with insight and futuristic elements centred on black excellence and optimism in the face of the daily struggles and then some.



Miss Tina Fondren – “I AM ENOUGH”.


Uprising singer/songwriter Miss Tina Fondren caught our attention with her new single “I AM ENOUGH”. The aspirational single is an uplifting anthem that serves as a reminder that we are more than enough and we should never let others dictate how we should feel. Armed with her commanding vocal runs and rich melodic styles, Miss Tina Fondren delivers the goods and leaves listeners with powerful positive affirmations that is much needed in these dark times



MISS C-LINE – “Burnout”.


Multi-instrumentalist/producer MISS C-LINE brings the entire posse for her new release titled “Burnout”. Over the sublime and soulful backdrop, she brings  James Iwa, Iannis Obiols, Casey Benjamin, Jay Jules and Eric Valle for a brilliant genre-bending performance. From neo-soul melodic stylings, spoken-word-styled raps and live jazz progressions, listeners will be wowed by the intricate arrangements and fusion of styles.
“Burnout” is the stunning third single taken from Swiss multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer MISS C-LINE’s forthcoming album, MISS C-LINE & The Rabidz which is slated for release in October 2023.





Twivee – “Solid Ground”


UK hip-hop artist Twivee pours his heart on wax in the new single “Solid Ground”. Bolstered by a sombre guitar-laden soundscape, the rapper looks deep into his pain and musters the strength to find hope in the midst of all the madness.
The song is taken from the new EP Criminally Underrated.


The Lost and Found Music Group – “Colorless”.

The Lost and Found Music Group shares this universal message of love in “Colorless” which dives into how racial discrimination and divisions often affect people from different backgrounds. Over the soulful and reflective backdrop, the artists give us detailed tales of struggles in inter-racial relationships.


ABSYTE -” Dont Say That” (feat. Marcus Machado)


ABSYTE  and Marcus Machado team up for “Dont Say That”, a thought-provoking social commentary that focuses on the change of guard in information dissemination and how people are slowly breaking free away from strict religious constraints and the concept of the lone messiah coming to put things back in order. ABSYTE doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind over the moody and punchy backdrop but leaves us with more than a handful of gems to live by as she implores us to effect change the world by changing our mindsets.


Vicious Teknique – “Designer Murder”.


Vicious Teknique‘s latest release “Designer Murder” is a reflective and insightful piece that dwells on the rising homicide rates. Over the sombre and solemn piano-driven backdrop, he asks the pertinent questions of why we are killing our own kind.

Timothy and the Apocalypse x The Time Meddler – “All That Glitters”

“All That Glitters” is a collaborative track from Australian producer Timothy and the Apocalypse and The Time Meddler. The track is quite experimental and packs a punch with its snapping grooves, and cinematic but soulful textures all peppered by soothing melodic runs.






Kevin Nova – “The Journey”


Kevin Nova delivers this inspirational record titled “The Journey” for listeners to use as an impetus to propel forward. Over the sombre and rich production made up of soulful vocals and lush keys, Kevin delivers an aspiration message for listeners who are ready to chase their dreams because the journey never stops.




Azariah & Kidd Called Quest (Young Black And Gifted ) – “Day Ones

Young Black And Gifted (Azariah and Kidd Called Quest) return to the forefront with “Day Ones” which serves as a reunion of some sort as Azariah reflects on his nearly two-decade friendship with Kidd Called Quest. The production is perfect and has a cinematic but punchy groove to match Azariah’s vivid storytelling. “Day Ones” is the first new release from Young Black And Gifted since 2021’s “The Oath.”






KOTH‘s “BTM” is a sombre and reflective tune that explores the concept of being accountable for life choices and the impact our immediate family can have on us. Over the bouncy west-coast-styled production provided by HungerForceBeats, KOTH takes us on a journey of self-reflection and leaves us with something to think about.

This is the first single off his upcoming Maven album which will be released on 10/18

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