The year is 2020 and this year more than ever has it been extremely difficult for independent artists to make any sort of impression during a global pandemic. Yet one artist has managed to flourish creatively during a dark and difficult time. The artist is Toronto based Hip-Hop artist Mega Sean, an artist who during a global pandemic has been working around the clock to give something to his dedicated fans and audience who have been eagerly awaiting the next project from Mega Sean.

Mega Sean since the global pandemic started has been working tirelessly on two projects one of which is a brand new Single and music video with The Heresy entitled ‘Hop Hop 101’ along with an official music video. The music video with it’s unique animated style and narrative has been well received by the fan base and followers of Mega Sean and has been shared constantly since it’s October 5th release date across all of the major social media platforms by hip hop fans and enthusiasts from all over the world and continues to grow in views and likes.

The other project brought to you by Mega Sean is a brand new exclusively documentary entitled “Rise of the T-shirt King”, a full, feature length documentary about the artists rise to fame from selling cd’s in the streets to selling mer- chandise. The documentary tells the story of the artist rise to fame and the struggle of rising as an independent artist in an oversaturated industry turning a craft and a talent into a full, thriving business.

Mega Sean has been an independence force since 2003 and since 2003 has sold over 100k CD’s with his street team. Profits from the CD sales went on to open doors and opportunities for the artist to create music for Ontario milk Farm- ers, McDonalds and other music commercials. Mega Sean to this day still continues to build momentum, especially with the release of his brand new single and music video “Hip Hop 101” and the announcement of the brand new fea- ture length documentary “Rise of The Shirt King”.

Both the release of the brand new single and official music video “Hip Hop 101”along with the announcement of the full brand new feature length documentary “Rise of The Shirt King” have propelled Hip-Hop artist Mega Sean into the spot- light once again and this has not gone unnoticed with news of the two brand new projects being picked up by various music media outlets across the internet.

Artist Mega Sean continues to be a driving force amongst a global pandemic and continues to work around the clock to bring something to his eagerly awaiting fans and audience and give them something positive and powerful, reigniting peoples minds and hearts through the power of music.

The song is also available to stream on Spotify.

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