We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Smash Brother Beats – “Insane”

Smash Brother Beats helps us to open the playlist with “Insane”, a smooth funky jazz track ripe with rich guitar plucks, solid bass-driven drum grooves and subtle sound design to match. It’s a brilliant opener and will surely get heads nodding.


Jamma Dee – “Jamma’s Jam” (feat. Mndsgn & Swarvy)

Los Angeles producer/beat maker Jamma Dee shares the song “Jamma’s Jam” which sees him teaming up with Mndsgn and Swarvy. The track has a chilled, soulful vibe with its soft drums, warm Rhodes chords, pulsating basslines and rich vibraphones. Overall, it exudes a nostalgic and reflective feeling that listeners can just relax to. The song is taken from Jamma Dee’s debut LP entitled Perceptions.



Know Life – “Jazz Shit Redux”

Know Life thrill us with “Jazz Shit Redux”, a smooth lofi jazz-hop piece that is made up of soft warm tones, nostalgia-inducing horn passes, lush textures and head-nodding drums as well.



GrandJeu – “ANDALUSIA”

GrandJeu a self-taught musician makes his entry on our playlist with “ANDALUSIA”, a mellow guitar-laden track that has nostalgic aesthetics. The beat has a scenic feel and the use of vocal scratches and warm textures all work together like white on rice.





Chapo’s beatcorner – “KEEP IT REAL”

Chapo’s beatcorner shows us how to “KEEP IT REAL” in his latest release. The track has that classic dusty boom-bap vibe with its jazzy elements and scratches that uses lines from legendary rappers like AZ, Big L, Busta Rhymes and more.



Smash Brother Beats – “Daydreamer” (feat. Mark_S)

Smash Brother Beats and Mark_S‘s “Daydreamer” give us something lift and summery in their new release. The track is groovy and samples a classic soul song that lovers of the genre would recognize and they flipped it perfectly. Blending those nostalgic strings with solemn keys, subtle vocal chops and soft brass lines is just genius.




Houis – “Baby’s Breath”.


NYC-based French-American producer Houis (pronounced “weece”) shares his new release Baby’s Breath” which is lifted from his forthcoming Outgrown album. The track has a solemn and nostalgic aesthetic made up of lush and warm R&B-styled pads with hushed drums to boot. Just like the title, it’s fresh.




Damien Sebe – “explore”


Damien Sebe‘s latest release “explore” is a mellow and sombre piece that is made up of soft drum grooves, rich Rhodes arrangement and dreamy keys that come together like a blissful rainy night.





Gerardo Millán x hushfall – “Neon”.

Gerardo Millán and hushfall team up to bring us their newest collaboration “Neon”. The track is a sparse and moody track made up of melancholic piano riffs, sombre guitar plucks and sad textures to match. While the title sounds colorful the track’s color is a whole lot different and emotionally gripping as well.


Mr. Donsai – “Fading Memories”.

Mr. Donsai gets us in a retrospective mood with his newest release “Fading Memories”. The title says it all and the way he puts together a soul-gripping tapestry of piano riffs, guitar plucks and silent pads is brilliant from start to finish.



Retro Utopia – “Ocean Moon”

Retro Utopia and Carl Weingarten‘s “Ocean Moon” is a cinematic piece that sounds like a scene from a drama series. The moody pads, crisp guitar plucks and laidback arrangement is pretty cohesive and exudes an undeniable nostalgic vibe that will keep listeners stuck on it.



Jake Padorr – “Feel the Sun”.

Experimental musician Jake Padorr is taking music-making to a whole new plateau with his blend of beatboxing, trumpeting and expansive sound design techniques. His newest effort titled “Feel the Sun” is as dynamic as they come and it’s made up of rivetting beatboxing, evocative sound design and multiple parallel effects and aural shifting techniques that raise the envelope as the track progresses.

“Feel the Sun” is taken from his three-song EP titled Sun River Revolution, which is a gorgeous surrender of celestial vocal expression. The EP is the lead-up to Jake’s upcoming full-length record.


LVNT – “Delusion”

Hungarian producer LVNT caught our undivided attention with this neo-jazz, lofi-soul track titled “Delusion”. The piano progression is dynamic and the hushed percussions give it a live band feel while the muted bassline helps add an extra thump to it.



East Mane – “Golden Meadow”

East Mane leads us into the “Golden Meadow” in his latest effort. The dreamy track has a hint of nostalgia, solemnity and reflection with its layered arrangement.


User67 – “Cinderella”

User67′s “Cinderella” is another brilliant study beat that we couldn’t resist sharing. The laidback sparse grooves, warm and relaxing textures and bright keys all come together like white on rice.


uncn – “In Her Eyes”

uncn makes his debut appearance on our playlist with “In Her Eyes”, a feel-good piano-driven track that has a bright and happy vibe. I like the dynamics as the instruments don’t overpower each other and listeners can perfectly hear how the keys, soft basslines, drums and guitar lines complement one another.



Mr. Käfer – “About That Time”

German producer Mr. Käfer thrills us with this absolute gem of a track titled “About That Time”. The record has a solid drum groove that would keep heads nodding but the icing on the cake is the layered instrumentation. From the rich pads, solemn strings and gripping guitar plucks, the producer sure delivers the goods.


Blue Sirens – “in the wind”

If you are in need to study with the perfect backdrop, Blue Sirens has you covered with his latest effort titled “in the wind”. As the title suggests, the record is quite airy, and atmospheric and has an ethereal aesthetic that helps feel that nostalgic void i all of us and also it’s perfect to meditate to.



Immerson – “A Familiar Place”

Immerson‘s “A Familiar Place” is a somewhat haunting and solemn track that really taps into our emotions. The soft tones, melancholic keys and moody pads all add that soul-gripping touch to the record.




nobel x Fred Paci – “Lemonade”

Italian producer Nobel and Canadian producer Fred Paci form a soulful alliance in this collaboration titled “Lemonade”. The laidback jam is a jazz-infused piece ripe with soft horn passes, sombre piano keys and warm pads underpinned by a head-nodding drum groove.




Radiocosmo – “do not disturb”


German production team Radiocosmo come through this week with “do not disturb”, a relaxing and sublime piece that aims to soothe our minds. The tones are solemn and serene and the crisp drums also have a solid bounce to.



Heitech – “Monterey”

Heitech help us close out the instrumental playlist with “Monterey”, a mellow and sombre track made up of vocal-like synths, moody piano licks and sublime dreamy textures with an overall lofi aesthetic.

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