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Qwalia – “Electric Highway, Part 2”.


New London-based quartet Qwalia, led by drummer Yusuf Ahmed, guitarist/vocalist Tal Janes, Ben Reed on bass and keyboardist Joseph Costi bring something new and refreshing with their style of borderless music. Their latest release “Electric Highway, Part 2” is a heavenly sonic bliss ripe with warm pads, dreamy synths, lush guitar plucks, soft pulsating bass-driven grooves and dynamic sound design that takes listeners to a whole new galaxy. “Electric Highway, Part 2” comes on the heels of their Sound & Reason album and sets the tone for their forthcoming follow-up.

Part 2 of this thematic jam expands on an idea first captured in the debut, but opens out both in sound and scope. Stabbing guitars and wobbling synths support a heavy bass and drum beat that can just as easily sit alongside hip-hop cuts as contemporary jazz pieces



Yvan Poisson – “Ease”



Yvan Poisson comes through on our playlist with “Ease”, a soft jazzy beat with solemn and reflective vibes. The beat has a handful of elements ranging from the bassline, moody chords and hushed drums but together they create this gloomy ambience that keeps listeners locked in.


michum – “wone”

michum taps into the past with this lofi/synthwave pop piece titled “one”. The soft pads, layered textures and smooth guitar plucks really come together perfectly.


Védah – “Game of Life”

France-based producer Védah comes through with “Game of Life”, a soulful beat ripe with smooth vocal-driven sample textures and warm vibes with punchy drums. The production is dynamic and changes in tempo as it progresses.




Eastern Sage – “Asahi”

Eastern Sage drops “Asahi”, a dreamy and exotic piece that draws listeners into a mystical world where anything is plausible. The Eastern instrumentation coupled with lofi aesthetics is pure bliss.




Tottsea – “Colorscape”

Tottsea‘s “Colorscape” has a contemporary sound with elements of lofi-pop as well. The layered instrumentation all play well with each other and overall give listeners a soulful vibe that they can rock with.


Sleep Powder – “autumn leaves”

Sleep Powder takes us into the comfort zone with “autumn leaves”. The guitar-laden beat is rich, cinematic and has a sentimental vibe rooted to its core.



Calm Chapter x Karamandi – “Fernweh”

Calm Chapter and Karamandi team up to bring us “Fernweh”, a jazzy tune ripe with heavenly horn passes, sparkling piano riffs and a steady bass-driven groove.



yue – “sweet nectar”

Rising instrumentalist/producer yue makes his debut entry on our list with “sweet nectar” and as the title suggests, it’s a warm sublime affair ripe with rich piano riffs, ethereal pads and soft drums that help keep it groovy.



Emapea – “All I Really Need”

Emapea drops off the bouncy jazz-infused beat “All I Really Need” on our playlist and it sure hits the mark with its rich sparkling pianos and dreamy strings and of course head nodding drums.


Pokesh – “Numb”

Pokesh goes for something different and offers us a lofi instrumental version of the classic Linkin’ Park song “Numb”. he keeps the emotional oomph of the original and only tames the energy in Lofi fashion.




American Teleport – “kids – lofi version”

American Teleport brings us “kids – lofi version”, a soothing vocal assisted lofi jam layered with warm dreamy pads, soft keys, hushed drum grooves and an overall calming aesthetic that listeners can rely on.



Hoatsin – “Let’s Get Lost”

Hoatsin‘s  “Let’s Get Lost” is as sublime and reflective as they come. The laidback, sentimental aesthetic is accentuated by rich textures and dreamy pads that rise to a plateau as it goes along and offer listeners something chilled and relaxing.




Distant.Face – “Rooftop Garden Dreams”.

Distant.Face lifts our spirits with this joyful and nostalgia-inducing beat titled “Rooftop Garden Dreams”. The textures are soft and the vocal synths all gel perfectly with the lush keys as well.



Sé Bastian – “drift”

Sé Bastian delivers “drift”, a mellow lofi tune that is steeped in melancholy and reflection. The guitar riffs, warm synth pads and rich sound design all come together like white on rice.



The Last Nation – “Stars Fragments”

The Last Nation shows us the last “Stars Fragments” in this epic-sounding beat that starts off with a solemn guitar riff and builds into a sad and introspective piece. The use of soft vocal hums, rich pads and subtle percussions really add that extra emotional touch to the track.



Ludwig del Pino – “The sleeping bird sways in the rain”

Ludwig del Pino always delivers the goods and does so with his latest effort titled “The Sleeping Bird Sways in the Rain”. He employs soft piano riffs that slowly rise with the mellow grooves and sublime pads and together the piece hits the mark with it’s soul-stirring aesthetic.



Mr. Käfer – “Resumption”

Mr. Käfer drops “Resumption”, a vibrant summer-tinged R&B/soul/lofi tune. From the airy jazzy horns, rich pads, soulful piano chords and bouncy bass-driven grooves, the track sure hits the bullseye.



kBeats – “Sleepless”

kBeats, Tyler I and Andrew Simpson team up for “Sleepless”, a melancholic and reflective beat that will hit the soul. The pads and ethereal textures are well-crafted with the sound design that it transports listeners into a warm place where you can reminisce on different things I guess.




LoFi Walrus – “Iceberg Lettuce”

LoFi Walrus makes his entry on our site with “Iceberg Lettuce”, a chilled R&B/lofi beat ripe with lush guitar riffs, solemn pads and hushed drum grooves. This is that soundtrack to an evening date so add it to your playlist right away.



Billy Hammer – “letting go”


Billy Hammer shows us the act of “letting go” in his new release. The guitar-driven piece is ripe with lush plucks, an airy sound design and a snapping drum groove to match. It’s quite dynamic as it progresses into an emotional piece with it’s rich violin strings and pads.




Chad Nathan – “Sunset”

Chad Nathan helps close out this week’s list with “Sunset”, a calming and sublime piece that is made up of soft piano chords, warm pads and pulsating bass-driven grooves. Perfect for one’s study playlist or could be used in a meditation session.


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