We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Groove & CHG – “Dream Sequence”

Groove and CHG take us deep into the “Dream Sequence” in their latest collaboration. Over soft drum grooves, solemn piano riffs and subtle pads, the duo delivers the goods in their own unique fashion.



Q-Rush – “My Eyes”.

Frankfurt-based producer/ DJ Q-Rush shares his new release “My Eyes” taken from his recently released EP Where the sun goes down. The track has a blend of lofi-jazz with a touch of modern hiphop. The drill bassline, rich piano riffs, punchy drums and guitar plucks all come together like hand in glove.





deliBass – “Rays of Revelation”.

deliBass‘s “Rays of Revelation” is a soothing and sublime instrumental made up of dreamy pads, warm textures, pulsating funky basslines and rich keys to complete the job. It has a futuristic jazz vibe as well.



Sigh.fi – “Noodles”

Sigh.fi brings us some audio “Noodles” in his new release. The track has a dark cinematic feel made up of moody textures, scenic sound design, obscure vocal samples and thick boombap drums. He even throws in some airy saxophone passes into the mix with smooth scratches.




Manni Mono x Sepalot – “So Hot”

Manni Mono and Sepalot brought us something “So Hot” we had to share it. This upbeat genre-crossing jam is ripe with moody pads, expertly chopped vocals, rich synths and bass-laden drum grooves that will make you get up out of your seats.



Milkshake Godfather – “Silver”


NY-based drummer/producer Milkshake Godfather makes a solid appearance on our list with “Silver”, a smooth dreamy piece ripe with lush and atmospheric samples layered over a downtempo drum groove. The track is lifted from his debut beat tape Uncle.




Kiefer – “Doomed


Kiefer shares the animated visualizer for his single “Doomed“, a rich genre-bending track that takes elements from jazz, future pop and a touch of chill hop. The jazzy percussions, upbeat drum grooves and rich piano riffs are quite engaging and the use of soft synths with moody textures also add dynamism to the record.  The track is taken from his forthcoming album It’s Ok, B U which can be pre-ordered here.



Ogi feel the Beat X IGR – “Where Do We Go From Here?”

Hard-working producer Ogi feel the Beat and guitarist IGR team up for “Where Do We Go From Here?”, a mellow solemn track that taps into our emotions. The production is solemn, reflective and warm from start to finish.






Pianist/producer KRYKONBEATS delivers this smooth jam “Autumn” for our listening pleasure. The layered piano arrangement, soulful chords and warm textures are comforting and perfect for one’s jazz-lofi playlist

Ian Ewing x Philanthrope x Brock Berrigan – “Meridian”

“Meridian” is a reflective and ethereal beat crafted by Ian Ewing, Philanthrope and Brock Berrigan. The beat is pretty dynamic and eclectic as it blends elements from lofi-jazz and chill hop. It’s soulful, and rich in textures as the guitar riffs, sound design, chords and pads all merge into a unified sound that draws listeners in.


POSY – “Netami”


POSY drops this smooth and head-nodding jazz-lofi beat titled “Netami” on our playlist. The progressions are quite captivating and the layered instrumentation is dynamic and soul-gripping from start to finish.



saikai – “comfort of home”

Singapore-based producer saikai shows us the “comfort of home” in his latest effort. The mellow lofi-jazz track has ethereal guitar riffs, soulful keys and soft drums to complete the job.


Donovan’s Playground – “Pensamientos”

Mexican producer Donovan’s Playground makes his appearance on our list with “Pensamientos”, a chilled sublime piece that is ripe with soft guitar plucks, melancholic keys and an overall solemn aesthetic.


Hoatsin – “Sweet Life”.

Hoatsin‘s “Sweet Life” is a sublime instrumental made up of sparse downtempo drums, layered pads, dreamy chords and sound design that takes listeners into their comfort zone.


Less Gravity – “comethru (lofi) (Jeremy Zucker Cover)”.

Less Gravity and DNTST team up for “comethru (lofi) (Jeremy Zucker Cover)”, a  reflective and somewhat melancholic track made up of soft guitar plucks, warm pads and rich keys.




ojalvo – “lemons”.

ojalvo‘s “lemons” is a mellow lofi-soul piece that makes use of ethereal textures, summery pads with rich Rhodes chords and a laidback groove to boot.


Damien Sebe – “joyful”

Damien Sebe delivers something “joyful” for our playlist and it’s sublime to the core. The warm and laidback textures, pads and soft drums are carefully meshed together and the use of airy horns adds a nostalgic feel to it as well.


Drama Hights – “Baladeu”

German producer Drama Hights drops his new release “Baladeu”, a mellow and laidback track that is cinematic and nostalgic all at once. from the bassline, soft hushed drums and bright keys, Drama Hights sure delivers the goods on this track.



Lee Blackman – “Coke Pies”

Lee Blackman helps us close the playlist with “Coke Pies”. The track is a cinematic and gritty track made up of ominous strings, crunchy drum grooves and a vocal sample to match. Overall, it’s gritty and scenic enough to keep listeners locked in from start to finish. “Coke Pies” is a single taken from Lee Blackman’s new instrumental project entitled The Reagan Era, a project that documents the early beginnings of the crack epidemic and the administration’s efforts leading to the war on drugs.

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