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Cheap Monk x David Briales – “Siroco”

Cheap Monk and David Briales are working on a 3 song collaboration and they delivered the second single “Siroco” to our earshot. The track is ripe with rich Spanish guitar plucks, warm basslines and a head-nodding drum break which progresses into a piano-driven section with a cinematic and suspenseful feeling. It’s quite dynamic and draws audiences in like nature’s Siroco, which is a Mediterranean wind that comes from the north of Africa.


Terror Firma – “Meeting the King”.

Dunedin, New Zealand-based, La Mesa, California-born producer Terror Firma is currently working on his new LP but in the interim, he shares “Meeting the King”, a solemn mellow jazz-infused track ripe with warm textures, rich acoustic guitar plucks and a head nodding drum groove to boot. The track is the lead single from his LP entitled Last Revival.



Ogi feel the Beat – “Still Believe”

Ogi feel the Beat thrills his fans with “Still Believe” lifted from his newest album/beattape Subtle Segments. The summer-tinged track is sublime and has warm textures with dreamy pads and a prevalent bassline that makes it engulfing from start to finish.



88FULLY – “Selective”

88FULLY returns to our playlist with his new release “Selective”, a cinematic track made up of scenic strings, rich synth pads with punchy drums.



Paul Rogers – “Good Morning”


Saxophonist Paul Rogers treats us to blissful vibes in “Good Morning”, his latest release that blends jazz, R&B with a modern contemporary aesthetic. The layered piece is ripe with bright keys, warm pads, rousing drums peppered with celebratory horn passes and soft melodic vocals on the chorus.


Electroviking – “Don’t / Q.E.D.”

Electroviking delivers his newest release “Don’t / Q.E.D.”, a fun jazz-boom-bap track made up of head-nodding grooves, dusty jazz elements comprised of soft bass tones, slick guitar plucks and prevalent bass arrangements.



Zeratoma – “Burger Joint”.

Zeratoma pops up on our radar with “Burger Joint”, a bright and uplifting track made up of lush flutes, rich sombre piano progressions and a thick bass-driven drum groove.



Greyware – “Monsoon”.

Greyware taps into human emotions in “Monsoon”, a sad tune that is mellow, atmospheric and exudes pure nostalgia from start to finish.,


kozebeats – “bapmobile”.

kozebeats taps into the 90s on this punchy jazz-infused track titled “bapmobile”. I love the lush textures, pulsating bass-driven grooves, jazzy strings and sample chops used here.





Lofi Milk – “Insects Awaken” (feat. Maho Fukami)

Lofi Milk’s latest release “Insects Awaken” is a collaborative piece with Maho Fukami and both deliver a heartwarming and dreamy track made up of rich keys, solemn guitar plucks and an overall vibe that makes one think of the past.



Zycix – “Ripples in the Night”.

Zycix delivers this reflective piece titled “Ripples in the Night” to our earshot. The guitar-driven track has a blend of engaging sound design, and introspective aesthetics and it’s a perfect addition to one’s evening meditative playlist.



flowermoon – “Kite in The Wind”.

flowermoon‘s “Kite in The Wind” is a solemn and reflective track made up of sombre strings, and subtle throbbing synth pads with soft grooves to boot. The overall comforting and relaxing vibe is the icing on the velvet cake.



Jansun – “stillness”

Jansun show us how “stillness” warms and clears the soul in this new release. The main guitar licks are prevalent and the bassline is soft but adds the much-needed oomph to the track.



Refeeld – “Gouache”.

Japanese producer Refeeld makes an entrance on our playlist with “Gouache”, a blissful and sombre tune that is ripe with layered production and soul-stirring aesthetics. The track is a slow burner and the way it builds is intentional as the warm pads and guitar licks all come together like hot knife through butter.



Zunderhill – “Santa Monica”.

Zunderhill leads us into “Santa Monica” with this airy and dreamy track. he uses a blend of atmospheric keys, surreal textures and sublime sound design that exudes pure nature in it’s true form.


Telica – “Memories”.

Producer Telica has quite a lot of “Memories” to share with us this week. The latest release starts with a sad and nostalgia-inducing piano riff and slowly builds-up with lush guitar plucks and sparsely arranged drum grooves to complete the job.




Spicytoast – “Good Morning”.

Spicytoast gives us a “Good Morning” track to rock with. The overall mellow and inviting feel is one for the books. I like the layered keys, shuffling drums and comforting bass-laden textures.


Dariush – “Echoes of the Past”

Dariush brings up “Echoes of the Past” in this brilliant effort that caught our attention. The atmospheric synths have a dreamy and nostalgic feel and the soft horns and bass-driven drums all come together like two peas in a pod.



Dialekt – “Walkin’ Like a Champ”

Dialekt puts a pep in our step with his new celebratory tune “Walkin’ Like a Champ”. Backed by rich jazzy horns, warm textures and punchy drum breaks, the Bristol, UK-based producer delivers this perfect theme music for all the champions out here, putting in work to put bread on the table.

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