Multi-talented artist Breadcouch delivers his newest project Bready’s Shmoke Shawp, which showcases his knack for blending soul, lofi hip-hop and a host of other genres in his own unique way. The 10-track project follows the story of a young man trying to find his footing in this crazy world while being in love.  It was primarily inspired by Breadcouch’s partner – an employee at a local Austin smoke shop who also plays the secondary character in the conceptual project that dives into the duo’s growing relationship and how they cope with daily struggles.


The album starts with “Sheep Leather”, an ethereal and laidback track that sees the main character in a hazy dream filled with trippy melodic runs, and Harry Potter references. The overall smokey aesthetic sets the tone for the rest of the project. In “Silky”, he is contemplating his present state and the things he wished he had and did and how unhappy he can be. The funk-infused track is ripe with candid and self-reflective lines like “Reminiscing, what I’m missing, sober life when I was just a little kid, now I’m getting big, body swelling like a beach ball, in my mid-twenties ‘about to freefall”. This is followed by “down”, a sombre and solemn tune that explores the effects of depression and the darkness that envelops the character as he pleads “I got a weight on my chest, holding me down, down down/ I ain’t been feeling my best, I’ve beenso down down down”. The mood changes on “shmokeshawpawty”, a genre-bending jam that takes elements from soul/reggae and hip-hop and sees the main character in high spirits as he basks in the allure of love, lust and that good old herb.


The project slips into another ethereal track “spliff dreams (schmoke break)” where we follow the protagonist and his lover on an escapade filled with a spliff. The vocals here are doubled which adds a psychedelic feel to it and the dynamic arrangement has a lot of ebb and flow which all end when the protagonist ends up in the real world after escaping for a moment. “talk to me” continues the fun with its pop—funk infused soundscape and raps that dwell on his girl and the many things they can do to each other. It’s not crass but rather playful and genuine. This is followed by the lofi track “baked bread” made up of warm pads, synth pucks, hushed drums and wobbly sound design underpinned by adulation-filled lyrics that detail the growing relationship between the protagonist and his lover.


The energy is raised with the upbeat and bouncy “loud truck”, with its exotic textures and edgy grooves reminiscent of Timbaland. here, the protagonist picks up his lover from work and they ride around enjoying a bit of the herb as they enjoy each other’s company. The protagonist doesn’t shy away from their shared habits and that is what makes life fun for him. The mood changes into a grim and melancholic vibe on “no one said that this would make sense”. The production here has an off-kilter electronic feel reminiscent of 8-bit video games and uses some engaging sound effects to boot. The protagonist is now at home and feels stressed out by the daily pressures of life with lines like “I’m trying to get better and conquer my mind/My body against it,My body against it,My body my enemy telling me anything, I do not wanna hear, need to get outta here, Fuck it I’m done, I want you to disappear” which shows him battling his inner demons whilst looking for the closest recourse. The project closes out on the solemn and oddly titled “beating my meat in the next room over”(The title was suggested by a fan as Breadcouch created the track live on Discord. ). The track showcases his vocal range and distinct songwriting as he dives into his own mind to find the much-needed peace he has been looking for. The production’s progression arrangement also works perfectly with his sing-songy vocals and candid lyrics.


In summary, Bready’s Shmoke Shawp is unfiltered, candid and cohesive to the core. In just under 30 minutes, it gives listeners more than a glimpse into the protagonist’s life and the myriad of events and inner struggles he has to face like every other human. This makes it relatable and the use of different soundscapes also gives it variety and breaks any form of monotony.


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