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lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Pinhead Larry – “sparkling surrender”

Producer Pinhead Larry thrills us with his style of choppy and glitchy musical style in his new release “sparkling surrender”. He blends a handful of short samples with off-centre grooves and obscure film samples to create a scenic ambient that is emotional and moody.


Mikos Da Gawd – “Inertia”

Prolific producer Mikos Da Gawd drops off his latest effort titled “Inertia”. The track is a jazz-infused lofi piece made up of lush keys, surreal textures, smooth horns and thumping drum grooves. The overall feel is dreamy and perfect for one’s reflective instrumental playlist. The track is the title track of Mikos Da Gawd’s new April 2024 EP.



Syndrome – “Day Ones”

Ontario, Canada-based producer Syndrome sets us on a path to nostalgia in his newest release titled “Day Ones”. The blend of boom-bap drums, and dusty jazz samples with layered sound design and thick bassline is all we need to vibe to.



Ogi feel the Beat – “Step Back”.

Ogi feel the Beat‘s new Chill Project is out but in the interim, he drops off “Step Back”, a mid-tempo lofi-boombap track ripe with lush soulful guitar riffs, a prevalent bassline and jazzy keys and horns. It seems he jumps from one genre to another as the beat progresses and the dynamism and vibrancy of the track would marvel audiences.





Adrian Camaroschi – “Splendid”

Composer Adrian Camaroschi thrills us with “Splendid”, a warm and relaxing layered soundscape that gives listeners a soul-comforting vibe.



Lopht – “Fragments (Time)”

Lopht adds some “Fragments (Time)” on our playlist and it hits the mark. The sombre piano is prevalent and garnishes the melancholic pads and hushed drums.



inert. – “Golden Hour”

inert and The Retune Project and Bedroom Beats team up for “Golden Hour”, a reflective summer-tinged piece that brings pure nostalgia and warm feelings.



Navelpluis – “Noëma”

Navelpluis makes his entry on our playlist with “Noëma”, an airy and surreal lofi jam that warms the soul. I like the layered production, use of sound design and dynamic arrangement.




AMIA – “Rain on My Skin”.

AMIA taps into our emotions with “Rain on My Skin”, a melancholic piece rich in lush piano riffs and sad pads that come together like 2 peas in a pod.




smplsmth x GXNXSIS – “There Will Be Morning”


smplsmth and GXNXSIS team up for “There Will Be Morning”, a soulful and uplifting piece that audiences can tap into to get their day going.




Lofi Explorer – “Searching For Home”


Lofi Explorer traverses different lanes in his newest release “Searching For Home”. The production is mellow, and soft and has a nostalgia-inducing vibe as well.



mellow fox – “we’ll be alright”

mellow fox assures us that “we’ll be alright” in this new release. The reflective track is made up of smooth piano riffs, snapping drum grooves and a soft pad to boot.



Amoona – “Wave Rider”.

Amoona‘s “Wave Rider” is a smooth soul-hop piece ripe with rich piano arrangements, warm pads and dreamy textures. Just as the title says, it sure gives a sea-breezy feel.


vhskid. – “Watching The Stars With You”.

vhskid‘s “Watching The Stars With You” is a soulful and R&B-infused piece that has an earworm vibe. The solemn track is melancholic and relaxing as well.


HAVENING – “Corsair Bay”

HAVENING‘s “Corsair Bay” is the perfect closing track as it helps us wrap this week’s playlist on a bright note. The track has a copy and off-centre bounce and playful energy as well. The synths act as the vocals and have an alien-esque feel but overall it’s quite relaxing.

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