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lo-fi eamonn – “city soul”

lo-fi eamonn leads us into the heart of the “city soul” in his brilliant new release. The mid-tempo cut is ripe with lush funky guitar plucks, atmospheric pads and keys that exude nostalgia and warmth

Anthony Menzia – “You’re Not Wearing Your Appliances”

Anthony Menzia breaks the rules in his new release titled “You’re Not Wearing Your Appliances”. The production strays from the norm with it’s edgy and punchy drums, distorted synth leads and moody plucks. It’s layered and has quite a lot going on at times but overall it’s quite engaging.

Ogi feel the Beat – “Klasik”.

Ogi feel the Beat drops off this new bouncy tune “Klasik” to our earshot. The aptly titled track has a sublime pad and rich guitar pluck that sticks out in a good way and the fusion of jazz elements is brilliant. The track is taken from his newest project Subtle Segments.


Pablo J. Garmon x Andrew Simpson – “Focus”.

Pablo J. Garmon and Andrew Simpson team up for this soothing and reflective track titled “Focus”. The use of bell-like plucks, warm pads and progressive key arrangement gives it an emotional oomph


Xulo – “Moonlight”

Xulo’s “Moonlight” is a touching and emotional piece that is made up of solemn strings, sad textures and soft shakers over sparsely arranged drum grooves.



slmnMORE- “notwithme.”

slmnMORE and  suLofi deliver this melancholic track “notwithme” to our earshot. The track has a prevalent guitar lick that reeks of sadness and a soft pad underneath that adds an extra emotional layer to it.





LoFi Chick – “Bag of Chips”.

LoFi Chick gifts us a fresh “Bag of Chips” in his latest release. The track is introduced by a soft guitar lick and warm sounds of crunching crisp bags before the drums and keys come into the picture. The progression is gradual and gives the track a rich dynamic feel that draws listeners in.



Flapjaques x Anomalous – “pratt & western”

Flapjaques and Anomalous form the perfect alliance in their latest collaboration “pratt & western”. The short track is layered with punchy grooves, interwoven scenic textures and a sound design that dazzles the ears.



The Beat Murderer – “Forrestesi”.

The Beat Murderer brings us into the mix of the action in “Forrestesi”. The warm and engaging track has a cinematic feel and it’s well-paced with bright chords, dreamy keys and a bass-driven groove to complete the mission.


Widen Island x Rhesa Siregar – “Gratitude” (feat. Farnell Newton)

Widen Island and Rhesa Siregar team up with Farnell Newton for this uplifting jazz/lo-fi track titled “Gratitude”. The result is a soul-stirring track ripe with dreamy and layered instrumentation made up of sublime horn passes, soft basslines and bright keys.



Cauzy – “Evening Sun”

Cauzy leads us to view the “Evening Sun” in his latest release. The mellow and soft production is sublime and has a deep nostalgia-inducing factor that lovers of lofi beats would enjoy.



Amo tarek – “resa”

Rising producer Amo tarek caught our ears with “resa”, a soulful piece made up of rich guitar licks, dreamy pads and a prevalent bass-driven groove.





sad face. – “ad astra”.

Eclectic producer sad face. makes a grand entrance on our playlist with “ad astra”. The track has a blissful and playful feel with it’s lush and layered key arrangement and soft drum grooves.



smplsmth x bedroom lofi – “Waking and Waiting”


The duo of smplsmth and bedroom lofi  team up for “Waking and Waiting”, a solemn and reflective piece made up of dreamy pads, soaring keys and a soft drum groove to match. Overall, it’s deep reflective vibe draws listeners in.






Dumage – “Romantic Kiss”

Dumage engages us with a blissful “Romantic Kiss” in his latest effort. Using soft piano riffs, warm guitar licks and an overall warm pad, the producer gifts us with something reflective and heartfelt to close out this week’s playlist.


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